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Halo Master Chief Full Boddy Armour

by Jace1969 Nov 14, 2016
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what halo game is this armor from?

Has anyone with a bulkier build made this? I just finished one of the forearms and it seems to fit fine. I am most worried about the chest since it looks like while Jace1969 is tall from what I can tell he looks like he is a medium to lighter frame. It looks like the two makes are people who are smaller. Thankfully the Master Chief doesn't have much armor by his gut so it shouldn't be an issue there. But I do have broad shoulders. So I would like some input if anyone else has made this with a larger chest.
Also a big thank you to Jace1969. My goal is to have this ready for NY ComicCon in October.

Yes you are correct that is the right size file I started I started separating and cutting ; ) Good luck on your build : Cheers Jace

As for sizing I stretched the model to 6foot 4 inchs and then hoped for the best. Proportion wise it looks better preferably on a slender person.

But I'm quite large so is a little tight but works. there is room to dremmel out the rims of the parts for futher comfort.

Thank you for the info. I have no problem with cutting the pieces up. The scaling is what I am most concerned with.
I have been cutting a lot of the pieces to make them print much faster. I have taken the tops off or rotated some so I can minimize the support material and time.
I like the size of the forearm and thigh so I want to try to print in the scale you used. I see the file called "Halo_4_master_Suit_Clean_Untouched" is scaled to about 6'6" from toes to top of the helmet. Is that the file you chopped up? I know I am asking a bunch of questions but I am trying to get the files to print the right size on the first go so I can get this done in time.
Thank you.

Yes pulling form that file will be correct and is what I used, Cheers Jace

Hi Joe, sorry I thought I had uploaded the seperated claf files, and ya know do you think i can find them in amongst my personal folder.
No sure what I did there. but I have help a few people get there head around slicing and splitting files. This is why I did this concept video on how to do it. I see the Calfs are there in thre intirety so by following this simple vidoe in the link you will have those pieces cut up in no time ; )
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3077839 Cheers Jace

Madalorian Concept Helmet "Beskvinn" by Red Star

I'm 6'4 weiging in at 118kgs with 102cm waist. The chest is how ever tight, So if your quit bulky I would up the chest area say 5 - 10%

Good luck Cheers Jace

Thank you! I will be printing the calf/shins soon but I don't see them in the set of files. I saw there was a discussion about that a while ago. Did you end up cutting and posting them? Would you mind measuring how big your calves are at their widest? so far the forearm and thigh have fit me perfectly so I assume the fit for your calves would also. Did you resize everything at the same percentage from the masters? Did you tweak the X, Y, and Z independently?
Again, thank you so much!

I have a printer with a maximum bed size of 300x300x400 (310x310x400). I wanted to print a armour for ca 180cm. Wich parts do i need? i am new to thi cosplay thing. A list of wich parts i need would be very nice
I looked through the files but i am a bit confused

Kind regards Tim

This print is for the entire suit correct(Under 1 of the 2 "Makes" section, one guy said he used EVA foam for the groin and legs, does this not cover the groin and legs? The only thing missing is the Helmet? And after reading the entire comment section, it looks like you just use someone else helmet. So if i print this thing here is the following steps: Cipher through all the files, find a single copy of each file that i need for the costume, print it in ABS, use acetone to make it stick and form? Or do i just glue straps and stuff after painting it? , Also, is the very firct picture just some of the printed parts i assume?

Entire Suit correct, accept for the helmet as Bigfrogs one was more than adequate https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:158120

The cod piece should be there also. Every this was printed in ABS because I use the asertone slurry to bond togther instantly, no mucking round with a two pot epoxy for PLA. Still ABS you need and enclosure and can be a nightmare to print.

Every thing is there and and yes I would add straps towards the end. Mine is stiing on a manican as I still have had a chance to paint mine yet. So many projects so little time ; ) Good luck Cheers Jace

Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A

Thanks for the super fast response!! To clarify, what do you mean by slurry? And you printed in ABS and used the slurry to bond together the smaller pieces and then used straps once the smaller prices are put together to make whole prices of armor correct? Is it possible to do this in PLA? Finding an enclosure for my home may be difficult, I am thinking of purchasing a prusia mark 3 specifically to make this, and I’m very scared of failing and being out 1000 ;( . And if you have time would you consider making a 3D print file for Gears of War? Specifically Anthony Carmine?

Hey man, I may be dumb but what files are needed for a full print, there are so many files I keep trying to make a list than I get confused lol

All the sliced files should be all thats required to print. Anything else that is a whole part is for reference or for you to cut up in your own way.
Cheers Jace

Jace mentioned in the description that the thigh pieces turned out a little big, did anyone have better sizing success by scaling it down by say 5%? I'm 5'9", 175 lbs, average to athletic build. Thanks all!

Were the one-piece parts not meant to be printed directly? (Chest_Front_Panel_Complete, Halo_4_Right_Thigh, Halo_4_Left_Thigh for example) The thickness seems to be way too thin... If those parts had some extra work done on them afterward, any chance you could whip that out? Or at least share with me how you did the thickening? :)

Well I only ever printed the split parts because my bed was only 200 x 200 but the larger bits should have enough thicknes to print as they are what I created first and then split the model further down from.

