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XLNC 1 - Xtra Large CNC Machine - Mill/3DPrint/Laser etch w/Custom GUI - OBSOLETE - SEE REV 2

by crunchysann Oct 28, 2016
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I want to make this machine..
What type and how many / much of stepper motor, belt, Polly ,belt ,and bolt and ...., buy ?


Please watch the videos on this machine.

XLNC 2 - All in One Mill, 3D printer with custom Repetier Host CNC plugin and SolidWorks HSM post

Muchas gracias por su atencion, pero me podria decir que es lo que tengo que pedir a la tienda para comprar, y lo del grbl no entiendo.. espero sepa disculpar.. gacias nuevamente..

Please watch the videos on this machine.

XLNC 2 - All in One Mill, 3D printer with custom Repetier Host CNC plugin and SolidWorks HSM post

This design seems to me one of the best designs I have known in CNC homemade.
Congratulations and thank you very much for sharing with all of us
I will try to build it and if I succeed, I will send the photographs

Thank you very much rgil. I've made progress on the Repetier front end and should be posting updates soon.

Please watch the videos on this machine.

XLNC 2 - All in One Mill, 3D printer with custom Repetier Host CNC plugin and SolidWorks HSM post

Hola, soy de argentina, lindo trabaja, usas arduino, se puede usar arduino mega mas ramps 1.4.. saludos

Sí, puedes usar la placa de rampas 1.4. pero este diseño requiere 4 motores para el eje Z. así que tendrás que agregar una tarjeta de expansión como el escudo Grbl.

Ho many nema23 motors did you use?

1 on Y axis and 2 on X axis. 4 Nema17 on Z axis connected to individual drivers (do not connect them in series or parallel since they'll substantially lose torque in that configuration): All 4 Z motors receive the same control signal from the RADDS board.

What bearings do you use for this?

Deep Groove Ball Bearing 608Z 8mm/22mm/7mm

Good afternoon. Decided to try to make your machine. The more pipe (25mm) already bought and cut. Only here there is a problem. Could you detail the "First test assembly - Chassis assembly Z axis-1.STL" decomposed into three separate parts. I'd like to print each separately. As well as the details of the "First test assembly - Chassis assembly x2 axis-1.STL" and "First test - assembly- Chassis assembly axis x2-2.STL" also decomposed into four parts. I'd like to print each separately? Thanks in advance.

What software does your printer use? It should have an option to separate assembly into individual parts.

Так вы не сможете разбить эти детали на отдельные части (для 25мм)?

Я использую принтер Пруза-3 с полем печати 200х200 мм. И программу Repetier-Host v1.0. Печатать буду PLA. Хотелось бы печатать детали по отдельности. И по времени лучше. И края деталей не подымаются.

In repetier host,
1) under the Objects panel: Right-click the gear icon next to the assembly you'd like to separate into multiple objects:
2) Within the menu that pops up: Click "Split Objects".
3) That's it, now you can individually move and edit the objects.

Спасибо большое. Но в "repetier хост" он их как бы разделяет но на три части но на экране монитора я их не вижу. Соответственно не могу преобразовать. И он их делит только на три части. Я как понял средняя большая часть и две боковых маленьких? А большую среднюю часть разбить на две можно как нибудь?

Two questions.. Do you think this could be extended to a 4x8' cutting area? And what kind of feeds and speed have you been able to achieve in plywood?

I'm basically looking to build an alternative to a ShopBot that will actually get used for full sheet plywood routing, with the goal of cutting a sheet worth of furniture pieces in a few hours. I am very tempted to start building one of these.

Answer 1:
The 38.3mm version (basically 1 1/4" emt conduit) Can be expanded up to that size. If all you plan on cutting is plywood, then no extra modification is needed in my opinion for this size.

Answer 2:
Given that my machine is smaller (2.69'-3.48') work area, and intended to cut aluminum, I've only pushed it up to 80mm/s.using 50% step over and at most 3mm pass depth as in the third video.

A larger machine for the work area you're interested in would have a bit more flexing. Your maximum feed-rate will depend on many factors mainly driven by:
-Cutting tool power (dremel, router, or high power spindle?)
-Cutting parameters (these will be limited by your machine chassis stiffness, the bigger the machine to slower you need to go).

What sort of feed-rates and cutting parameters are you accustomed to?

I'm accustomed to pretty slow and shallow feeds and speeds, unfortunately. I built a very large MPCNC and the rigidity is just not enough for my purposes -- at best I can get maybe 15mm/s at 1mm depth before things start shaking too badly.

