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Lattice Cube 3D Printer Torture Test (Overhangs and Dual-Extrusion)

by Lazerlord Oct 25, 2016
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My printer failed horribly at this. Back to the drawing board for me

The overhangs curl up a a bit? yah. If you use Cura or other slicer with the same feature, you can enable Z hop so when it travels, the nozzle moves up, travels, then moves back down.

oops didn't see the previous comment

Any suggestions for stopping the layers on the overhanging parts of the pipes curling up? I can't seem to reduce the curling and the nozzle often bumps into the curled up part.

This is the main thing that this print tests. Good layer cooling and filament temperature are essential to getting this right. Adding z-hop during travel moves (a common slicer setting) can help keep the print from failing outright, but the curling would still likely happen. Idk what more to say about it; this is an intentionally difficult thing to print.

Printed just fine on my Anet A8 with Bowden setup. Printed at 60mm/s, fan speed at 100%, 195C with Hatchbox black PLA, 0.2mm layer height. The most surprising part is that I printed at 0% infill, which made the base completely hollow (ie looong bridging). It got a little hairy there, but I let it go, and it all worked out. I'd definitely recommend some infill.

Ok, I just printed this at 50% - Not a great idea... I thinks the pipes are best left alone at 50% - I'm going to try again at full size... I was just curious - in this case, I think it is too small.

Just printed at 50% on my CR-10s with great results. One of the first prints I did after adding Bullseye duct (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2759439). Also had added X and Y axis vibration dampers. This really helped quiet the printer down, I can even print at night with my wife saying it keeps waking her up, and I think it may help quality of prints.
Printed using black PLA+ from eSun, 215°C at speed 100. No bed adhesion (except for the glue stick), retraction of 3mm at speed 40. Z-hop off. I really couldn't have asked for better results than this.
Great test of whether settings are working or not. Thanks Lazerlord.
BTW, the photo is with zero cleanup on the print.

Petsfang Duct for CR10 MicroSwiss/Stock/E3Dv6/Volcano/TevoTornado /Tarantula Hot End/E3Dv6 CNC Mount & 5015 fan Bullseye
by dpetsel

Can i scale it down? or are the pipes getting to thin if i do that?

You can probably scale if to 50% if your printer is good. I believe the 'tubes' are 5mm thick, so there's a but of room to scale down. Even if it doesn't work, this thing doesn't use up much material.

Thanks for making the lattice cubes. I really love the unsymmetric one. Any chance you have that without the base so that the "missing" point is shown? I would like to print one with all the intersections.

Uh... I'm almost certain that would be un-printable. I'll see if I can do something about that: I'll probably have it be cut in half in the middle and you can print the two pieces separately. I'll get that version done in an hour or so.

I think the whole cube can be printed with just supports dropped down starting from the middle of the 6 vertices, down to the tip. I'll give that a shot when it's available. Thanks.

Okay, it's uploading now. I did it with the super lattice cube (2 cubes rotated by 60 degrees), and I didn't change the orientation.

Awesome, thanks for making the no-base version for the 60 degrees rotation. I'm printing it off right now with just support laid along 2cm from the tip for all 6 vertices. So far, so good. Any chance of doing the same no-base version for the 30 degree rotated (the unsymmetric) one? This one is the coolest one of the bunch.

Sure. I actually think that one was rotated 45 degrees, as I was thinking in squares and not hexagons. I might as well make one for every version. Post a photo of the one without the base, i really want to see it!

The print came out fine considering the filament had some moisture issues. The supports came off clean thanks to S3D. Thanks for making the fidget cube!

I still use AutoCad .. love it customized every damn command in the damn thing

I honestly need to formally learn how to use it (or any other modeling package, for that matter). I've gotten so used to it with my limited 'training' that I'm probably doing things horribly wrong. When I started the transition over to Solidworks and Fusion, my muscle memory to hit different keys on the keyboard from AutoCAD made my brain hurt when they didn't do what I expected.

Thanks for posting this. HighFive

Just finished printing the super lattice cube and it came out perfectly!

Ill post it when i get home from work

which printer? can you share a photo please?

Wow, that was fast! I'm still printing the simple one on my printer, lol. It's barely coming out, but it should at least finish.

Hello Nice model!

The only thing that I would suggest is to lower the cube a bit more so that its tarts to print in the joint where the 9-18 post starts. right now it prints a bit of the outside 3-8 posts

Ok, got some new models whipped up. They have the prefix 'Lower' to show that they are different.

Hmmm... Maybe I'll make a secondary version with a larger base so it can sit lower.


OMG!!!! The ULTRA version is something else!

I'm really tempted to make it more complex. Why not 5 cubes?

Go for it!

It might make it too hard to print but why not!