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Left Hand robot InMoov

by Gael_Langevin Mar 11, 2012
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I have a student that is an amputee. She is really interested in printing this arm. would this work for her?

im missing 5.33 percent of my total body mass (a whole arm missing :) ) where there is a will there is a way... Does the job 4me... that is my will... that is my way for now

The website's links for the latest files is down. I can't download left or right hand files from inmoov.fr

Gael, can I use your inmoov hand design for making a kickstarter prosthetic hand?It will only be a muscle activated modular prostetic hand, and I will help everyone I can help with their prosthetic hand. Im only going to get the money I need to use the muscle sensor with your design. I will make the people that wants it to download the files from your page. I would be very grateful if you make me able to do this kickstarter campaign.

what motor are you using

You can find all information on the BOM directly on InMoov website.

You use Cura or Slric3 ? can tell me some information of the printer settings ?
Thanks so much

None of the two...
I use Kisslicer

I saw the YouTube video of the presentation of the inMoov robot. It was almost heartwrending when you were talking to the people and the robot picked up on some of what you were saying and he kept asking "Did you say _?" and you kept having to say "no" so he would ignore the conversation. Which AI programs are you using on your robot, and does he have a name, like Bobby or something? Will he be able to converse with people in the future?

My robot is called InMoov, as it is the original. Other builders give him also a nick name, but InMoov is their family name, due to to the CC-BY-NC license.
It is possible to make him stop listening when I'm talking to other people by simply telling him to "stop listening", with the words "voice control", he will start listening again. The program used for InMoov is called MyRobotlab, it is a java based software developped by Greg Perry. It is possible to use ProgramAB within MyRobotLab to converse with InMoov. But the AI is very basic at this stage, we will progress on that.

Where are the files for the wrist(connection between arm and hand)?

I've printed all these stuff.But I find there's nothing to connect the arm and the hand.How can I deal with this problem?

Do you actually print everything with no support? I'm about to print left cover fingers and I'd like to be shure...

I actually print almost everything without support. But the finger covers are better printed with support.

Ok thank you so much. I met you at Makefarre in Rome last year, hope you'll be there this year too.

Comments deleted.

This is so cool you are very awesome

Since the left hand is a derivative I created from the right hand, you will find the fingers with the right hand.

Hand robot InMoov

I have built the arm from the elbow down complete, including the wrist (with servo) & am using an Arduino UNO. I am having trouble getting all the fingers to move simultaneously. I can only get 1 finger at a time to move & am not sure if it's the board or me being new to this & not knowing how to actually write the program correctly. Is there anywhere that has demonstration codes/programs for the fingers to make movements (thumbs up, peace sign, pointing at someone) so I can look at the way the program is written & compare/build off of ?
thanks !!!

Check on my InMoov site for the correct connections of your Arduino, servos, and external power supply.
They all need to be grounded together. Also you can NOT supply all servos with the +5V of your Arduino.
See the default map:

I'm a cartoonist/graphic designer, and I've been going nuts trying to find an (affordable) poseable hand model to use as a reference for drawing. The wooden ones they sell in craft stores are useless, with little to no poseability. I want one that can make a tightly clenched fist, splay the fingers, and do all the normal stuff a human hand can do.
Could this hand be used in such an aspect?

I miss a left hand, How to make it fit?

InMoov hand is already used for several prosthetic hands. I'm curently finishing another hand which will be more adapted to prosthesis.
If you Google search Bionico project, I'm involved into adapting the hand on Nicolas Huchet, you will find infos on how far we are on the project.

Hi I don't can find the there finger just the thumb or do we made all the fingers with the parts of the thumb ?

Hi, you will need to download the fingers of the right hand because they are the same, only the thumb differs for the left hand.

Hand robot InMoov

Hi, I am utterly speechless with this project. I am so impressed with your dedication and thoroughness of thought you have put in the project.. Thank you for sharing... I have a question regarding the sensors in the fingers, what do you use? and how do you integrate them into your programming? Thanks!

