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Fidget Cube High Quality Hinge

by Wultz Nov 2, 2016
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Printed 2.5 version with some glitches on top hinges due to bad cooling of PLA. But resulted fidget is 2 cm sided! Smaller thing sliced to 1.8 cm cubes. Could you re-check model size?

Do you think you could make one like this with companion cubes?

prints 80% every time and when it starts to print the top hinges it always always messes up and takes the little part and pushes it around.

it just skipped it
my slicer is fine too

one outta 5 stars
horrible low quality hinges
they broke right away
very disappointed
pls fix

So, did it "Break right away" or "DIDN'T EVEN PRINT"? If you're printing the 0.3mm clearance one, you do need to be dialed right in or it won't print. I have one here, printed just fine, nice feel to the hinges.

Which model did you print?
What make/model of printer?
What layer height?
Nozzle size?
Material and temps?
Other settings?
What slicer (including version) was used?
Can you provide pics of the failure point?

Basic info like this is needed to help figure out what went wrong.

3 раза печатал-3 раза слипалось-ломалось-слабовато

Same issues as many others, printed in PLA+ 210/65 in 0.1 layers. I printed at 120% andit completed with the joint worked free fine.. BUT the bottom 2 joints on the bed wouldn't stick, making the bottom hinges very messy.

Mine is broken when I try folnding... :(

Yep, mine broke at the "high quality" hinges as well. 1/5 stars

same, this sucks

Mine too!! lol

MAKE IT EZ !!: To make it more forgiving to print: scale the model up by 20% ( ie 120%, or scale factor of 1.2) then slice it at 0.1mm, When completed work each hinge free one at a time. As mentioned below takes less than a minute. Great Design!! have printed 10 of them without issue After i scaled it up.

I've printed plenty of these and given them to family, friends, and for my wife's autistic support classroom. You need to use very precise printer settings to make sure the hinges don't fuse together, and even still a bit of work is needed to unlock the hinges. If you print optimally, the unlocking process only takes about 30 seconds for the entire cube. The folding will get easier as the cube is used for a couple hours, so there's a break-in period.

I've only printed these in PLA, but a few things I've noticed to help those commenting they can't print these:

  • Translucent filaments generally don't work because the hinges fuse more easily
  • Cooling fan on the part needs to be coming in from two/all sides (an Ultimaker fan duct setup works, but a Makerbot fan does not work)
  • The printing temp needs to be as low as possible to get a good joint
  • I under-extrude by about 3% compared to my other normal parts (ie. if I use a 0.96 extrusion rate normally, I'd use 0.93 for these)
  • For me, 0.10 mm layer heights resulted in the best hinges

I've printed these successfully on a Makerbot (modified fan duct), Qidi Tech (modified fan duct), Felix 3 (modified fan duct), Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker Go with 0.5 and 0.4 mm nozzles. Best prints for me were on the Ultimakers with 0.5 mm nozzles and 0.5 mm path widths sliced in Simplify3D.

I'd agree with this.. .I just printed one off without issues on a Wanhao Duplicator i3. I have the modified fan to come from two sides and auto-bed levelling. Printed in opaque grey PLA. Also, rather than reducing flow, sometimes lowering the Horizontal Expansion a tad works wonders not just for this, but for printing things with gears and snap together pins.

Printed great. No problem with hinges. Do not try to fold but work each hinge from each side (it's easy to do without breaking hinge)

About half of the hinges work. If you inspect it in your slicer you'll see the tiny dots that act as supports between the hinges and the body. Half of them fuse to the body. Tried cutting them but most couldn't cut through.

Printed with 15% infill, works great! Lovely design, My son came back from school, now I have to print another 6! hahaha

how would i make this myself

wouldn't work for me

Impossible to move (0.1mm layer height on Ultimaker 2+)

Just finished one, took a little work with an x-acto knife to clean it up, but now it works well.

DId not work for me printed it 3 different times and all 3 snapped into pieces.

same. I printed it 3 times as well.

I did this and it broke into 6 pieces too. how do they do it?

I just printed this. I was trying to break loose the hinges.. ... aaand I broke the hinge in two. :( I printed it with 0.15mm layer height. going to try and print it again.

don't even bother. I printed it 3 times and all three times the hinges broke. High quality hinges my foot.

Love this model works so well!

how did it print for you???

Print Vertcial? Horizontal?


This is a great model. I had trouble getting the hinge part of the first layer to stay stuck to my heater PEI bed. My solition was to cut the bottom 0.2mm of the model off to give that first layer more surface area to stick. Works great. Better than other models I tried.

I didn't cut a layer off but I also had trouble. Basically just kept trying to re-print and re-apply my adhesive. After about 3 fails, I got it to work. It's just finishing now so I haven't tested the movement but it looks good so far

This printed absolutely beautifully in ABS on my Cubicon Style on its medium setting. It was ready to go virtually straight off the plate, and very minor cleaning up could be done with a fingernail.
This is a very well-designed piece, thank you!