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Luna Lovegood Wand - with Core

by kspring Nov 2, 2016
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Hey Kspring i think your design is amazing but I am printing it on a Dremel idea build and the slicing software that comes with it does not let me put a raft on it can you please add a version of the core with a raft already on it

Hi DonovanADuke, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
I have uploaded 2 files: luna_wand_extended_raft and core_raft. I have added some make shift rafts on to the base of the designs which is only 0.4mm in height (the idea being it is a single layer). There is a 0.1mm gap between the designs and the raft so that it should still be possible to peel them off after printing. I haven't done this before myself so it may not work but give it a try and see if it helps.
If that fails you could always try putting the designs through a bit of software called Meshmixer which might be able to add some supports/rafts that you need before slicing.
I hope that helps. Good luck.

Hey kspring thank you for trying to help me but I already figured out another solution by copy the wand core over to tinker cad and adding a small circle and it worked perfectly

This is great - thanks!
I have a cheapie Anet A8 and had to print the core horizontally - it just got too wibbly as the height reached 4/5cm (even with the raft).
printing it horizontally with a 5mm brim just required a little breaking off and it was spot on.
Now time to find the Herminone one for my youngest.
Thanks once again

Hi jasoncopsey, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you but thanks for the comment.
The cores are probably the trickest bit and I am normally sat by my printer watching intently while it does the final layers. You might be able to increase the infill, which might help with support. However, I find it my bed isn't perfectly level it just won't print probably. I know other people have had issues with different bed types as well - mine is unheated and I normally use blue tape on it.
Good luck with your search. Hope the kids enjoy them.

Before I print this, could you tell me the length of the finished wand. A quick internet search reveals that it should be about 33.25 cm. I'm trying to get it as close to scale as possible. Thanks and great design!

Hi tchrmschmidt, all done! The file 'luna wand_extended 3325' should be screen accurate to 33.25cm. You might want to check your printer is capable of printing the full height first. The original core should fit in this new design. I hope that helps.

You can also try scaling the wand up a bit as scandragon has done (see the other comments). Just remember to also scale up the core so that the screws fit together. Thanks.

I'm afraid it is only about 27cm - this was purely so that I could get it to print on the bed. If I get a chance I will try to extend the tip of the wand to give you the 33.25cm - I'll try and get this done today but it may be over the weekend. I hope that helps.

No Problem! I did the conversion and printed it to nearly size. Thanks anyways!

I just finished making mine.
12.5", with a core of dragon scales.. Still need to figure out what kind of wood I want to paint it to look like..

I wish someone would create a modular set, so people can build their own wand the way they want to.. Using your core system..

I scale(d) it up to 1.19 to fit my hand better.

Good day,

I absolutely love your version of Luna Lovegood's wand but I have a request, if you look at the original file you will see a new handle has been added to be more screen accurate with regards to the petals on the back. Will it be possible for you to update your version as well?

Kindest Regards,
NC Bean

Hi NC Bean, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I've also sent you a message with an update. A new handle has been added as requested. I've added the new handle as an individual file (as well as a set with the other parts) so that you can just print it on its own and update your wand. I hope this helps. Thanks.

Ok so I know it says non-commercial but I have a ton of people at school who what to buy one of these from me. If I do it at my school only (I will not try to sell it online or anywhere else) can I sell it?

Hi Taylors3DTips,
I posted a reply up on the other wands as well but just in case you missed it:
Glad you like the designs.
Unfortunately, this design is a remix of brycelowe's original design which is licensed under Non-Commercial use. So I'm afraid I can not give permission to print and sell the design. I hope you understand, the licensing is just there to ensure people can not profit from other people's ideas and hard work. Check out the link if you need a bit more info: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/
A way round it may be to get your friends to buy the material for you to print with? At least then you're not out of pocket.
Sorry I can't be more help.

Fantastic remix!
Thanks for sharing.