I'm really liking your design, particularly given that I could probably stow it away fairly easily when not in use, or stack them if I turn my furniture-making hobby into a business.

Has the bed mechanism led to any alignment issues? It seems like it might be difficult to keep that many lead screws in sync. I'm strongly considering using 90% of your design, and but for the Z axis just attaching one of these to the gantry:

You could also mount the attachement above to the gantry. If it fits in the tool opening...unless you plan on mounting it at an offset on the side of the gantry.

I also liked the MPCNC for its simplicity, but it just wasn't rigid enough for my purposes. You could probably recycle at least the tubing from the MPCNC to use on the XLNC if it comes to that. That's why I sacrificed access and simplicity for rigidity on the XLNC.
If you plan on stacking the XLNC, you might as well get longer Z axis tubing that couples the 2 machines.

The 4 z axis motors are actually pretty easy to manually level. Once leveled (assuming no thread binding) the bed remains leveled. On the previous beta version, i decided to get some low pitched threaded rods to enable faster travel along the Z-axis. DO NOT get those. High pitch screws provide many more advantages in this particular setup.

-They're much cheaper (home depot threaded rods and nuts)
-Allows table to remain at a set height during machining operation without the need to power Z-axis motors

  • All 4 Z axis motors are connected to individual Stepper drivers (same input signal to all drivers). This can later be modified to implement auto leveling by sending separate control signals to each Z-axis motor.

Thank you for all your help. In the end I decided the easiest way to get what I wanted quickly is to modify just a few parts of my MPCNC to allow me to mount the Root2CNC Y axis. It's not a perfect solution, but I think I can get it up and running with minimal cost and time. I'm putting a heavy premium on minimizing effort to convert an existing MPCNC in case it works well enough to publish.

If I was building from scratch I probably would choose your design. In fact I almost did, but when I built my MPCNC your design was in a much earlier stage (IIRC you only had posted movement tests at the time) and I was eager to get started. I think I may still build your design in the future for a smaller CNC for metal and intricate pieces, or in a modified form for 4 axis milling since it should be trivial to replace the bed design with a lathe. I'm very impressed and I'm a bit bummed that I don't have the time or money right now to build your design (yet).

Il me semble que le fichier 25mm_OD.zip, ne contient pas les pièces pour le 25mm, mais le repertoire de travail pour la vue assemblée.

Les modèles individuels pour la version 25mm sont inclut dans le fichier 25mm_OD. L'Assemblée complète a également été incluse ("Main 25mm Assembly") pour référence.

where do I find the version you have a link

Please see the Project update and description. The files have just been uploaded. Let me know if there are any misalignment issues in the 25mm version.


Have you made it to the 25 mm pipe also

where can I find 25 mm tubes version
mail adressse


Спасибо. Очень буду ждать под 25мм трубу. И пожалуйста какая длина труб?

current pipe length is 5ft (1524), but will be different for 25mm OD design.

Спасибо еще раз. Буду ждать от вас версию под 25мм трубу.

25mm configuration has been added.

Спасибо. Уже скачал. Начну печатать. Подскажите какую лучше мне использовать длину и высоту труб (при 25мм)? Что вы порекомендуете? И еще вопрос - какие вы использовали двигатели? Платы управления?

Hi MultiCD1. The control board at this time is: 1 RADDS board + 2 CNC shield boards. your motor wiring configuration will dictate how many boards you need. If you want to get the same performance as that shown in the videos, you need to control each motor with its own stepper driver IC in order to maximize torque. I do NOT recommend connecting motors in parallel or series (this will reduce your available torque and reduce maximum RPM, thereby slowing down the machine). The bed is moved by 4 individual NEMA17 motors (so you need 4 separate stepper drivers just for that, hence why i'm using CNC shield boards): the same control signal is then fed into all 4 channels on the CNC shield boards. The X AXIS is moved by 2 NEMA23 motors, the Y axis is moved by 1 big NEMA23 motor. I'm working on some bill of materials and documentation for this machine.

Простите возникли еще вопросы. У меня есть моторы NEMA 17HS8401 (48mm) и NEMA 17HS4401 (40mm) какие лучше установить на вашем ЧПУ? Так же на оси Х и Y есть двигатели NEMA23 57BYGH627 они подойдут? Какие подшипники у вас стоят на каретках? И в натяжителях ремня вы поставили простые подшипники или F...ZZ? Вы поставили ТHSL-300-8D или какие другие и какой они длины? GT2 ролик на какое количество зубов? И вы пишите что будете пробовать 10мм зубчатый ремень а может попробовать 3М ремень шириной 15мм? Как вы думаете? Заранее блогадарю за ответ.

