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Customizable Fidget Spinner Ring

by AmazingSpanoMan Nov 25, 2013
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What's the lowest infill that you can use on this? Thanks.

I can't see the message that I'm trying to put? Also, I'm not sure if this is where the message goes but I think it would be a good idea to be able to put your name inside of the ring. If you could reply ASAP I would appreciate. Thanks for your amazing design!

Printed O_Scad_ring_Test.stl on a FlashForge Creator Pro and the ring does not fit together. The spinner will fit over the smaller inner ring, but will not fit over the larger outer ring. The inner and out rings do not fit together either.

Update: Printed knurb_ring.stl and it fits together properly.

would it be possible to get the dimensions.

I can't get this file to print solid, even with 100% infill and thick bottom and top shells. What's wrong?

Sorry for the late response. It all comes down to your print settings and ability of the printer you are using. What kind of printer do you have and can you share some settings? Also, a little more info regarding what is going wrong with your print may be helpful.

great little print, I will show my make soon, worked perfect first try, this is my second day 3d printing and my smiles are getting bigger, Thanks

So glad you like the design! Happy printing!

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You must have huge hands, mine is way too big for my finger.

I wear it on my thumb. I find it to work better for spinning with my other fingers on the same hand.
You can always measure you finger and use the customizer to make one your size. Just be sure to measure you knuckle so the ring slides over it.

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This is awesome, after a minute of spinning it it spins flawlessly. Wonder if it could be used as a bearing.

Comments deleted.

I just quickly made this little guy, here is a little video of it spinning for the first time: https://youtu.be/B8-K0xPHgxg
Nice idea!

Awesome. Thanks for the video! Glad you like it!

what dimensions do you suggest I make it ??

Thanks! Great thing! my kids like it soo much!

Awesome! Looks like with Fidget spinners being banned all around my ring has had breath pumped back into it :)

This design has made me very popular. Thanks heaps

No Problem. People ask me for them all the time. :)

Cool design, comes out great other than the ring a bit wide for the spinner allowing quite a bit of side-to-side play. Will try the suggestion in one of the makes to print the spinner separately and scale it up slightly in the z-axis.

are these the things that make the fidget spinner spin

No most fidget spinners use a steel or ceramic bearing. While I'm sure this design could be built further to be similar the spin wouldn't be as satisfying using the ring as the bearing.

When I load the customizer in openscad I get an error WARNING: Can't open include file 'write/Write.scad' and the text never works.

Any ideas?

When you use the customized online the extra libraries are already included. If you download it to try it yourself you have to download the libraries separately. Do a search on Thingiverse for the missing libraries you should find the one that is missing.

im trying to use the customizer on thingiverse and it keeps giving me errors, any ideas?

Thanks for the quick reply! I had no idea this site had a customizer built in but I see it now. You just opened up a whole new world for me, thank you!!

Great! Glad to help!

works great, good idea!

It's very good idea! Thanks!

It's very good idea! Thanks!

How long does it take to print

It is a very quick print. Not much to it to be honest

Did you change the dimensions on the ring parts per size or did you just scale it?

the ring is a parametric design so when selecting or manually providing a size in mm it automatically scales the other parts to fit it with the right tolerances.

Great project ... printed right away ... great fidget! Thank you!!

I am trying to upload the documents online. It says that the product is "too tiny," and the volume must be at least .25 cm^3. I used the customizer then downloaded the files and chose mm as the units. What am I doing wrong?

Awesome fast easy print. If you have trouble getting text to show up in the customizer, make sure under Type you select Font. Would be nice if there was a bolder or more compact version of the fonts, text is nearly impossible to see since all the embossing is too thin for the printer to handle at Medium or smaller. Done on Replicator 2 at 0.1mm layer height.

When I try to customize it I get the error #<RuntimeError: 400: Bad Request license must be a string>. Any ideas?

I keep getting an error message anytime I try to save my customized ring. I could even make no changes and it pops up with an error message

Same here, I get #<JSON::ParserError: A JSON text must at least contain two octets!>

How do you size the ring? Do you change it in an editing software?

Use the customizerbor download the SCAD file and change the code to your liking.

I can't seem to get any message to print, but I had great luck with the knurled spinner design.
Also, size 5 looks like it is missing in the STL file, like maybe it got accidentally cut. I was able figure out the right number to use though.

hi it me!!!!!!you student ur the best

Very cool design, one really nice additional feature that would be nice is if there was a slight fillet on the ring edges. Give it a bit more of a comfort fit?? Love the idea/design!.

Just saw this! Great idea! Have to figure out fillets in OpenSCAD

hi i am your student in wms

Are you using customizer or did you download the scad file? If you downloaded the file, you also have to download the libraries like .write etc. and load it into the same folder as the scad file. Then try to load it up. Otherwise you can use the customizer which already call to the correct libraries.

I also have this, i'm very new to scad
WARNING: Can't open include file 'write/Write.scad'.
Total rendering time: 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds

with the message text completed I just get a round ring after render, any ideas?

Hmm first I've seen that happen I'll see if I can recreate the issue based on your created file. I believe in slicr it's called "vase". That let's you print the perimeters.

The borders around the spinning middle on my came out really large, not really sure why. Also where in slic3r is this shell setting i keep seeing?

I'm trying to find a font library that will connect the floating holes for when the open cut through option is selected. Otherwise, people will need to manually delete the extra pieces in their own editing software. Anyone have an idea or suggestion?

Added a lot of features this month. Up to version 1.5! Now you can create a custom message spinner.

A multi-spinner would replicate something I have in titanium. Maybe someone else would enjoy the idea. Thought I would share.

Love the ring! Can you post the individual components? I'd like to be able to print just the spinner, or just the ring when there is a print fail or if I want different colors. (unless there is already a way to do this in MakerWare. For me, it is treating the 3 parts as one locked piece)
The spinner prints out a bit tight (in PLA) but eventually loosens up after lots of 'fidgeting'.

Hi there! I'll take a look at the code. I'm still new to OpenSCAD but I remember seeing something in the manual about having the part export individually. Good idea! I'll see what I can do.

As far as the spinner being a little snug, I thought that originally as we'll and after a little play it smoothed out. I found that the way it prints there is a little line of extra PLA at a verticle seam. Now I just take an exacto and run it around the inside once or twice and make sure to cut out the little seem and everything is butter every time. Take about two minutes. In fact yesterday I didn't have access to my knife and used the flat side of a house key with the same results.

Nice use of the knurl library!