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Wanhao Duplicator i3 E3D Titan Extruder mount

by bliatun Oct 29, 2016
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im curious, how did you get the bl touch to work with the printer? is it running off of the stock internals?

very neat piece of work! just installed mine and it fitted my Prusa i3 steel clone like a charm. just a bit tight along the return line of the X belt, but nothing 5 minutes of filing cannot fix.

Are there any circular fan ducts out there for this one? Like the ciiicooler?

Note to self: Check the remix section...

I wound up here from ultimate3dprintingstore.com, and tried to assemble this with an E3D clone. I got everything together, nice and tight, but the extruder itself seems loose and flimsy. I attached a video. Any ideas where it went wrong? Is the clone just way off or something?

This might be a dumb question but will this work on an Anycubic i3 Mega???

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Hello, great job, I'm going to print it. What piece (X Idler) for the cable chain did you use?

Will this work for the Maker Select Plus? I'm debating on switching out the stock extruder assembly to a Titan..Since I already have one installed on my Printrbot Simple Metal with great results..However..I'm concerned that this mount won't work..given how the Maker Select Plus has the breakout-board mounted in the back for that ribbon cable.

Can it be installed in a mk8?

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This fir on Anet AM8? will I lose bed space?

Will this fit the Anet A8 dimensions?

Is anyone running into issues with the extruder not being able to maintain petg temps (>240c) with the fan running? I've done PID tuning before. Would a mosfet possibly help maintain the target temps? Is my PSU on its way out?

Would this fit on the Wanhao i3 plus?

I'm guessing it would, I'm planning to do this and just hold the circuit to the gantry with a rubber band or something.

is there like a model for the E3D Titan Aero that fits the Wanhao i3 Plus?

Really nice design!
I just mounted it on my Di3 and it works great!

Would you mind sharing your extruder settings?
Like retraction, coasting, acceleration etc.

And thank you again for an awsome design.

Nice job there!
What is the distance between guiding rods?

I got a Malyan M150 Printer so i have some "Mounting Spacer" over my Bearings .
And your Bearing looks very long instead of my short lm8uu one..
What are you using ?

Those are LM8LUU bearings that come with the newer 2.1 and up versions of the WDI3, MP Select, and M150. You can use those or 3 or 4 regular LM8UU bearings.

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This looks intriguing .. So how much weight reduce are we gaining ? Anyone measured stock package compared to this ? What is the difference in print quality gained only by this mod - do you feel it worth the effort ? I am with the Flexion right now, but I feel it added bit of weight because of the huge stepper it needs in order to be able to squeeze PLA ..

The Titan could save on moving mass, but a Bowden setup would be better. I would recommend this for printing PETG or ABS or whatnot that requires less speed, to reduce vibrations. I'm talking 40/60 mm/s speeds.

The blower fan placement is brilliant! I dont know why that never even crossed my mind.

compliments! look impressive!

I appear to be having massive under extrusion when trying to print PLA. I'm coming from a microswiss all metal and that printed rather well with a .90 extrusion multiplier in S3D. Any thoughts or recommendations?

The Titan is a geared extruder and you need to adjust/calibrate your e-steps. (Originaly the Duplicator has about 100 e-steps) You will need about 418.5 to 837 depending on your equipment.

Take a look here:

Long story short, my tensioner was not tight enough. Tightened it up, measured off 120mm, extruded 100mm, was left with 26.39mm. So now I'm going to test print with the tensioner way up, then see if there's a need to actually adjust my e steps.

Kudos to the designer.. only issue is the belt tensioner, tolerances seem to be to tight but everything else is beautiful

Any way you can modify the extruder mount to work with the E3d Aero? The stepper mount just needs to be moved down by ~25mm to make use of the cooling duct, or move it down ~15mm and redo the cooling duct.

I may have to try and re-mix this.The spec'd 18ncm stepper is 25mm long, but the 13ncm version in only 20 (17HS08-1004S). Plus there's already 2-3mm of wasted space at the back of the 18.

If you moved the mounting bracket (and the cutout for the gear) 8-10mm to the left, the nozzle would be closer to the center of the carriage and you'd re-gain most or all of the x-axis that you lost. I could do that much pretty easily.

