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Knurled Tri-Spinner EDC Fidget Widget / Triple Bearing Spinner

by 3DCentralVA Nov 5, 2016
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I love this print. The knurled surface is really great and the whole thing feels great in my hand. However, I just got the recommended bearing from Amazon and they are really awful. I get barely more than a couple of revolutions on a spin. Are these bearings a standard size? Is there a better recommended brand I could replace these with? As it is, it is not much of a spinner, although it looks cool on the shelf.

Following up. I got some Bones Reds and they fit and work perfectly.

Cant get my bearing in

people fool around with them

Also had the problem with constant breakage. I modified the SCAD file provided and created a remix here:
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2308097 . I bulked up the area around the center bearing to ~3mm and tightened the bearing tolerances to better hold the bearings for me. Not as attractive as the original model, but hopefully can survive drops better.

Knurled Spinner Remix
by nmehta

This spinner is great! My only problem I've been happening is that the edges around the center bearing are too small and break very easily when dropped. If it were slightly thicker it would be perfect!

Just to let you know that this design needs to be updated with thicker sides because I have already broken 2 spinners. Not when I hammered it in but when dropped. I have dropped other spinners but this design was the only one that breaks for me.

Same here. Breaks on center bearing edge between blades. I see a crack after a drop then boom

Reading through the comments a number of people are having problems inserting the bearings. Try heating the spinner with a blow dryer. The blow dryer will loosen the plastic just enough to allow installation.

What do you do if the bearings don't fit in? I had to use a hammer and ended up breaking one. What do you adjust to change that?

use a sharp knife like an xacto, or perhaps use a rounded file. take it slow, remove some material, press-fit the bearing and if its still too tight, keep removing material. better that its too tight than too loose..

Scale it up 101% or 102%.

@Supersabre1 I printed a clear one on the Form 2 and they are a little lose. I am going to have to scale down in size.

I love it, but it hurts your fingers after a while

Nice concept. However, the center hole came out significantly smaller and did not fit a standard 608 bearing when I had it printed. Definitely check the dimension of the hole before printing. Scaling could be off, probably an issue with the file because a bunch of these have already been made. :)

Hola! buenas noches, solo para comentar que los orificios no corresponde a la medida del balero, son mas pequeños por 0.5 mm.

Great Design made one and a DIY Video on it ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q5R53wEBdM

Great design. Great print. One of my favs!

Thank you for the design. While we really liked the outer texture, however when we try to tap the bearings in (608's), it breaks. We've printed it twice now with the same result each time. We are using the more brittle PLA filament and did not up the scale, which some commenters suggest.

Scale to 101 or 100.5%

anybody know what scale for skateboard bearings?????

Hi, after a few hiccups with my printer i finally got this printed and it feels good to spin! Great design :)

I printed this in ABS Red in Medium mode, and I must state - it was nice that a model came out the first time with no sizing issues and as pictured or adjustments. I did a little sanding, slipped the bearings in and gave it to the kids to play with - so my big MISTAKE was that I did not print out three of them before giving it to the kids - so guess what I am doing now :)

Great model, easy, accurate and well balanced - great job.

It's a nifty spinner. I printed one in eSun PETG / red. I printed the pin and it's a nice option. Not sure I like it personally, but people may enjoy it. Is it possible to change the knurl spikes to the honeycomb indent in the middle? I like the pattern and flair, but my son's friends dont like it because it hurts their fingers :)

Also, I would like to offer these for a reasonable price on http://jetprints.biz - the license doesnt prohibit it obviously, but would still like your permission. It's a small biz started by my son (17) who actually got me into the 3D Printing :)


Thank you for asking!! Yes, we choose to document and publish our work under this free and open source license so that people like you will have this freedom! Because it takes work to document, we do use the license to ask for the following caveats:

1) Attribution for public use, including commercial -- please give credit that it is our work and not your own, and link back to this work so others can find it and associate it with us.
2) If you continue to build on the work, please share and with the same freedoms

Other than that, absolutely! As a full service 3D Print company(here's our site: http://3dcentralva.com/), we also sell (and service and train) printers from our favorite manufacturers, and sell filament as well. So if your business is doing well and you'd like to expand, I can help you with that too!