Hi, Thanks for your comment.
I'm currently preparing a tutorial with pictures on how to proceed for the finger sensors. MRL isn't yet implemented for to use sensor feedback on the InMoov service, but it will be soon, hopefully.

Isn't leftWristsmallv3.stl actually for right hand? Otherwise, it seems odd that joint for ring finger and small fingers can move backward more than forward.

Hi, please check InMoov website for the construction. There is a complete thread about this. Topcovers are necessary, they are the one that prevent that backward movement.

Salut, et merci pour tes réponse, oui la rostock à un fil de 1.75 ,utilise slic3r pour les réglage et je commence tou juste dans ce milieux de l impression 3D et dans slic3r il y a plusieurs critères de réglage et j ai du mal à bien tou régler, entre la rapidité, le remplissage et j en passe. Merci Stéphane.

Bon courage à toi et bonne découverte.

Hi, very good work, can I ask you what is the 3D printing you are using?
And what kind of plastic do you use, ABS or PLA?
Thanks to all yours pieces you've done, sincerely.

I use a 3D Touch BFB printer, printing ABS with 3mm filament natural.

If I could print with rubber I would print a left hand power glove.
Not everyone is right handed!
I am printing this hand with my Solidoodle 2 3d printer.
It is working much better than when I first got it.
Good solid parts coming from it now.
Just keep air from blowing on the parts while printing with ABS plastic and I use hair spray to make the parts stick to the bed.
No need to use it very often.
This is my 5th print in a row with no need to spray the bed with hairspray.
Parts are printing faster and strong after upgrading my software and covering the sides and top of the printer to keep cold air out.

I am glad you solved your problems and will wait to see pics of your prints and built.

with the analog function in Arduino, you can control a the three part at the same time with a few potentiometers. fit those on a glove shape rack, it might respond as your hand?

Hi, Yes pretty much like a power glove function. You can download here the script to make the InMoov hand move with a homemade powerglove: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17773http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
Check these videos: http://youtu.be/E2NPYHI0qQchttp://youtu.be/E2NPYHI0qQc

Hand robot InMoov

Where can I download the scripts for Arduino to either do the pattern motion or to use my keyboard to control the servos?

The scripts are available here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17773http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
Concerning using the keyboard, I had found the initial tutorial on internet, but it isn't available anymore, and it's been more than a year since I did this. I wouldn't remember how to anymore. You will need to search by yourself.

Hand robot InMoov

hi, is not missing the other fingers? only is available for download thumb5.

You will find the fingers with the right hand, they are the same except the thumb.


Found that only the thumb after download, can you give me other thumb file, or size can also. This is my email hansian@sina.com in China

thank you

How do I get the files opened. My computer won't let me. :(

Using Netfabb free version will let you open the STL files

Hey hairygael, I'm just about to put the left forearm and hand together but I am having questions the photos and sketches don't seem to clarify:
1) Where does the Arduino go? I have the mount printed but I can't figure out where to leave it. I printed the latest versions of the forearm pieces. Could it be that there's no space for it anymore?
2) I see in your photos that there is a 5th servo (a 6th if you count the rota-wrist turning servo) reaching into the wrist. In your instructions you mention there are only 4 servos if you want to leave the Arduino inside. Could it be I am looking at pictures from different iterations? (BTW: I am NOT using the latest servo brackets that change the overall layout.) To be honest, I am confused.

Any picture or indication for placing the Arduino inside would be great. Thanks in advance.

Hi sorry for not answering before but Thingiverse doesn't work correctly and doesn't let me know when there is a new message.
You were indeed trying to make the first iteration with the second iteration servo bracket.
I wish someone would start a wiki page to help people like you.
If have other questions please post on the inmoov forum, I won't miss it.

hi hairygael this is a amazing job. I which you still go forward in the develop of that project

when the head and neck would be available ?

when the head and neck will be available to download ?

