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DJI Mavic Stick Guard

by Hovership Nov 8, 2016
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Tried to print from pla, too tight.
Must do later from ninjaflex.

i use the foam that came with the bag. it actually a perfect fit - if you rest the drone foot facing the remote.

Any chance this will fit the new DJI Spark Controller? The Pad looks similar to the Mavic.

Don't have a Spark to test it with but yeah it seems like it should fit.

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Your design is stolen for business, check out this FB account

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Just learned after printing the sticks come off

They dont on the production models. If you took yours off I hope you can get them back on :)

You can remove them, but its really not a good idea

Crusader said: ↑
And as for the internals, if you check the controler teardown posterd on this forum it looks like it can take some abuse.

I, too, have taken both the Mavic and the controller apart .
After I saw the internals, I decided to stop removing the sticks. Pushing the sticks down requires force, but there's no way to give support for the socket or the connected parts at all. Your only way to have leverage is to push back with the whole controller, essentially forcing the external components inside the controller. Doing it a few times is okay, the controller is well built, but doing it every time you pack it isn't a good idea. At least I wouldn't recommend it.


I mean mines a production model (bought from dji.com)... and it is most def suppose to come off (see picture)

Heres a more detailed picture, not screwed in or anything

I have friends that work at DJI, they say you are not supposed to take them off.

Why? It's a piece of metal in a slot... I highly doubt that is accurate information you were given. I mean, I'm all ears if there is some reason not to - but there is no mechanical reason... you might lose some sells if your selling this piece on ebay, but thats the only logical downfall of removing these

Here's a "mechanical reason": every time you force them on or off you are applying excessive force to a precision element that is prone to get out of calibration. If you want to take that risk, be my guest. Personally, I'm going to spend the 25 cents for plastic and print this piece. :o)

There is no force once you unstick the epoxy. They come in and out with ease and remain snug for operation. Also check the dismantle and you will see there's no justification for your concern. Go ahead if you want. I bought a compact drone and will use it as intended. Also I have discussed with tech support and they agree with me, be my guest if you want to talk with them with your logic.

Morty . . . not sure why you seem fixated on pushing this. Here is a quote from the Administrator of the DJI support website:
"The thumbsticks on the released Mavic are not removable. Please don't attempt o remove them with a lot of force or you risk damaging the controller. Hope this clears things up."

You are giving people bad advice . . . please don't respond. You've made your opinion very clear. Even if a lower level DJI employee said it's OK, the official position is that it can damage the controller.


If you want to use useless plastic go ahead, don't push it on other people that can save the space and not damage the controller by putting useless plastic on there controller. The big draw of this drone is it's size. DJI official stance is not as you as you claim it has been updated, but no need for you to respond since your basing your info on old information. My comment is here to help others know this 3d model is no longer needed

Comments deleted.

Would it be possible to use this design with ABS?

i printed on pla and fit like a glove!

Thanks - I'll give it a try with ABS!

Hey Steve, I see your non-commercial license made its way into a handful of product listings on eBay. I appreciate the work you've done over the years—here on Thingiverse, and with the Zuul series—so I wanted to give a head's up in case there are profits going into the wrong pockets. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=mavic+controller+stick&_sacat=0

And thanks for this, working well.

These work great. They push down nice and snug and prevent the sticks from moving much at all! Thanks. Printed on Duplicator i3 with Hatchbox TPU. 40% fill. I'm going to print another with full fill to see if they move even less. But really not needed. They slide on nice and do the trick! Here's a vid also so can see the minimal travel. https://youtu.be/RUSPmd9TDKc The also don't touch the screen as someone asked. It bothered me every time I slid the controller in the case that came with it. I worried about the sticks with the snug fit of the case. Thanks again!

I printed one using ninjaflex. Great little part. Thanks for posting!

Great I will get these printed up then ;o)

Hi this looks great and really useful one comment on the design would it possible to cut away the bottom of the guide to raise the edge up from the controller screen to avoid any scratches? just a thought

Great job - thanks

Nothing touches the screen

Nice one. Will be using it when I receive my Mavic :-)
Will you also design a "full" cover?

If you crammed this in a bag, wouldn't this just make both sticks move instead of one?

No, the sticks can only wiggle a small amount with this on. They are blocked from moving any further.