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Cooling fan replacement blades

by CreativeTools Nov 19, 2013
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can't wait to try this out! thank you.

gonna keep this file on tap :) Thanx for sharing it

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fonctionne parfaitement sur mon ventilateur d'origine anet A8 ;)

I printed this, and the walls were incredibly thin and it had holes within the side walls. The fan blades themselves were fine. Anyone else have this issue?

Thank you , got me going again. This is a must have file! Printed a back up just to be sure!

Pretty cool! Much better than what I tried to do. :)

We are glad to hear that you liked it! :)

Hi! Does this Fan replacement replace The Monoprice Select Mini printer?

This is going in the save folder :D Great design!

Just out of curiosity, why would you say to not use this all the time? Is it not reliable enough?

While a great concept, it did not work for me on the extruder fan i have installed. I printed default scale, then 1mm wider, then 2mm wider. None of them fit my fan center. I ended up separating the center from the bracket in the process (then had to superglue it back on).

Good package for repair. Thank you.

Anyone make one glow in the dark?

I want to see a video of that!

Whats the diference between the clockwise and counter clockwise?

Thanks for asking :)

It makes it possible to choose the direction of the air flow regardless of the rotation of the motor.

Sorry but im very noob. How do you attach this to the existing rotor? Do i need to manually clip off all the existing fan blades?

You need to cut away all blades and then smoothen the surface with a file or sandpaper. Then you can use glue to attach the printed fan blades.

This design is mirrored?

Please check the Thing Files tab and download the corresponding files. There are two versions available.

Thanks, i don't really need it, i was just making an observation. It can easily be mirrored in Cura. Did you just upload this other version? I can't remember seeing it earlier.

Thanks for the comment. We uploaded the STL files back on the 27th of November, 2013.

lol, okay, i must 've overlooked.

I broke one of the teeth (dunno if that's the correct term...) of my prusa and it sounds god awful. Was about to order a whole new fan, thank you so much!

Im in the same boat. Printing this now :D

That's great! :) We're glad our file was helpful.

You're welcome! :)

What type of glue do you recommend using to stick these on?

Most kinds of glue. We use mostly CA (super glue).

me salvasteis la vida


De nada :) Es un placer poder ayudarle.

you wouldn't happen to have one for a 60x60 mm fan ?

Thanks for your comment tibuck. We currently don't have the blades for the 60 x 60 fan but will consider making a model for that in the future.

worked great, reduced the noise on my makerbot significantly. I only wish I found this before ordering replacement fans!

Thank you!!!! i accidentally somehow stuck a wrench in mine it blades just flew off...i was looking into finding a replacment, but i will go print one of these!! thank you so much for making this!

Will this fit a FlashForge Creator Pro?

You are welcome! We are glad you liked our fan-blade-hack. :)

Obrigado! :)

We are glad you liked it!

Works great, thanks!
It never occurred to me to print new blades, this is brilliant.

Thanks! Glad this thing was useful to you :)

i discover this post 3hours late.. i just break my fan tring to unsamble the broken asps mount with nefast resoults.. :(

good to know it for next time... thanks for sharing

Hope you can solve the issue.

This is just quick-fix solution if you have broken fan blades:

  • Turn off the power to 3D printer
  • Remove the broken fan but leave the heatsink in place.
  • Turn on the 3D printer
  • Grab hold of the strongest hair dryer you have
  • Start a 3D print of our fan blade replacement (use a slow print speed if necessary)
  • Hold the hair dryer and aim it at, and close to the heatsink while the model 3D prints. Make sure to blow with cold air and use the strongest airflow.

When the print is ready you have new fan blades and can mount it on to the fan. While you are at it, make sure to un-peal the sticker a bit and drop some oil into the fan hub to lubricate it.

helou.. no worries for that. i have duble xtruder,, im printing with normaly with the other one. The problem is i break the fan circuits :( then is no way to givebck to life. Tempoary new one is coming this afternoon,, is the only one i can find in 40km arround me.

crazy in the electronic shops here they have not fanx 40x40x10mm 24v 0,15A ..

i found one with 24v 1.0W 40x40x20mm .. have not idea yet if this can work for a week or somethink like that.. because im going to ordere a new one on internet but shure take more than a wekek to arrive ..

Life saver. Thank you so much for this.

HAHAHA this!
Took about 8 tries, but i managed to print this off without my extruder fan. Holy crap this is almost as good as the blades I just broke off.

Glad you liked it :)

Shattered my fan with filament (seems a small design flaw, that is so easy to do). This was a lifesaver. I recommend printing in NOT black or plain color; the color difference will remind you to order its replacement, and will also show you that the fan is turning (in case a sloppy print rubs too much to allow it to turn). Also, it allows you to display your sense of style. ;-)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Glad you liked it!

How hard was it to balance the fan blades?

Not hard at all. They 3D print fully balanced when we made some. Make sure to break and grind away any remains of the original blades. Turn the fan on and look for uneven motion or unbalance. When glueing the printed blades makes sure to use a small amount and apply it evenly.

Best of all. Replace the old fan with a new one ;)

Some extra feedback here. Don't forget to glue the blade ring onto the fan barrel! :)

Updated the files so that you can download two versions. A clockwise and a counter-clockwise version.

Thanks for the comments! Glad you liked it. If anything it is also a cool way to mod the colour of the fan blades. ;)

i love it. i had broken mine also, though a 3 dollar purchase from http://amazon.comamazon.com fixed that right up. glad to know i can just print one next time. thanks!

That is Brilliant!