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by mrtoner Nov 5, 2016
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Well, I am not sure how to help since your slicer and printer are very different. Just the same, give the .x3g file attached a go and see what happens... I am also sending you the model file in .dxf format, so you can use whatever you have to convert to .stl.

having issues printing the knight slicing it in cura have tried the fixed arms and the fixed arms shoulder any other suggestions as to what we can try thank so much for your help

What printer do you have? I could send you the sliced that I used for you to try. The fixe files all print fine on my FFCP.

Not sure what is going on... Very new to 3D printing.
I want to make this to give to a middle school teacher.

I loaded the files in Cura and it says 5 min to print the whole set of microscopic pieces. 2 kings, 2 queens, 4 bishops, 4 knights, 4 rooks, 16 pawns...

Is there a different slicer the files are meant to be used in?

Cura did perfect on the other 2 shapes I have tried so far.

Hi. I used Flashprint as the slicer for my Creator Pro. Works fine, but I print at full scale for the pieces to fit on the chessboard.

Not sure what size "microscopic" is, but sounds like it is too small for much detail.

Found the shrink/grow. Had to go to 2000% on the King and Queen. Pawn at 1500% to be appropriate scale. Resulting in 2 inch tall King.

My finished King is over 4 inches tall. The scale on the files is metric and should be sized so the base fits on the chessboard.

Thanks. The print files are already scaled to 125. Good luck!

Great models. Are they scaled to 125 already or do i need to scale them up?

Ok. I am out of town for a couple of days, but I will remake the knight when I return.

I am printing this beautiful set at the moment, the minion knight arms are still not printing correctly. I am using simplify3d as my slicer.

June 11, 2018 Update. Created an all new king and ran it through makeprintable.com. This time I see no gaps or splits anywhere in my slicer.
Hope this works for all of you. The file is KING-G-JOE-6-11a.stl.

BTW, I eliminated the large "G" on the king's chest, and instead put a smaller "G" on his crown.

What’s strange is that I printed all these a couple of years ago with no issues. Now when I open the stls, parts are missing.

I suspect updates to software that have made the slicers less forgiving.

I am constructing a new king, should be ready in a day or two.

Hello, the king crown model seems to have an issue with its left hand. it cant be detected on my slicer and ive tried fixing it on netfabb doesnt work either. Mind checking it out and fixing it?

Thank you

Hi I just looked at it and I see an issue that wasn't there before. I think slicing software updates have some influence. I will see what I can do, but in the meantime, when you open in your slicer, if it asks to repair the model, select no and see if that helps. On mine, if I select YES, it deletes the arm completely.

im using a slicer that doesnt have any repair features. didnt work for me. let me if you are able to fix the issue if not i will just print the other king model. thank you

and just in case - here is another version

I rebuilt the arm - please see file minion_KING-leftarm.stl. Hope it works out. If not, plan B.....

alright ill try with this stl file. thx a bunch

actually both the kings have issues with the left arm. i tried printing the G-King the left was also missing :(

OK. One more time. Hope this works....

sadly in aint working showing issues with the crown this time, and i printed it out and thats exactly what happend missing the crown and the G. I tried to even fill the holes and gaps in netfabb didnt work :(
thanks a lot of trying though

Wow. I didn’t even touch the crown. Ok, so I will try again. Thanks for being patient

yeah not sure whats wrong. I should be thanking you for taking the effort to help fix it :)

Hey. Made a new king, and it looks ok in my slicer [see pic attached]. File name is KING-G-JOE-6-11.STL. Hope this works!

Wow. Ok. I will take another look. Very strange....

I have been out of town so I didn’t look at it yet. I will try to look/fix in the next couple of days.

Comments deleted.

I had a problem printing the knight similar to what has already been commented on. The left shoulder, which looks like it should be a hemisphere, has a gap in the back when sliced with Cura. I tried 2 prints, thinking at first that my printer had hiccuped, but had the same issue with both prints. Then I loaded the model into Repetier so I could step through the layers to see what's really going on. Slicing with Cura and with Slic3r showed a void in the back of the left shoulder. I then repaired the model with makeprintable.com, then ran the same test with both Cura and Slic3r, and the gap appears to be fixed. I started a print with the repaired model and will let you know how it turned out tomorrow.

