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Cactus Stand

by muzz64 Nov 12, 2016
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Awesome design!
Tho I think the image is wrong, for me, I have to swap the filament color at 8.1mm, the slicer says that the base is 95x95x99.22mm is that correct?

Pleased you like the design... the dimensions you referenced are correct and color change at 8mm PLUS the raft base thickness. You need to remember to allow for that if using a raft.

3d printing is definitely not a hit start and go and then come back 3 hrs later to see perfect job on all jobs.

update: the issue is not the stl file the issue i believe is with my printer settings...i had 6 failed prints trying to do the double arm....but now it seems to be printing ok..i changed fan duct...........im using anet a8...the thing about all these prints is that the output depends on many variables.... printer model..slicer settings...environment temp...printer mechanical condition...speed...print setup on bed...etc etc etc...its a science lol

hard to explain...maybe will post a pic one day of what its doing...

can not get this to print well at all....i just printed the other day and a aprt came out nice..for some readon every time i try to print the arms of this ..the end of the arm curls up and ruins the print...it prints ok for about 4mm then after that the one end curls up ..the other end is fine...so not sure what is causing this..i tried flipping the part and the one end still curls up....

Thanks for this neat design! I made one for a gift but I am having stability issues... my pieces are very wobbly and I was wondering if you had a fix for this? Thanks again!

Pleased you like the design and no it shouldn't b wobbly. However, the most likely issue is printer / slicing app related. The bottom line is small differences in accuracy / precision of machines and slicing apps can make a design print too loose or too tight (same files) depending on the set up. Filament also makes a difference. If your machine tends to leave things loose then the simple fix is scale things down 3-5%... or too tight and scale up the same.

However, as you've already printed this I would simply glue it... mine were a snug fit so no issues but if they were loose that is a good fix.

I hope this helps!

Love it. Could you make an additional base that just had the insert on it, no stem. That way I Could make some bases in black, and all the cactus pieces in greens (or whatever). The contrast looks great on yours. I'd feel better if you did it instead of me chopping yours up in tinkercad


Pleased you like the design.... and to respond to your query there is no need to change any file/s. The two colored version was printed from the files uploaded. All you need to do is watch your print until the bas tray has finished and your machine has started printing the trunk... then pause your machine and do a filament change (to a different color) then resume. This will provide a better, stronger and more stable result.

I hope this helps.

I have a big bed printer, I want to print everything at once, including a few extra, but don't want black on everything. That is why I asked.

I attempted the modification/remix
It is here is anyone wants


Cactus base low and extension

Would have loved to have sold this in our shop as an expandable item.

Seems to missing the stl for the longer extention on the bottom.. am I missing it? Wait... I just downloaded the base and see it's there. How did you get the black bottom? Fun design thank you.

Pleased to hear you like the design. The file/s you want are either 'cactus wide 2' or cactus wide'. I've checked online and both are there. The 2 version has a branch out both sides and the other version just has a single branch from the centre... please confirm you have them okay.

he means the dual color base. the picture is rather decieving. especially since the file has that part as a solid piece. you would have to cut it up and print two parts or slice it for dual extrusion.

could you make one out of this shape? 100% Printable CS:GO Butterfly Knife

Hello, so I was wondering if you could design a cs go blade that instead of a blade had comb teeth, me school will not allow weapons, but will allow comb balisongs, so when ever you have the time to do it if you want to, could you upload one?

I had a look at this and there are a lot of shapes.... the challenge is the blade is never anywhere near as thick as the handle so, when lying on its side the blade would be in thin air so need quite a lot of support to build it in one piece. On that basis you would be better printing it cut in half then gluing it together... but that is not ideal either for a great result.... one piece would be better.

The most practical thing to do would just be make it the shape but not with the thicker handle. It would be a few mm thick all the way along... not exactly the same but the idea would be there. Not sure if that would fit the requirement but is it the best way to do something like this... just a flat model resembling the shape.

ok, thank you for looking into it!

Since you are kind of well known on here I just want to say first