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Anet A8 Brackets to Reduce X-Axis Motion

by Leo_N Nov 5, 2016
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The right side of the frame does not line up period. I loosened everything took of the left anything I can do short of drilling new holes (which I did but I don't feel it is the right solution) will fix it. You have a revised left side, which I didn't need but for some reason the right side is all sorts of messed up. Am I missing an instruction to downscale the part? The holes are too far to the right to work correctly. I am printing in pla with supports at 15% infill because I am low on filament rn, probably because of how many times I have tried this lol.

Have you looked at the remixes?

Nope the right side still doesn't fit, but the left is a ton better. I did some measuring and I think the sides are exactly the same. I am gonna see if there is a larger right side in the remixes and if not I am gonna try and mirror the left side and make a cutout for the button, if so would it be ok to ask for the original files as I don't think I can mess with STLs in fusion 360 easily. Thanks a bunch though the left side is working great and 1/2 of my frame is super stable. Enough that printing my multiple right sides with only the left on they already stopped loosing steps and look 200% better. Can't wait for my more filament so I can do the hulk frame brace too and beef it up to the max. Danke

Just a side note and I also point this out in the summary.
These brackets are not needed if you are going to use the Hulk braces.

I think I may have mismeasured the distance due to the fact that I only have one really low quality ruler in metric I just noticed that the buttons seem to be pulled to the left by the left bracket. I assume that I just was able to force the left side on and now not the right. I am gonna print the bigger left bracket and see how that works.

Yeah, a little, but I haven't found anything that I think will work. I dont know why the holes just don't match up which is weird because the left side does. Idk im really confused.

thanks for sharing, best solution for this issue!

You are welcome.

The frame thickness of my Anet is 4.5 instead of 8.0. Could you make a version that fits that Anet Version? (and perhabs the same for your hulkframe?)

Are sure it's 4.5? I would presume you have an Anet A8 clone.

Really liked your enhancement, JFYI I made my own remix (available here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3367247) of the great original "Anet A8 Filament Spool Roller Arm" from ulightme (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2016985) that is compatible with your parts, hth.

Anet A8/AM8 filament spool roller arm remix that fits with brackets to reduce X-axis motion from Leo_N
Anet A8 Filament Spool Roller Arm

Looking great...

First thanks for all your great work (this one, the hulk brace, and Y axis floor structurs) and tasteful design.

I was very happy to install all that gear on my Anet A8 but on my model the little hole under the big one seems to be centered on big hole center, find attached a scheme with detailed info.

So i was wondering if you have the time and the source, if it was possible to do this little modification, if you only have the source i can make the modification with adjustment and send you back the file to update your brackets or finally if you don't have the time and the source i will probably create a copy with the modification but it's make more sense to my eyes to keep everything packed. (and i don't want to "steal" your work) So let me know what is the best option for you.

Thanks again for your work and sorry for my English.

I'm really getting frustrated with the quality on these Anet printers.

Modification was easy. Moved 5mm down. File included.

hello. i have a anet a8 bought last month.
I printed the "Top_Left_Frame_Bracket_Plus3mm_Leo" and perfect.
I printed the "Anet_A8_Top_Right_Bracket_Leo" and not fix per 1mm in the two holes of the screen.
Today i will use a dremel to make the hole little bigger and force to fix it :-P

Thanks for your work!!! very apreciated!

Can you make a picture of what you did?

if you zoom the picture you can see the inferior hole and a milimiter.
I think i can use the dremel and make the hole a little big, what do you think?


Yes, you can dremel the 3D printed part. That should work fine.

great, thanks a lot!

ok, this night i will take a picture! thanks for reply!!!

Thanks for the design, really helped my “wood” CTC A8.

You're welcome.

Hello, new version of anet measures 75mm on both sides.....in case you need to know xD
btw, i've already printed it when noticed that. Nothing what dremel can't solve

Thanks a lot!