Unfortunately, that would require a re-work of the fan duct as well, which may be past my skills. However, if it could be made to work with this style of duct (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1246425) it would be amazing.

WANHAO i3 Fan duct
by Thorped

It took even less work than I thought. I've found that by removing the metal tab from the x-axis endstop and shifting the mount for the endstop in by 5mm, I'm able to maintain my full build volume, nearly perfectly centered on the build plate. In fact, I can run a couple mm past 200 now.

The remixed fan grill is here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2205138

I'd still like to see a fan with better coverage, but the blower moves such a huge volume that it might not really matter.

Full X-Axis Wanhao Duplicator i3 E3D Titan Extruder mount

Any advice for adjusting for the difference in z with this? The nozzle is about 5mm above my glass bed and I can't raise the bed any more. The z limit switch is already as low as it can go as well.

If you are not using a probe, you could print one of the many adjustable endstop brackets for the Duplicator i3. If you are not able to print at the moment I would make a bracket of some plywood or try to fit a spacer.

I'm not able to print, but I think some longer bed screws with washers to compress the springs will work. Fantastic design, btw, it works beautifully.

Almost done setting this up on my printer, without the bltouch. Looks awesome!

Do you think the upcoming mirrored titan would work better on not losing that extra 10mm? According to http://wiki.e3d-online.com/wiki/Titan_Assembly#Mirrored_Titan it's coming out soon

If you go download my remixed fan grill here - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2205138 and remove the metal tab from your x-axis endstop to it's just a button, you'll regain all the lost space.

Full X-Axis Wanhao Duplicator i3 E3D Titan Extruder mount

In the comments here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1727220/#comments, Riftware gives instructions on how they created their own Mirrored Titan.

E3D Titan extruder

Thanks for the great model! I just finished up installing it on my Maker Select. Can I ask what your settings were in Marlin? Specifically, e-steps and the bltouch offset?

Thanks again!

Hi, I have uploaded my Marlin Firmware configuration now.

I was a little confused about one part in your description:

"There is about 10mm of the left side of the heated bed that is out of reach with this extruder.

Maximum print size is:
200x200x180mm using AZZA´s Z Extensions to gain som Zzzz.."

The wanhao starts out at 200x200, so if you're losing 10mm on the left, how can you still get 200x200? More importantly, how are you losing 10mm? It seems like the center of the filament path to the face of the motor shouldn't be much more than the factory extruder, and the smaller stepper should make up for it. What am I missing?

*Edit - I see the max build volume has been updated to reflect the lost 10mm.

Will this modification work on the Di3+?

This is really cool! Any idea on screw sizes?

Fanmount: 2pcs M3x35mm
Belt tensioner: 1pcs M3x10mm & 1pcs M3x25-35mm
BLTouch: 2pcs M3x8mm (button head)
Wirechain 2pcs M3x6-8mm

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Got her built. Works great! Thanks for sharing.

why does the animation show a different type of belt tensioner then that of the files the one in the files dont fit together.....

It is the same, and they should fit if your printer can print somewhat accurate. Do you have a picture of parts not being the same? Last two pictures show how the tensioner is supposed to be assembled.

(Picture showing bearings is the only "old" picture of a prototype)

i guess it just looks odd then then in the animation because its looks like a block then longer rectangular shape it actual is and my printer prints are accurate the parts dont fit together the little part is slightly to large to fit in and the bigger piece is to larger to mount on the extruder mound at least the grove on the back is where i assume it goes but i dont know

Using Marlin RC7 at the moment, will upgrade to RC8 later when I get the time. If you are looking for my configuration it´s pointless because you need to use at least a BLTouch, and a RAMPS compatible board like my MKS Gen 1.4 if some of my values could be useful. If you have any specific questions to your HW I would be happy to answer you.

Do you mind posting the configuration? I have both a BLTouch and a RAMPS 1.4.

What material is this printed in?

Printed the test pieces in PLA, and have used them for several months. Have prints in PETG now but will not change before next service.

Cool, I've only printed in PLA. I like the design of this but I can't afford a Titan at the moment, so I might modify this to fit the stock setup with a V6 extruder until I can afford a Titan later on down the line.

This is a great design! What size (thickness) blower fan are you using? The ones I have seem to be to thick for the fan duct.

