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Mini Repeating Crossbow

by Naus Oct 25, 2016
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Printed fine once I adjusted the plane for all the parts. Pins were a little tight, but just reamed the holes slightly to allow a nice, snug fit. Assembled quite easily, and I like that I can adjust the strength by playing with the tension of the elastic! These will make great little Christmas gifts this year. I'm new(ish) to the 3D printing world, and making this has helped me learn a lot about my printer. Now to teach myself to 3D model!!

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I'm having the same issue as others here I see; not everything is on the same plane in the ALL PARTS file. It needs updating. I'll put all the loose parts together myself and print, but fixing the original file will definitely help future downloaders.

there is something wrong with the file for all of the parts together. the parts arent on the same level, so when i tried to print it only some of the parts stuck to the raft

I found a problems with the design the rubber band is actually receiving a lot of toll on the drag of the magazine so it wear down faster than other ordinary rubber band bow print , the bow is also very bad at receiving the draw weight , someone who mistook this actually mad a thicker version but i would suggest making a longer bow as an option to people who doesn't favor in rubber band bow.

How many hours does it take to print it?

It take me just about 9 hours to finish all parts flawlessly with my cheapo machine but if you are good at printing it should take less than 4 hours to print

Pins printing too big for me, trying 98% scale

And yet no chinese knows about this crossbow even though it was invented by a great strategist know by everyone

i think it would be cool to add a magazine system to this! Very Cool!

Just made this- if you want a bit of extra punch from the q-tip tube ammo I found that the same length of 1.75mm filament fits snugly inside the tube and adds a bit of heft to the bolts! It is also worth noting that instead of using the printed pins, I simply cut the same length from my ammo tubes and used those instead and they work very well and have a better finish, so the crossbow function feels smoother.

what are u using for ammo

2.5 mm diameter Q-tips (cotton buds)

Very cool! I have a book of the history of weapons, and this is in it! :D

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Very nice design! But the ALL_PARTS.STL is off by -0.30 mm from the bed (the pins are the only leveled)

Sorry for the question, but I'm new to 3d printing. How can we fix this?

Just lower the piece .30mm, the pins should be "under" the printing table and the rest of the piece should be touching the printing table.

My software auto fixes it

Yeah I'm printing this right now and Im noticing the same thing. I tried printing it with the raft and after a certain point it tries to print in mid air. Everything is at the exact same level except for the pins (see attached pic). So I printed it with a skirt and now the skirt runs through the middle of the first layer. Its looking like it will still work with the skirt. This thing is going to look awesome in black! >:)

I had the same problem. Didn't notice when I put it into cura and tried to run it. if you add a raft and look at the preview in layers it becomes obvious.

but awesome design.

It would be sweet to modify and scale this up to make a big one out of wood on a cnc router! Maybe make it 4-5 times as big and put crossbow bolts in it.

yes it would be

yes it would be

It would be sweet to modify and scale this up to make a big one out of wood on a cnc router! Maybe make it 4-5 times as big and put crossbow bolts in it.

Great Design!!! Thanks :))

On the all parts file a few pins are slightly lower than everything else. This causes the print to not stick to the build platform.
Great design though!
I will be printing it soon.

u should totally add a clip to make it semi auto ;P

Hey here's an idea why not have a way to make it an automatic crossbow by having a motor from an RC car but you have to change the design a little

Cool idea!!

needs changing to make it easier to print its too thin at the ends of the bow part as well needs some rework i gave up printing it

the all parts stl needs to be placed on the deck there is a gap :)

thank you. I need to check.

thanks its a cool model well done
im printing it at the moment

The arrow loader has many support. I am going to design new version of arrow loader with no support.

Good, because it took me forever to clear the supports in the gap! Had to take it out with a hot knife and burned myself ;)