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Battery Dispenser - 24x AA - Stackable

by guido666 Nov 16, 2016
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This printed great, but it's really easy for the batteries to end up diagonal and get stuck on the ramps. I sized up the x and y axes to 105% since others had mentioned there wasn't quite enough clearance for the batteries, but even that didn't prevent the issue of them getting angled while going down the ramps.

Unfortunately, there's not really any way to prevent that. The best I could figure to do was add the slots so that you can straighten them if necessary. I find that if you pick up the dispenser and load the batteries, tilting it eliminates most of the problem. If you have any good ideas how to make it so the batteries are unable to turn, let me know.

i don't know if this will work, but maybe making small bumps so the batteries have to go over them will help it? i'm thinking that when the batteries hit the bump they would straighten up a bit :)

That's a good idea to try.

I printed one and it snapped together nicely. But, alas the batteries don't flow through the top well, they get hung up. I'd add 5% on the x and y axises to make sure that the batteries flow down.

I would like to see the two pieces press fit together so that gluing wouldn't be a requirement.

The idea of printing in two or more colors is a good one and is not very hard to do. I think I will tackle that job as well as doing one for the triple A type.

Great stuff, will definitely print one, my son will finally will have a reason to keep the batteries at one place (so i will be able to steal them easily, when needed). ;-D

One enhancement proposal. Small window in front face with indication that the batteries are running out of stock. Like a flag that would pop-out if not counterbalanced from inside by battery? The case can be printed black material and the flag would be red, than i would be warned that i am going to run out. Somewhere near the bottom of the battery icon?

Could you make an expansion that stacks on top to increase the capacity?

Must be 100% infill? ABS or PLA?

Yes, I wrote "100% infill" on purpose. You're welcome to try other settings, but the walls are thin so there are no large volumes inside that you are going to save large amounts of filament on at lower infill. The interface between the internal ramps and the sides are in shear between the layers, which is the weakest direction for 3D printed parts.

ABS or PLA is up to you. Acetone and model cement are only chemical solvents/cements for ABS, so if you use PLA you'll have to glue it together another way.

I used hot glue for the side of my PLA make.

Can you make one of these for C batteries?

How would you envision that? Would it be about the same size, and hold 3-5 batteries? Or much larger, and hold a dozen? (The latter being limited by maximum build size on common printers?)

I can make one, but it will be a while. I have a lot of higher priority projects going on right now.

I tried it on a CTC but it seems the batteries stick after dropping of the very first ramp. Only just catches. Do you think I might need to upscale it by tiny amount?

Possibly. The design allows a small but reasonable amount of clearance, so the batteries should not catch. Occasionally, mine will turn sideways while rolling down, but that's why there are holes on the sides (reach in the hole with a tool and kick the battery back straight).

You can try upscaling it a little bit, but if you do that it shouldn't need much. I would think 1-3% would be more than enough. Keep in mind that if you scale it up, it may no longer stack with other dispensers, including the AAA one, printed at normal size.

Amazing! I printed one set last night.

Thanks, glad you like it.

I like this version, it's a good design thanks for taking the time and listing it on Thingiverse guido666.
I printed the side plate last but have a question before I run the next part, it's estimated to take 13 hours 38 minutes to print.
Does that seem correct? How long did yours take?

Yeah, that's about right for something this size. I've printed several of them now, and they've all taken about that long. I do like to print them on high quality settings though, as the time doesn't bother me.

Very good, Thanks..... I don't mind the marathon runs either, Machine runs well and I've had great results.
Get this one finished and I'll run the AAA version tomorrow. I'll be sure to post the final product and print the tag.
Thanks again guido666.

No problem, enjoy. I've actually got another AA battery dispenser coming, that is unrelated to this one. After making this one, I got in a discussion with a buddy about what makes the batteries feed best, and we came up with an idea that will be very cool. It's more of a portable/travel battery dispenser, but could be used anywhere. You should see it posted in a couple days, when I make sure all the kinks are worked out, because it's mechanically more complicated than this one.

Cool, I'll be looking out for it although this desktop version is exactly what I need. Got my eyes out for an 18650 option also but that's more curiosity than need. Just interested in what people are coming up with for those

I can make an 18650 version of this. The way I designed it, it doesn't take too long to modify. Maybe an hour or two. If I get some time, I'll make one. I want a CR123 version, myself.

I'll be looking out for that also then. As mentioned more out of curiosity but I do have a tendency to try new things so I may wind up printing it regardless. Either way, your efforts are much appreciated. I have zero regarding design skills, I'm just starting to learn the that side of all this but eager to learn. Thanks again

This is for laz45 . I was new to the CAD software and found this "Design Spark mechanical" This is the easiest CAD ever to learn. I mastered it in about a hour and I had no idea how to use a CAD program. Their are tons of material on this. So try it out and let me know how you made out.
I have also included a short 8 min. video on Design Spark.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXgMY3-hlgs This is FREE it's name is Design Spark Mechanical http://www.rs-online.com/designspark/electronics/eng/page/mechanical

This is the official web site for Design Spark Mechanical .


Thank you kb3Inn. Design Spark is perfect, I can't believe how easy it is to learn and use. It's exactly the software I needed.
Thank for the heads up, very nice of you to point me in the right direction.

Newest battery dispensing gizmo... the BatteryMag!

BatteryMag - 14x AA Dispenser

AAA version posted... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1899080

(I haven't finished printing one myself yet, but I don't see any reason it won't work. I'll have one finished by tomorrow.)

Battery Dispenser - 36x AAA - Stackable

Yep, it's coming. I haven't designed it yet.