If I add 75 mm versions will you test them?

sure, why not

Hello dude, sorry for the very late response. I let this remix(?) in case anyone needs as well. Will post on remix too

this worked wonders on my printer! thank you

Leo I'm printing the hulk braces but I accidentally printed the left and right Top_Arm_wBracket_Leo_N.stl version because I thought "wbracket" meant the lower brackets that both versions apparently have to print. I didn't realize until after printing my mistake. I'll have to print your original braces here so they can work. The reason I write is perhaps you could reword your Hulk braces description to say "unless you already printed the original braces (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1872162/) then DO NOT print the wbracket files." or something to clarify that "my brackets" mean your original version here. Again, thanks for spending the time posting your designs that help make the A8 better.

Anet A8 Brackets to Reduce X-Axis Motion
by Leo_N

Thanks for posting more settings such as wall thickness and such. Speed of printing for walls, infill, initial layers etc would be helpful too. Thanks for this and the hulk brace Leo!

I'm very new to the 3D world. I have printed a bunch of stuff with a bunch of fails, These braces were the most smooth print I have done with the best fit. Thanks Leo.

Glad it worked.

the right bracket not fit in my anet a8. i have reopen the hole and cut the part with touch on the lcd button.

Anet seem to have made changes to the printer at some point.

You did read the "Summary"?

I would use these instead: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2189694

"Hulk" Frame Brace for the Anet A8
by Leo_N

The right bracket doesn't seem to fit my anet the holes the mount by the screen are a few mm off. Just wasted a load of filament.

Yep same issue. I'll have to modify the right side and move the screws or reduce thickness a few mm on the right side

Fits like a glove. Love it!

Thumbs-up :-)

If you have recently bought an Anet A8 (like me), don't bother on trying this design. An enormous waste of filament and time..
Even if the sizes are the same of the pics of the design, it doesn't fit correctly. Buttons of the LCD collide with the part, and a large etc...

I'd like to see detailed pictures of your prints and the printed parts mounted on the frame.

I needed to print the larger one to fit my A8. It lines up with the frame but does not leave room for the display. I will try to remix it with a notch for the display and share it here.

70mm R/L for me (Anet A8 01/18)


Anet A8 Top Bracket Leo Remix 70mm R/L
by kftof
Anet A8 Top Bracket Leo Remix 70mm R/L
by kftof

Mine has also 70 mm on both sides. Bought in 12/17.

Same here. But I bought mine 07/17

Comments deleted.

As of today, 10 Jan 2018, the right part cannot be mounted because it would crush the display/button circuit board.
A waste of filament, alas.
3D files should have measures reported in documentation.

Should have read the comments before, printed 7 hours for nothing.
My Anet A8 also has the different dimensions.

Could you please put the original files to the Archive so we can edit it by ourself.

Does it concern the left bracket?
If so by how much in mm?

I have a version with +3mm (see below in the comments) but have yet gotten any confirmation that this would fit the newer frames.

It is about 2 or 3 mm on the left side. And about 1 mm on the right side.
After my actual print (Hulk Frame) is finished I'll try to make some exact measurements and pictures.

Just for info. The brackets are not needed if you are going use Hulk braces.

Yes i know that i do not need these brackets if i use Hulk.

I have taken several pictures.

Iv'e revised the "Summary" and added a new file.

Hi, my Anet have diferente size then yours, do you have STL for my leftside? See pic please.


Comments deleted.

I printed these, but my left one, seen from the front, does not fit.

I can easily put it on the front, but then its 4 a 5 mm to short to touch the side plate O.o

perhaps anet changed the frame sizes?

Pictures would help.

I have the exact same issue with 2017 Anet A8,so it seems they have indeed changed something :/ You should add the revised design and a warning before people who bought one in the recent gearbest sale get theirs and start flooding the comments.

Ok I just measured and I have no clue why but on the right side the led screw holes measure 73mm vs the 70 on the left. The whole face plate that houses the screen is 456mm and maybe some change (I'm in the middle of a print at the moment) did they actually make it larger?

Could you please check the dimensions and compare them to mine:

Hi Leo, Thanks for your desings! In my case the right side is 71mm. The left side fits perfect with +3mm piece.