There are additional parts you need to purchase. I am working on a BOM at this time and assembly manual. This machine only uses NEMA17 on Z axis. NEMA 23 for all other axes.

А какие дополнительные детали мне надо приобрести?

That information (Bill Of Material) is not ready yet.

И еще вопрос. Вы могли бы переделать "Assembly - Router mount-2.STL" вот под такой двигатель https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/BEST-300W-Mini-Spindle-motor-DC12-48V-ER11-12000rpm-Engraving-milling-grind-air-cooling-spindle-motor/1889026736.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.v2LZbd. Это возможно?

The current Router mount accepts any tool with an OD of 2.549inch (64.75 mm). You can design a custom mount with different OD to hold the Spindle you referred to in your previous post. The spindle you posted has an OD of 52mm, so you will need spacers to mount it with the current adapter, or simply print a mount with a native OD of 52mm.

Спасибо. 12.75мм это много. Делать распорки - шпиндель будет не устойчиво стоять и начнет бить. А сам я не смогу сделать адаптер под 52мм. Шпиндель у меня только такой. Жаль. Наверно придется не делать вашу конструкцию. Но ваш станок очень хорош!

Sorry. Use 25 mm pipe? And how long you use the pipe (if possible in centimeters)? I just don't understand what do 5-5-2,2. Thanks for the cool design.

Hi The current configuration uses 1.25" (31.75mm) OD. Electrical conduit. One of my next deliverable is to generate the STEP files for 25mm OD pipes.

Also I made a mistake in my previous reply. the actual default Pipe OD has been updated to 38.3mm OD for the machine you see in the video. If you are building the 25mm version, you should build a smaller machine to increase stiffness (make the pipes at most 3.28ft or 1000mm long).

Я уже трубы нарезал длиной по 1000мм. Но вот из за шпинделя все пришлось остановить. 12.75мм я не смог сделать хорошие распорки. А создать новый " - маршрутизатор гора-2.СТЛ" я не умею. Жаль.

Простите. Вы используете 25 мм трубы? И какой длины вы используете трубы (если можно в сантиметрах)? Просто я не понял что обозначают 5-5-2,2. Спасибо за классную конструкцию.

Hi Gef7710,
There is a zip file attached to this thing project page with all the STL files.

Yes is see that for each pieces, but I am talking about the complete model, I put the link of the picture of this here upper, perhaps, my English is not very good (Frenchies)

Ok. Je comprends ce que tu dis. Done mois un peux de temps. Je travaille beaucoup et n'ajoute dès partie à ce projet quand j'ai le temps. Also frenchy :)

Moi j'ai beaucoup de temps: retraité depuis 3 ans (déjà).
En fait ce que je ne vois pas bien c'est la motorisation de la table: 2 moteurs d'un coté c'est ça?
Pour les tubes tu les as trouvé ou?


Gef, le model de la machine a etes ajouter sur thingiverse.

:( actually when i scaled the parts for 25.4 conduit the bearing will not fit. you are using nema 23 motors actually for some reason i thought it would be nema 17 :( .... the excitement is over for me tonight.
have a good one.
Still nice design :)

Hi Ian,
Sorry i may not have been clear enough in the description. Do not scale the 3D stl models. Part of the next tasks is for me to re-compile the Solidworks parametric design with a 25mm pipe OD parameter.

Again do not scale the 3D stl files.

I use NEMA 23 as standard sizing motors since this machine is very large and has to move lots of mass without motors skipping steps. Larger motors also help to cut harder materials somewhat accurately.

I've updated the description so that people don't make the same mistake again with part scaling.


Hi Ian, please take a look at the 25mm version that has just been uploaded.

WOW... You don't know how much i appreciate your sharing this......

My deepest and most heart felt thank you's

www.edmonton 3d prints.ca

heyy, awesome work and progress!
will there be iterations for different OD?! i have 25mm Aluminium Tubes with 2mm wall thickness, since i cant find the Conduit, but this is super stiff, or will people need to scale the parts?

After testing is completed, I'll upload designs for différent pipe ODs based on demand.

Great! well ill eagerly be waiting for the 25mm version :D

25mm version added.

Nice work! This is terrific! What router did you use? Is there a parts list?

Makita RT0701C router. Parts list/BOM. will be added after a few more tests.

The parts list will be added after all models have been uploaded. Most parts can be sourced from a local hardware store, except for the bearings.