Comments deleted.

LIke the arms being more sturdy this way. Can You clarify the differences between all the knight files? fixarm is the good one?


"knight-botharmsfixed" is the good one. There were issues with voids in the arms on some prints, so I redid both arms to make sure it was fixed.

Good luck!

Thanks, I'm still getting a gap across the shoulders, at least with the pawns, when i use slic3r in repetier, but the built-in Cura does fine with them.

Got eight pawns so far and trying again on two rooks. First two broke loose from the build plate cause of the height so I think i'll print the remainder with a brim. Nice that the platforms have structure modeled inside so i can print them hollow no infill required and they won't be too top-heavy, at least for the rook.

That's odd. I have no issues at all with voiding anywhere on the pawns. I have printed 25 pawns with no voids. If I could duplicate I would try to fix, but I am not sure on this.

I printed all with a raft because of the height to width ratio, just to make sure they stayed in position.

Yeah, Cura does fine with them I am having trouble getting the knight's arms with it though, right arm only gets a few layers and left shoulder is flat.

I just looked at the slices on mine and do not see an issue. I uploaded my .x3g file if it will help.

You are still getting voids in the knight's arms and now also in the shoulder? Unfortunately I am at a trade show so I can't take a closer look until the weekend.

I am using Flashprint on my FFCP, and the slicing seems fine. I am not sure what is going on.

Any suggestions?

Maybe try downloading slic3r and/or Cura if you get some time. I tried both the Cura in repetier and the newer standalone and they both give similar results. Also tried craftware Trying to make a set for my little girl and it's got me stuck. Maybe I'll try Flashprint, it can export to gcode right?

Yes, just using Flashprint that came with the FFCP. Exports to .x3g very quickly, but has other file extension options as well. I would try that first, since it is what I use and has worked just fine.

I'm sorry to bother you again with the file of the knight.

I slice it with Simplify3D on the original file the right arm (minions perspective) does not connect after slicing.

and in the fixed arm file the other arm has a problem.


Minion on the left is the original with "Seperate connected Surfaces" activated. the right one is the "fixedarm" one.

What program did you use to slice these.

All other minion models from this chess set are working fine.

Regards Björn.

Hi Bjorn

Sorry for the late reply. The slicer I use is Flashprint, and I have not had issues with it. Regardless, I will fix the left arm on the knight also and reload it.


Also had issue with the Knights arms and shoulders, as well as the Kings one arm and the crown. Spent a little time repairing them, they now print from Simplify3d. Here are the files if anyone is interested.

Hi there, just wanted to inform you, that the rook prints well an has no problems, was just a typo in my comment.
Im now printing the Queen and the Bishop.

Done are Pawn and Rook.

King and Knight are still up to come.

Hi. That's good news. I uploaded new files for the Knight and two new versions of the King.

The original "G" on the king was too flimsy, so one version has a sturdier G and the other has a crown, and a G on the king's chest.

Thanks. I had not noticed the Knight's arm until you mentioned it. I added a new file for downloading minion_knight-fixarm.

I haven't printed it, but should be ok. I do not find anything wrong on the rook - please clarify.


Hi there, i started printing the chess set.
The pawn prints really well.

But i recognized, as is loaded the Knight into Simplify3D, that his left arm seems broken. He has no complete shell.
I wasnt able to repair the rook inside Simplify3D.

Maybe you can check the Knight model.

Ill try printing the other ones on the weekend.


Thanks - I had not noticed that before. I posted a new file with a fix, but have not printed it.

I do not see a problem on the rook - please advise.

Thanks and best regards,

Comments deleted.

I like the tuning and thoughts you put in your remixed Chess set.
Especially the easier, nearly supportless printing.

Thanks! I gave the set to my youngest (14) granddaughter for Christmas, and she was thrilled beyond belief. I found a wooden chessboard with storage inside on eBay and pieces fit perfectly.