Measured using calipers.The original right bracket and the updated (L+3mm) left one required work with the rotary tool (both offset screw holes and cutting the inside for lcd screen clearance) to be installed so that kind of backs up my measurements (L_Right Bracket< 73 and L_LeftBracket <(68+3=)71). Ordered the A8 near the end of August 2017.

Thanks for taking the measurements. However yours are are yet another variant of dimensions. I can't believe the Chinese manufacturer of the acrylic frames has such poor tolerances but that appears to be the case.

No matter, one really doesn't need the brackets because the Hulk braces will do a better job and they are adjustable.

No problem. These frames really are the worst part of the printer (second only to the abysmal bed connector)

Would it also be possible to make a picture from the rear? I need to see the whole brace.

I am getting more and more upset with Anet. They seem to keep making changes to the printer. As far as I can see the two screws are not at the same position as with my and many other A8 printers. You do have an A8 right?

yes, its a anet a8. its perhaps a newer model? I bought it 2 month ago so :/

guess ill try to make a plate thingy to put between the brace and my frame :)

Or give me the exact measurement of the space between the brace and the wall of the frame. I can then send you a modified version if you like.

if posibble i want to lesson how to sketch 3d and i can modify thats kind of cases on other 3d model

i worder, what kind of software do you use to make 3d picture, i am newbie on this kind of 3D printer technology, but i bought Anet A8 on this Desember, and i measure my printer,, from left to right,,, 71mm , 153 mm, 71 mm

ok, I measured the front and the back, its 3mm.

thanx :)

OK, I will post the file here tomorrow.

ok, ill try, perhaps make a version which is longer, where we can add the hole for lcd mount ourselfs?

now lets hope right one fits xD

Before you print the right one you might want to measure the frame wall to the screw of the display. I can check it tonight and let you know if it will fit on your printer.

Yes, but I will have to look into that in more detail when I have time.

just checked, 7 cm precise between sidebar and middle of the screwhole :)

OK, you are good to go with the right bracket.

What do you measure between the two display screws? I have 153mm.

same for me, 153 mm, then why the f*ck is my left side different? O.o

THAT I don't know. Something is definately not right.

Is the left bracket supposed to be 2mm off from the side panel? If i put a screw in it it bends it? If it is not supposed to be like that let me know, i'll print a modified model to adjust (probably 1.8-9mm longer so it has some clearance room.)

They are suppose to lean cleanly against the acrylic frame pieces. If not then either brackets came off poorly or your printer frame is uneven.
See my pictures for details.

works great thanks!!!!

I see you have a right bracket and a right bracket panel. Whats the difference between the 2?

It's described in the "Summary"

"Update 2017.01.15
•User "BlackChart" had asked if I could add a panel to the right bracket. He provided the part as sketch for me. You can mount an ON/OFF switch and a switch for lights. The holes have a diameter of 5mm and can be enlarged by drilling a bigger hole."

I was wondering if you had an idea or could possibly make a solution for users that are using a display fill in after they have relocated the screen?
It is completely solid and uses the holes your brackets do. Any ideas?

Anet A8 Display Fill-In

Consider doing a remix on either the brackets or the display fill-in to fit you needs.

I found another guy that has already done it. So it worked out. These brackets combined with your hulk braces make the frame rock solid.


Anet A8 LCD Filler with Leo Brackets

Nice work Leo!

Idea for all with workless T-Corners:
It fits perfect! :-D

I made a remix of T corner braces that are compatible with your brackets. Also thanks for your contribution.

Anet A8 Corner Brace Top (compatible with brackets)
by Lykon

Interesting... :-)

Its perfect :) when i equiped only left (printed first), there was some difference and after equip on the second side it was even better

You are very welcome! :-)

VERY effective and highly recommended! Thanks for this!

You're welcome. Add the "Hulk" frames braces and then you are completely cured of any x-axis motion.

