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Dual X carriage for Prusa, Graber, P3Steel

by mumba Nov 1, 2016
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Do your code changes support auto bed-leveling profiles for both extruders? I don't see any probes...

the code is standart marlin, so you can add an abl sensor. I don´t use (need) an abl sensor :)

Hello. Please tell me from any material your printer is made. You can share the drawings to do the same. If you can skinte please mail to votmik@gmail.com
I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance

frame is aluminium, printed parts are petg & pla. sorry no drawings available, made with tinkercad .....

Do you have a rough estimation of what length M4,5,6 screws are needed?

Sorry, no......

What electronics do you use? If it's RAMPS 1.4, how do you wire the second x axis motor?

I use a rumba board for the dual x.

Can you teach us the changes in marlin for two independiente extruders

In configuration.h you have to change to DualExtruder setup, e.g. "#define EXTRUDERS 2" etc.....

in configuration_adv.h you have to enable dual x-carriage, like this (search&edit):

// Enable this for dual x-carriage printers.
// A dual x-carriage design has the advantage that the inactive extruder can be parked which
// prevents hot-end ooze contaminating the print. It also reduces the weight of each x-carriage
// allowing faster printing speeds. Connect your X2 stepper to the first unused E plug.
// Configuration for second X-carriage
// Note: the first x-carriage is defined as the x-carriage which homes to the minimum endstop;
// the second x-carriage always homes to the maximum endstop.
.#define X2_MIN_POS 0 // set minimum to ensure second x-carriage doesn't hit the parked first X-carriage
.#define X2_MAX_POS 221.7 // set maximum to the distance between toolheads when both heads are homed
.#define X2_HOME_DIR 1 // the second X-carriage always homes to the maximum endstop position
.#define X2_HOME_POS X2_MAX_POS // default home position is the maximum carriage position
// However: In this mode the HOTEND_OFFSET_X value for the second extruder provides a software
// override for X2_HOME_POS. This also allow recalibration of the distance between the two endstops
// without modifying the firmware (through the "M218 T1 X???" command).
// Remember: you should set the second extruder x-offset to 0 in your slicer.

REALLY COOL...... Good job... I like how you have it all laid out

Look great!
What a firmware you use?

I use Marlin FW, there are only a few changes made in configuration.h and config_adv.h.

can you post the modified firmware ( i d like to build one ) tenks