Hi there Gael,

We love the bot and we've been busy printing him piece by piece but have had trouble printing robpart3 for the left hand here. It appears as though something is wrong with this particular part and it never comes out of Makerware properly. Whereas most of the parts end up with an output file of a couple of MB, this part is only ever 12kb and the printer never prints it. It also appears to look a little strange in the interface - is there anything up with it that you can see?

Many thanks!

Actually we just figured it out - the faces all appear to be inverted in robpart3.stl which knocks Makerware for a spin and also shows it rendering looking strange with almost no lighting effects in the interface. I just pulled it into meshlab and inverted the faces - would you like us to send you somehow the updated version?

Hi, I'm always surprised when this gets notified so many months and after so many downloads. Thanks for notifying. I have modified it.

I would advise you to print the version of http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25465http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... which allows you to create a easy removable cover for to access the servos.

But if you already have it all printed, it is modifiable, following the step by step at http://inmoov.blogspot.fr/p/assembly-help.htmlhttp://inmoov.blogspot.fr/p/as...

Brackets assembly +modifications to robparts

InMoov new hand servo brackets

Hi hairygael, I am very interested to build and try to experiment with your hand. Would you please let me know if you could send me the plastic components of the hand? I am not so young and I would like to start gradualy. I already have 4 servos and the Arduino board. After preliminary mounting the hand, I will try to upgrage my Sherline 5100 to a 3D printer. Yours, Georges

Hi Georges41, I'm currently studying the option to print different parts for people like you. I already got some prices but was frightened by the amount.
Please be a bit patient, and as soon as I have something interesting I will let you know.

I have made a derivative for the base of the thumb that allows for more DOF.

Please tell me what you think about it.

I will post the right hand parts later.


Adjustable thumb for InMoov
by Anar

Nice work on that one! It's usefull. :-D

"Update 01/04/12 of leftWristsmall1 to LeftWristsmallV2 avoids the motion from closing too much the hand."

I think there's a little error here : the fingers can go more further in open position than in closed one. I think it has been modeled the wrong way.

Apart from that you're doing a fantastic job !
I have just finished printing a left hand and will show it soon.



Hi Anar, long time no see!

Glade to here from you after all this time.

The reason of your problem is because you haven't fix the "lefttopsurface". Once attached the fingers won't open too much. :-D


I don't plan to use the top surfaces.

So for preventing form too much opening "lefttopsurface" includes a blocking system ? Why isn't it done by the "WristSmall" parts ?

Anyway too much opening is not the big problem here. The big problem is very few to nearly none closing movement.

Too much opening and nearly no closing let me think the blocking is upside down.
And when I looked at the CAD it was my conclusion.
Might be wrong...

Hi Anar,

I can assure you it's the right position. I have now builded five hands this way. Also the closing really shouldn't be too much, because once the finger tips are glued, you will get ringfinger stucked by majeure finger on full closing.

My first version of "wristsmall" had the blocking system, but after adding the "topsurface" it couldn't rotate anymore.

The new fingers print very well. And the spacers/rings included in your finger redesign are brilliant.

Fantastic, I think there is still a hole missing on the thumb part for to attach the cover. But I don't have Blender where I am at the moment. Will see that as soon as I can.

This is a great project. My son was born without hands and I've been hoping to start a robotic arm project with him. Our goal is to one day make a prosthetic arm for him that he can use. This may only be just the beginning but it'll make for a great start. Thanks so much for sharing. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I'm developing a low cost myoelectric prosthetic gripper, for my MSc thesis. Right now it has an estimate cost of about 150$. It consists in an EMG circuit designed by myself, an Arduino for the gripper control, and a 2 DOF printable robotic gripper.