Mesh Mixer, Blender , Fusion 360 all have features to help thicken a model but youd need to sift through a few Youtube videos to find out whic software it is you like and feel comfortable with. Sorry I dont have the time to explain the many processes on how to do this as it took me moths and months of trial and error. Even now I dont always get it right. Plus I've never had mush luck re thickening a model. You really have to go back to the original scratch model. Cheers Jace

Comments deleted.

I'm 175 cm, do you think I will need to scale this down any?

Also, I'm trying to print the one-piece thigh parts, and they look really big. Are they actually correct size?

Yes they should be I've printed this and two others so far, so unless your software has glitched in some way? you should be good to go ; ) Cheers Jace

Hey, so I'm new to cosplay/costuming as well as large-scale 3D printing so I need a bit of help. I'm roughly 5ft 6in tall and 140lbs, do I need to scale this and if so by how much?

It's too tight on me and I'm 6,4 at 120kgs so I'd like to think it should fit you fine.

Thanks man, also will I need to add foam under the pieces on the inside to wear it? Not sure how I'm supposed to attach them to my body or keep them in place once they're done

Generally a harness or shoulder straps attached to a belt is a good start. You could use some foam in some areas for comfort. but attaching velcro strapping is what i have found personnaly as a good idea. here is a good video on what lengths these guys go to to secure there armour. you can apply a simular idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT5VW1KYhKQ Cheers Jace

Ok , So I have printed the chest 1-8 as labeled in file. I did not realize till now that the bottom portion of the chest is not aligned. Additionally there is some parts not there. The sides and parts that connect the mid of the chest to the pill looking boxes? Can you point me in the direction for the proper file names to complete the entire front chest piece? I Printed 1-8 thinking they were the whole set haha. now I am lost.

Hi Zach, At the time I was having difficuilty settling the pieces to the bed for stability. In hindsight I should have mirrored both sides but I was still learning at the time, I can assure you the bits are all there and it all dose go together like a jigsaw puzzel. Chest Pieces 8 are pictured which will show you the corner lip. Great to see yourve taken on the challenge. Your on the right track ; ) Youll get there : ) Cheers Jace

hahaha, dude I have building sets for months now no problem, I went back this morning and looked at it again. It all went together perfect. I was just trying to place it the way my mind told me to versus just following the patterns. Looks amazing. Helmet done and painted + Battle rifle. Chest is being finished now and decided what I should print next. Thanks for such amazing files and the quick response.

hard to answer question:

im 180cm tall
about 82 kg athletic built.

will i need to scale the model?

Id say you should be spot on, I'm 192cms 120kgs and unfortunately it fits me, but It dose look odd,
I cant gurantee it but I think you should fit it well, Cheers Jace

then ill have a go at it. great design and great work mate!

hi do you know if we need to print all of the files or just some of them im doing this with my friend and do you have instructions to put it together or do we haft to guess thank you and what files do we need to print

The pieces are really identifiable. You cant go wrong when printing them, you will see the connections as you go and reliase it is very simple to put toether. No instructions necessary! Cheers Jace

Amazing work !!! I wish I would have time to make it all.

Question, I cant' find any file for the helmet... please help, that peace I like at most (and your video of course :-) )

I just used big red frogs files to do the helmet, save splitting up this one ; )
Cheers Jace

Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A

To create this armour, do we need to print each file once or is there multiples needed?

there are multiple duplicate files from whole parts to split pieces so you have many choices, I don't recall there being a need to print duplicates as there is a left and a right for every thing except for the obvious centre parts : )

some mistakes I see: some of the parts do not fit on my platform. And they are to spread apart. PLEASE FIX THIS.

You can seperate the files easily using Windows 10 3D Builder at your leisure. Sorry I dont have the time.
Its a simple process usue the split feature to get between the files like in this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A8rVi-ROkE
What mistakes do you refer two. I have printed this and they fitted my 200 x 200 bed perfectly ; )

I am pretty sure my bed is 120, so will it work???

I am downloading now, I hope it works!!!

It must do I and Nakwada have printed it ; )

HEY, I have asked this question over and over again, could you make a video or something telling us how to get it on and off???

This is one of 10 projects I have on the go
Try this guy he may have the answers you need, Cheers Jace
Oh and where have you asked this question over & over?

Halo Master Chief Full Boddy Armour
by nakwada

Also, I was saying that the mess up is, the caff guards are too spread apart.

Because they where at different times and I developed more questions over time.

douse this outfit have the helmet or do i have download a different file ?

I just used big red frogs files to do the helmet, save splitting up this one ; )
Cheers Jace

Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A

I SO need to do this. I'm a fat guy though so I'll have to do a lot of scaling to make sure things fit but I have been wanting full armor for a very long time. Just finished the helmet last night and need more!