I printed mine today and they look great. I haven't had any problems with my X axis but I don't normally print high. In fact, this is as tall of an object as I've printed to date. No less, anything I can do to make this printer more rigid is a bonus. If nothing else, it should reduce wear on my threaded rod and nuts, not that I'm aware of any wear issues.

I can't wait until the weekend when I can get these fitted. Thanks for a great design.

For complete stiffness add the "Hulk" frames braces to your updates.

Excellent design - printed well and fit perfectly. The stability is much higher than the t-corner brackets that people use. After I bolted it to the frame I drilled a couple of extra holes through each side (through the acrylic and bracket at the same time) to provide additional mounting and stiffness. Now the only remaining movement is coming from the acrylic uprights flexing a bit.


Add these to completely remove any flexing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2189694

"Hulk" Frame Brace for the Anet A8
by Leo_N

Hi guys, I'm in the process of deciding to make this item and wondering what material to make PLA/ABS and I can get my hands in PETG

You want to use PLA for those.

would these fit the Tronxy p802 ?

I don't have a Tronxy, therefore I don't know.

Oh yea lol ^^

can this fit the anet a6

No, only A8.

The A6 doesn't need these as it is constructed differently with a more rigid frame.

Good job!
Installed the brackets without the filament guide yesterday. Very good fit.
We will see, if they really improve the printing results, but I'm quite confident.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Leo is there any way you can modify the left bracket (from the front) so I don't have to remove all the wiring I have in place to install the bracket? Maybe a slot that in the hole that leads to the front of the bracket. That way I can slide the wiring in and I don't think it will effect rigidity. Just a thought. Want to install them but cannot be bothered rewiring the printer to be honest :)

I don't recommend it because it will weaken the stiffness.

However, take a look at the remixes :-)

LOL thanks. You know I must make it a habit to look at them always in the future :D :D

ATTENTION: I don't know why but the right bracket will be mirrored or something like this if you slice it with SIMPLIFY3D. In Cura it looks like it should.

Edit: Okay i saw the left also looks mirrored but it was printed right ?!?

Edit2: example photo: https://1drv.ms/i/s!Aj2aRDx5IyrphYc20TY7Np1osZY0qg
very strange never experienced this. Can someone explain?

Great design, very clean.

Comments deleted.

A compatible Mono-lever Spool Holder I designed

Anet A8 Mono-lever Spool Holder (to be used with Leo_N Brackets)

Is it possible to have access to STEP files for this?
Have some additions I would like to have on my printer (button panel)

I don't have "STEP" files but you can use the stl files and make a remix.

Or you can send me the dimensions and I can add them to the thing. That would not be problem.

I have no idea how to remix a STL file :/

I only have real experience with Fusion 360, and it doesn't like STL for import :)

Send me the dimensions (sketch) to "removed" and I'll have it up for download in a couple of hours for you.

I sent you a OneDrive share with Fusion 360 file, STEP file and IGES file.
Don't know if you can import any of these.

It's supposed to go on top of the right side bracket.

Thank you Leo.
I'll try and make something up for you :)

I've found these simple brackets to also work superbly: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1672959.
Yours would be a great addition to them, but require some modding to make both fit at the same time.
Easy enough. Remix on the way. Thx!

Anet A8 T corner

And you are running Skynet V1.1 too ;)


No any more. I'm using V2.0.

Hi, looks good, great job! Did you notice any print improvements?

Thanks. You will see improvements compared to stock. The idea is to try to reduce X-axis shaking the higher you print. The brackets will dampen the motion. Ideally you don't want any motion while printing however this printer is far from mechanically optimal. That being said it still makes great prints particularly for the price!

The biggest drawback is material. The reason these Anets are so cheap is because they're all acrylic. Acrylic is very brittle, prone to stress fracturing around screw holes, and transmits vibrations at a terrible level. Do the best with what ya got, until you get a hold of a good steel frame. Also, if you've mounted your spool on top of your frame, you've made matters even worse by amplifying the shaking via harmonic resonance.

If you have an A8 right now then don't invest in anything towards a new frame or the like. Instead design and print parts that will improve the printers capabilities. It's a lot cheaper that way too.