I´m using a Delta BFB0512HH. 50x50x15mm size blower.

Thank you for the quick reply. And if I understand it correctly (not clear in the render video) you are using zip ties to hold the bearings on through the slots I see in the render?

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Is compatible with Prusa I3?

Spacing for belts is not the same, and a few other features. Take a look at the model this is remixed from for your Prusa i3.

Thank you for making this!
I bought a Titan copy from Aliexpress and it works GREAT!

I´m now getting better result at 70mm/s than I got at 40mm/s with the stock extruder.
This mod takes away approximately 200g from the wagon, thats a lot! (suing the small Nema 17)

Best upgrade I've done!

Any reason you chose to have the blower only in one direction rather than an omni or multi direction cooler like the dii cooler or one of its variants?

dii cooler (old type) has low visibility of parts being printed, and can fill up with plastic if a print fails. Can be a mess to clean up, and take out a few parts in your hot end, in extremes could be dangerous. A blower will probably have sufficient cooling at about 60% speed. this design is quite effective, cools and blows heat away from the part and heat radiating from bed. If I needed more cooling I would go for a cobra style.

Can you share your firmware config file?

Comments deleted.

Can you share your firmware config file?

Where did you find the 3D model of the extruder itself? Thanks!

Did you use det original wanhao melzi board with the BLTouch?

I´m using a MKS Gen 1.4 board with TMC2100 stepper drivers. (Cheap nice board with lots of rom to play with Marlin and it´s nice features.) Also the Melzi has poor connectors, and quite a few design flaws.

My printer pre Titan upgrade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69Z7qB3VaFg

have you tried smoothieware on your mks board ?

You can´t install Smoothieware on any 8bit board like "MKS Gen", "MKS Base" or "RAMPS" boards.

-Makerbase has the "MKS SBASE" (notice the "S") that is a 32bit Smoothie compatible board. I have this MKS SBASE smoothieware capable board on my Hypercube http://www.thingiverse.com/make:286737

HyperCube 3D Printer/CNC
by bliatun

How is the adjustment screw for the belt tensioner supposed to work? I see there's holes for a bolt, but can you clarify?

The tensioner is comprised out of two parts, prints separately. A 3mm screw and nut fixes them together. As you tension this assembly, the belt is tensioned. You can see the separate parts in one of my pictures of the printed parts.

Do you put one nut or two? Inside or outside which part? Where is the head of the screw?

I made an illustration for you. Take a look at the new/last picture . (M3x30mm bolt and 1pcs M3 Nut)

Thank you, that helped a lot. I have it now assembled. Can you post a few more pictures of your assembly to show all the wire routing and drag chain? Right now it's a birds nest of wires and I don't see how the additional wires for BL Touch can fit in the OEM drag chain.

got it all printed now to get pancake stepper motor and ill get back with you on how well it works :) could have used a little more room on the bl touch mounting kinda close for the bolts and stepper motor .
i used this fan setup .http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1571526 puts cooling fan at the front so i dont lose any bed space.

E3D Titan Extruder Fan Mount for Prusa i3

How du you setup the BLtouch to auto level?

do you have STEP files?

I have uploaded STEP files now

any chance you could design a fan mount for the volcano as well? also, thanks for such a wonderful titan/v6 mount!

How does the BLtouch attach to this?

I see the screwholes on the side of the motor mount, and the spacers, but it's not clear how it is actually attached to the mount. Are the screws threaded directly into the mount?


3mm button-head hex screws trough the part, and 3mm nuts on the BLTouch. Spacers to give the correct distance to the bed.

What bearing are you using?

IGUS DRYLIN® RJ4JP 01-08 (LM8UU & LM8LUU also fits)

1) How do the drylin RJ4JP (14.3 mm length) compare to 8mm ball bearings? Are they quieter? Does it move more easily? Do you use grease on your 8mm rods?
2) Have you tried the linear plain bearing RJUM-01-08 (25mm length), or the self-aligning linear plain bearing RJUM-03-08 (24.9 mm length)?
3) Why only three bearings in the design, couldn't you fit a 4th one on the bottom?

I noticed the LM8LUU is 45mm long, so it seems you'd need multiple IGUS bearings to get the same stability.