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Toyota 22RE Engine Expansion Pack

by Mindless Oct 26, 2016
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Hello Mindless,

Can you tell me where the pipe (see picture) is attached to the engine?

anyone have any tips on printing the headers?

Hey mmakam2,,,

I printed it with--- - "0.3MM Layer Height" and "0.5 mm Layer Width"----- (0.4mm Nozzle ED3V6 )
Speed very rarely gets above 30mm/sec for "Perimeters- (Bigbed Printer 30cm x 45cm)
i use use this setting for 90% of stuff i print,,, I know,,,,I know,,,not much help

感谢 Mindless 带来如此强大可怕的扩展包..
让本来就很精彩的22RE 更上一层楼

What is the biggest part in diameters in this thing?

Hello PLA175

Everything fits on standard 200mm/200mm/ Bed system -- EricThePoolBoy Designed the Engine and that is where you download it from - He has put all parts in the Print ready Position so its all straight forward,,, this is a add on pack to add start adding more detail to the exterior
( 195mm was the longest part and is turned 45Degs so it fits on the bed )

Sorry for the late reply but have been fishing for past Few of Days,,,


Toyota 4 Cylinder Engine 22RE, Complete working model

So, I printed the engine top/valve cover. How does it attach?

It doesn’t ,,,,, Eric made it “free standing” but he makes use of Magnets to hold on the - Oil Pan- and a quite a few other pieces in
the-- 4 Speed Gearbox--- so you could try to adapt this method somehow into the valve coves-,,, some sheet magnets from the $2 shop chopped up and glued inside should do the job,, but I’m just leaving mine free standing at the moment—


Has anyone designed a pinon gear for the starter motor yet? I like your starter mount but cant find a pinion for my motor that fits.

Just Finished Designing it and will be uploading it within 24hours,,, didn't take as long as i thought it would,, you will need to print the the new motor mount again because there where a few flaws in the original design which i had to fix to get a good connection between the pinion and crown gear -- -I just got to do some quick tests to make sure everything works correctly and then i will upload it--

awesome. thank you for the designs

Toyota 22RE Engine Starer Motor

Have you come across a pin gear to complete the collection? I would far prefer to run off the flywheel than by belt. Love the accessories!

Toyota 22RE Engine Starer Motor

Cool,,,,, I was hoping someone would have built I couple of Gears for it,, that’s why I included the they Flywheel so they have the Teeth Profile to work with,,, I’m pretty time poor,,, but will start doing some work again on it,, -there were I couple of flaws in the design when I made the mounting gasket for the Starter Motor,,, and i have to make the belts for the Front Pulleys and a couple of other Bits & Pieces a would like to add the Expansion Pack,,,,,,should only take about 50hrs to build and do a few test prints to make sure there all good,,,, so check back next week sometime and I should have them Up-loaded,,,, Catch ya on the flip flop---


Where did you get the starter motor from?

If you type in -- 12v electric motor-- or --12v geared electric motor-- on eBay or Amazon there will be a heap the show up- the motor was a left over from a different project- its-- 12v 1000rpm-- the motor is--30mm Dia and just under 60mm long- (not including the shaft-)- might be a bit too fast,, but a have speed controllers to adjust it,, it cost about $10 or $15--

nice job m8
ive published a remix thats resized to 1:10

Cool,,, its good when people keep improving or doing Mod work on projects,,, that’s why I upload the SketchUp files so it’s easy for people to put their own style or make adjustments,,

thx m8
after finding somebody selling Eric´s nice 22RE in 1:10 on shapeways
it spured me to resize all the components

Real Men don't paint, they swap filament colors

Nice job

I would like to know what is the spec of the Timing belts are? Thx!

EricthePoolBoy Had this to say about the belts-

For Drive belts to connect the fan pulley and the electric motor, I used rubber bands. The crank pulley and electric motor pulley are setup to use a timing belt but I never got around to sourcing one. The teeth spacing is for a gates extra light timing belt. 1/8" wide, and .080" pitch."

The pulley system on mine uses Eric"s original parts,,,,and i haven't done the belts on my engine either,,, but i did find this part that i was going to use-


I haven't printed it- but if you message him,, he will be able to help you out more then me at this stage-

Belts for Toyota 4 Cylinder Engine

Thanks... I am printing your option add on now! Thanks for your creation ... will share once it done! Cheers!

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