Sweet, well I hope all goes well for you in your build. I had another guys whom was a big fella too and he was gutted he couldnt wear this.
So I mentioned this build https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1915993 and he was chuffed. I havent heard back as yet but I belive hes a 3rd the way into it, Good luck Cheers Jace

Iron Mans Hulk Buster full Body Armour 3m tall

Is every piece in inches?

No should be cm's

Heya dude, I saw this whilst smurfing Etsy and a few other sites. Someone might be doing an uncool thing with your hard work.


Thought you should know.

Thanks Man,
I dont mind people making these files for there own stuff, but its not cool when your getting good work cashed up by another source is definately not cool.

I've asked politely for him to remove it and if not I'll see if Etsy can pull it for me.

Thanks for pointing this out, some people just have no morals, Cheers Jace

This suit is fantastic man! Props all the way! Definitely using!

... maybe make a suit of alphonse elric from full metal alchemist? Pretty please.

What bodysice you have to need, for that? :D
I think I know the answer (just scale it up) but I wanna ask first :)


Check Nicwada out as he made one in his comments he suggests a couple of things. I made it to fit me and im 6 foot 4 and he didnt change it.

Suggested it was a little big round the thighs, Cheers Jace

Halo Master Chief Full Boddy Armour
by nakwada

just to inform you Jace. Someone is selling the whole 3d printed armor for i think 1 M. so yeah.

Do you have a link?

Hey there. Great work so far. Is there a possebillity that you add the uncut parts of the armor so is can scale it to my size? The Master Suit clean untouched file looks kinda weired. Simplyfi 3D shows the modle with missing faces.

Greetings from Germany

Added two more files Halo Suit STL & OBJ 23042017 hope they help, Cheers Jace

it's still update? :)

This model needs some minor modifications!

Ok cool what needs to be fixed?

Glad someone finally made a full set of armor can you do ODST full set

Yes, that's certainly in my to do list ; ) Cheers Jace

Hey, quick question, how did you get the parts to stick together, I'm using Gorilla glue at the moment but that doesn't seem to do the job.

The key is to print in ABS I'm afraid, you just brush on some asertone and it litterally melts the ABS to the point that it welds together.

From your question, I can only asume you are trying to print this in PLA? The only choice you have is to purchase a two part epoxy resin.

And you maybe, just lucky enough to get it to bond. In my experience PLA is only good for making McDonalds trinkets, Good luck Cheers Jace

What I do with PLA is if the parts have flat surfaces to be bonded together, apply glue in the central area of the surface (superglue works fine) and melt the edges together with a soldiering iron. I did this for the helmet, and I guess I could for the body as well.

Jace any chance you can simplify big red frogs file for makerbot replicators

Please explain where is it that you are having trouble with printing files?

I don no anything about a makerbot replicator, so simplify how?

Like make it so it can print on one but it isn't in that many parts.

Still not sure what it is you require to happen?, but you do know using 3D builder you can split and or merge what ever files here your interested in printing if that helps? Cheers Jace

What are they sized for currently?

Tried my best to fit it round my 6.4 frame, but I think it would easily fit some one round 5/8. Cheers Jace

sweet, i'll fit! I'm 6' 6"... -ish

I noticed that there isn't a head file. Are you still looking for it. If you don't have one i'll just use the complete armor set file.

I just used big red frogs files to do the helmet, save splitting up this one ; )
Cheers Jace

Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A

Hey Jace Nice work on the files. Any chance of adding the front chest splits when you add the shins. If you have them ready. Many thanks. Ny

Finally got round to posting them good luck, Cheers Jace

Awesome! Thanks Buddy :)

Shure, will do, very soon! Back at work now trying to get back into the swing of things. Once the busy backlog of normal everyday work is sorted I'll take some time to post where possible the remaining files, Thanks for your patience, cheers Jace : )


Very nice job!!

Do you have the split files for the shins?

Done now but check the sizing because I had to muck round with them a bit, Cheers Jace

Yes I will do, sorry I thought they were all uploaded. I'm on leave but will reupload them as soon as I return from holiday, cheers Jace


Great job on the models! I'm just having a look through the files and I can't seem to find the files for the front chest plate. Do you happen to have them on hand? If not I'll just use the Halo_Chest_all_Split.stl file.


I found (stumbled across) the individual files and uploaded them now, Sorry so late, Cheers Jace

Hi Liam,

Thanks, and yes you are correct, I see when I printed them I just grabbed each piece individually from that exact same file and added it to the printer as I needed it.

Definately choose the split files. I did find the completed chest plate if you wanted to slice it up your self.
just added it now cheers ; ) Jace

Thanks for the praise, but I'm not so sure you helped me!

Comments deleted.

Your original quote said "hey Jace remember me I'm the guy who helped you" which you must have deleted?

Hence my reply ; ) Goes way back to November last year.

Please note there are a few double up files as I tried a few different ways to slice them up for optimal printing.
Please pick carefully from the files what best suits your needs. Also note this suit was sized as best possible to fit my 6.4 height & frame.
You may have to rejig the files to suit your own individual size and shape. Please also double check the individual files have retained there correct size % wise before printing.

Otherwise happy printing, : ) cheers Jace

Jace, I have a monoprice, will this work????