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Nozzle Viewing Shroud and Blower Fan Mount for Wanhao Duplicator i3 plus

by Pigworthy Oct 26, 2016
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Hi, thanks for this design !!!
I see that several already asked for other measures. I am in that situation.
I have a 50x50x25 blower. Could you share the file to modify it, or would you be so kind to create it?
Thank you !!!

rensoski, I can send it to you in step or parasolid. But you will have to modify it. Just message me with your email and tell my what you would like and I'll send it.

What holds the nozzles in? They aren't designed to clip in. Glue?

They are glued in. Those instructions are with the I3 ver2 (the original) fan shroud.

Is it ok to use PLA or do you recommend ABS for this due to the heat ?

NO, do NOT use PLA. It will melt or at least start sagging. You need a material that is very heat resistant. ABS or PETG would be my recommendation. All of mine are ABS, but PETG was not around then. I'd probably try PETG now. Prints much easier in my opinion. Hope that helps!

Thanks will try ABS and let you know,

phul007, if you do ABS and have a standard bowden tube you can melt the tube with extended ABS use. Easy to replace though. Just be aware of the possibility. I used ABS for a couple of weeks then started having problems and ended up the bowden tube melted some. So I replaced it with a Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend. This is a great upgrade if you want to do PETG, ABS, or even Nylon. Highly recommend it.

tried printing abs and the printer did about 5 layers and then stopped extruding, I quickly turned it off and removed the abs and then ran some pla through it with a bit of pressure and it finally came good after all the abs was pushed out.

I will only be doing this project and some spring caps in ABS as I use PLA all the time without issue.

Thanks for the info is always good to know.

Hello Pigworthy! Thank you for the awesome fan shroud upload. It fits my i3 plus almost perfectly, and I have a Flexion Extruder too. Only problem is that the shroud needs to be a little further inward because one of the nozzles is touching the heater block. I was wondering if you could somehow help me, idk if I can edit the model to do so or what but any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks again.

It's possible. You would have to tell me exactly what dimensional changes you need. If it's easy to modify on the model I'll do it, but if it's more complicated probably not. Are you just talking of a different distance from Mount to Center line of the shroud?

What are you using in the picture for printing bed? looks nice, the clips too.

That is not my printer, that's doomkill's. I'm not sure actually what it is.


I'm sure he'd tell you.

Where do I mount the Fan_Shroud_Nozzle_01.stl? I don't see it on the pictures.

Edit: I need 4 of them. :) I can see them now.

Hope it all works well for you FotoFieber.

I use the Diii cooler on an i3 Plus, but it's a niggle being unable to see the nozzle, so this looks good. I'll try it. To allow the fan speed settings to stay the same as the original, a shutter arrangement over the fan inlet would allow a one-time mechanical adjustment. The airflow will be reduced, and so will the loading on the fan as it doesn't have to shift so much air. Maybe a bleed hole to allow some air to be pushed over the back of the motor would be useful for cooling too.

Comments deleted.

Hi, would it be possible to have this changed to fit a 40x40x20 blower fan?
I've got this one on hand: https://owncloud.nope.at/index.php/s/18LwAACtLTO58lw

If you by any chance have designed in fusion360, or similar, I could mod it myself. But I am not used to modding the stl.

Can you mod a STP or Parasolid file. It's in 3d solids. And I can remove some of the extra filleting.

Fusion should be able to handle STP .x_b .x_t if you wouldn't mind sharing either of those.
If it isn't too much work to remove the filleting, it wouldn't be a problem.
Thank you!

Hi pigworthy

this is by far the best design I have seen so far because you can see the nozzle - and it fits my i3 plus. Unfortunately I have the wrong radial blower lying around (50mm Delta, but 20mm wide, http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/0/603-1370-ND). Any chance that I can have the original model to adjust the size for the wider fan...?

Thanks for a feedback - great work

Sent you a private message abrandl.