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Wallace and Gromit

by reddadsteve Oct 31, 2016
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Great creation! I just noticed, one of the creators of Wallace and Gromit had the same first name as you!

I had to look that up! I assume that you are referring to Steve Box, who is one of the writers.

If you do make a print, I'd appreciate seeing it posted. The more makes I see, the more incentive I have to continue modeling.


I'm proud to say that this was featured on the "Print3dchannel" on YouTube




Congratulation! But I think you already know that you have created great models anyway :-)

Thanks for your support. Us 'old' retired guys need to stick together.


Love this and love you! Thank you for making this.

Thank you, your support is very much appreciated!

Now let's see you make it.


Will do ;) Thanks again

I am wondering why you felt it necessary to have the ears and nose of Wallace as separate pieces. I found that the nose didn't fit exactly and the ears weren't perfect either - no complaints about the model though. So I went into Meshmixer and joined them all together into one piece. Since it's necessary to use support anyway for the head, it gave no advantage to have them all separate.

I separated the nose and ears specifically to avoid supports. The three pieces, if printed as per the the way the STL is loaded, do not require supports. I adhere to a 60 degree standard (conservative) for my designs in order to be printed without supports. Can you PM me with more details regarding why you felt supports were needed?
As for the parts not fitting, It's possible that your first layer may have a bit too much of a squish on it, resulting in a larger base. I'd also like to follow up on this in a PM and determine if there is an actual issue with the model.

yout gromit is expecting or what ?

Expecting as in pregnant? The pose and shape were taken directly from an original picture of the pair. I try my best, but there is always room for improvement.

These figures are amazing. That would be super nice to see Shaun the sheep and FeathersMcGraw the penguin in your future designs.

Just added them to my 'possibilities' list. Thanks for the suggestion.

This is amazing! I have been printing out the various pieces today and will finish them off and start assembly tomorrow. One thing - do you have any tips on identifying the L and R eye pieces as if they are different, I think I will struggle to get the correct blacks into their corresponding whites - and then get each assembly into the proper place on the heads!
Am I right in thinking that both of Gromit's eyes are the same?


Gromit's eyes are the same. Wallace's left/right eye whites should be noticeably different. Wallace's left/right eye blacks are so similar that if they were switched it most likely would not make any difference. I have a habit of keeping all my pieces consistent with my original model, however when printing small pieces the differences in some left/right pieces become insignificant and can be interchanged.
Hopefully that helps.
Enjoy the model and be sure to post your make!

Thank you. Having inspected the four eye pieces for Wallace on my screen and compared them to my printed pieces, I believe that I have identified what fits in where and pushed the black eye pieces into the corresponding whites - I didn't need glue for this part of the assembly as the fit was nice and snug.
About to print the hands, ears, nose and face for Wallace although I am struggling to decide which filament colour to use.
Will definitely post when done.

I was just looking at some images of W & G. It looks like the sleeves should be the same color as the shirt part.

Yes, please read my comment under the 'colors' section of my writeup. Just like the teeth, I had issues with 'white'. My wife would have preferred white sleeves but I didn't like that. Color choices is my one drawback of 3D printing.

Okay. I remember reading that, but for some reason, I was thinking of Gromit's arm. Part of what confused me was your color list has the sleeves under gold. Shouldn't it be under white instead?

I added a comment to the arms in the color section restating that they should be white but I used gold instead and that is why they are listed under gold. I apologize for any misunderstanding, I just did not like big white arms.

This is an awesome model!! Is there anyway to get a stl file for both figures that are completely assembled?

My method of creating models does not result in a single stl for a figure. However, if you would send me a pm with your email address I may have something you can try. No guarantees, but depending on your slicer it may work.

Very nice work, You did it again!

Thanks, I appreciate the support.

Thank you for this, I am going to be printing an orange version of the makerbot rocket and these will go perfect for it, since my son loves Wallace and Grommit.

Glad you like the model. Do not hesitate to PM me if you have any questions or issue.

NP I'm just going to have to figure out the scale I need lol

Oh boy! A new model for the desk! Going to have to get a bigger desk here soon. :)

Awesome dude!! Have you ever seen the Wallace and Gromit movie, THE MATTER OF LOAF AND DEATH it's pretty good.

Actually, I think all of the Wallace and Gromit movies are great. Claymation movies fascinate me. The patience involved in shooting each frame is just amazing.

"The patience involved in shooting each frame is just amazing." - Remember Celebrity Deathmatch! :)

I had forgotten all about Celebrity Deathmatch! That was really fun.