When it's finished I'm planning to make it open source, and everything (electronic schematics, control software, and the gripper .STL files, as well as technical details about every part of the project) will be available at http://www.myhand.com.eswww.myhand.com.es. Right now the page has no content because I'm at the fi
nal stages of the project, but it will be ready on summer.

Regarding this hand design, I have to say it amazing, and of course I'm using it in the next version of the myoelectric prosthesis, if the author is OK with that. With this five finger hand I can implement a multifunction myoelectric contro
l and start using machine learning techniques to make a more advanced and useful prosthesis.

Very pleased if it can help you in your project. I hope to see it on the net someday. :-D

Wow, I never expected this project to be used in this field. I'm very, very touched by your comment. Thank you.

A few weeks ago I mentioned using this with some sort of sensing and feedback and servos - here's a project that explains what I was trying to say, much better than I was doing:


So if we coupled that glove, to your hand, with servos pulling the strings, you could have a remote controlled hand, controlled by your hand. Hazardous materials handling, microscopic work, all sorts of interesting possibilities.

It looks really interesting, i understand what you mean. I would like to play around with those sensors, it seems really like something that should be on the hand. The only thing is, I would rather if the hand could work on it's own, and not always controlled by human hand. More like this http://letsmakerobots.com/node/18504http://letsmakerobots.com/node...

But after all, it can be adapted to what ever you feel like, I guess :)

How have the 0.8mm nylon rods held up for you? I may have to give that a shot on my next puppet build.

0,8mm Nylon is very strong in regards of the InMoov, I started with tennis rods which is even stronger because of structure inside of it. Nylon as tennis rods slides well against the inner structure of the hand but it is slightly stretcheable.

Wow, this is a great project, thanks for sharing! The dexterity of the fingers is really impressive. I like that you're using cables on both sides of the horns to return the fingers to rest position with the same servo. When I start to put hands and arms on my robots I'll definitely look to your designs. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, I am just looking now at FOBO Poser trying to figure out how you access the language of the software, I have never done that so I actually don't really know where to start. :)

I'm planning on making your arm at some point (hopefully in the not too distant future), so I'll adapt the Poser application to work with it then if you're willing to wait.

If you want to take a go at it, the FOBO Poser application should work without modification with your arm (althought the servos will be labeled "right leg" on the GUI instead of "arm" unless you rename them in the code). Instead of your Arduino program to control your arm, just use the remote control arduino program that the Poser application talks to :


All you should need to do is change the Arudino pin numbers to match the pins that your servos are connected to. A work of warning, the servos move to their center positions when the application starts up ... so
depending on how you've got your joints rigged this might cause problems. Hope this helps and let me know if you've got any questions.

Hi jdow,

I have to be on pause with this project for a few weeks, the American department of BFB 3d printers bought my prototype for some congress demonstration. So I have ordered new servos with new Arduino and printed a new hand (the fourth hand printed), and I'm waiting for the postman to ring my doorbell. But I'm definitly planning on trying FOBO Poser.

I'm also working on the development of the elbow and shoulder. Hope you print yours in the near future, as I'm sure you could help improving it. :-D

Wow, contrats ... good luck with the demo! Let us know how it goes.

Great stuff. But just one Question? What do you mean by "3 Shell" or "1 shell"?. I assume it has to do with Kisslicer which im not familiar with.

Hello, the shell represents the solid surface on the side of the object, also called layer in some programs. At least that's what I understood, but I'm sure some others will explain that much better then me.

Thanks man. I understand.

Made this left hand, added LEDs to the tips, used speaker wire for the tendons hope it holds up. going to use only two servos for open close and wrist. Adding springs too.

Nice work, and by the way you are the first to post "I made One". Thanks

Love the cover for the back of the hand and fingers. you going to upload them? Thanks for your hard work looks great!

Yes,The big cover is done but only for the right hand on the moment. I should have it ready soon though. :) see http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17773http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Hand robot InMoov

Covers are uploaded! :-D

Fantastic work man! Love it

Thanks, I hope you print it!