Thanks for printing our designs!
Chris Caswell
3D Central

That is fantastic, thank you. We'll add it and see how things go. Hopefully people enjoy them. I'll share a pic of my make later tonight

If you ever decide to do a redesign/remix on this - my son says he thinks kids his age (14-17 in High School) would really dig the pattern between the 3 bearings rather than the pointy knurls :)

I would try it, but I can barely use sketchup to make circles :)

I made 1 at 20% infill, 101% scale.
It wont spin for long..

The best way to do it is remove the plastic cover on the bearings and put them in something like alchol to get all the grease out of them, then they will spin for a looooooong time.

If it wont spin for long, you need a better bearing. Mine spins for about 60 seconds

Made it .2 with 30% infill - PLA
Looked awesome, but too weak and to small for the bearing

Broke right away

PLA is not strong enough for most spinners. I printed this exactly as designed with PETG, put in the bearings. and it spins perfectly.

increased the scale by 1-2%

what is the recommended setting? broke mine when it fell.

I have seen other spinners where you can see the marbles in the middle bearing. Is there a difference between the inner and outer bearings?

I think on some there are only bearings in the middle and the outer ones are just weights.

Is there any way I could get the .ipt for this file? I'm really curious as to how you got it knurled, want to incorporate it into other items. Thanks!

The bearings wont fit properly if I print the model with default scale. Pushed the center bearing in really hard and it cracked the spinner, is there anyway to scale the model for the bearings to have a smooth but snug fit? Thanks.

did you print it in PLA or ABS

I printed PLA but the bearings are still in the mail. What did you print? I wish all creators would note which filament the design was for :(

Hello! We normally print these in Hatchbox ABS, but we've also printed them in PLA, too! They might be a little bit more brittle with PLA, so you may want to scale them up slightly so they don't shatter if dropped! Good luck!

Hey, I'm new to 3d printing and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many grams this weighs. Thanks!

So I'm kinda new to printing and I'm trying this model out. I got my printer tuned in for good quality prints but when I print this one the bearings are way too snug. I cant even press them in with a clamp.

I have a feeling instead of messing with the scaling in my slicer I have my shell thickness set to high at 1.2.

Could this have effect on the ID of the holes or do i need to just play with the scaling?

Thanks for the info guys...

So I played with some settings and found that .08 shell with a 1% increase in scale works perfectly. Just incase it could someone else.

Do reds bones bearings work?

As long as they are 608-sized bearings, they should work fine!

Comments deleted.

I'm printing this as we speak, hoping it will come out as it should.
As others have mentioned, the cap is missing in the files section. Please add it.


Love this design. Was looking to customize it a bit. Will you post the code used for OPENSCAD?


OpenSCAD code has been uploaded! Have fun printing!

Hey will u upload the caps

The peg cap has been uploaded! Have fun printing!

I happen to like the knurling and would like to use it on other models. You mentioned that this was designed in OpenSCAD. Any chance of you posting that file, or an example of the knurling script please?

Thanks for your kind words!!

Yeah I love this knurling library!! I actually used this code for the knurling: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:32122 -- unfortunately I've only been able to use it for cylindrical knurling, though there has to be a way to get flat knurling too.

I'm still working on new spinner varieties every day, we'll be posting an update soon with new versions along with the OpenSCAD for optimal remixing.


Knurled Surface Library v2
by aubenc

Thank you for the library link.

I bashed out an OpenSCAD project that uses this library and coins as the spinning masses: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1937473

I hope to set it up in the Customizer soon

by GeoffB

i made this and the design was plan bad there was nothing wrong with my printer before or after the print came out with a lot of imperfections so i couldn't put the bearings in and the cap didn't fit the bearing but it my have been how i sliced it and you had a good concept

Don't bother printing this one; the knurling feels terrible on your fingers and the cap is terrible. There are many better designs available.

Which design do you recommend? I've tried a few. Still haven't found a great cap.

Comments deleted.

Hi! Very cool design, man! Thanks for sharing!
Did you thinking about customizable version? I think it would be mega cool )
Good luck & have a nice day -)

Comments deleted.

Looks good! You mention a peg cap but I don't see the file. Any chance you'll upload that? I've had a lot of problem with center caps for spinners.

Good catch! It's uploaded now, should be good to go! Have fun printing!