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Remixed Wankel Rotary Engine 13B

by Thinkinglink Nov 16, 2013
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What scale of engine is this.


it one of my first Prints :)

This model is really cool but............................................................... will it fit my Honda

yes i printed one 30000000000% larger and now it perfectly runs my 3d printed 18 wheeler

any plans for an intermediate housing?

Hm. Slic3r (a github-current Prusa edition build) absolutes hates the "set" STLs. Huge numbers of warnings about "unable to close this loop", and big chunks of pieces are missing when it tries to slice. Are these working for anyone else?

i like this design....

Is there anyway you could upload or send the cad files so I can modify and upload a new design?

If this were scaled down and the rotor housing finished/modified could it possibly be used for a slow speed micro water pump?

It is possible, but the 3d model will require modifications to change the water inlet and outlet ports. Also need to apply rubber seals to the ports and rotor itself so each chamber retains the water w/out leakage. Most of all, it needs a motor or belt to drive the actual rotor. Look up Rotary vane pump and rotary air conditioning compressor diagrams. All these implementations are based on a rotary engine concept.

Is anyone else having problems with the file for the eshaft? There's an issue where the bar that goes between the circle and shaft is missing when trying to print. You can see the error in the file in the pictures the designer provided. You'll see a bunch of black lines in the problem area.

I had the same issue. Made a new set of shafts that can be found here:

Rotary E-Shafts

Very impressive.. Really good

I'm trying to print this on a Form 1 and having trouble with the rotor housing as others have mentioned. The rotor was just fine. I think I can even see where the error is in the stl (There are overlapping faces), but I don't know where to begin to fix it. I'd love it if somebody could help me out!

Run it through netfabbs repair service, i have sliced and printed all the parts a few times with success after running it through their service.

Something is up with the rotor files. They don't slice correctly in makerware.

I haven't tried it in Makerware. I use ReplicatorG (sailfish) to slice. They look ok when i checked with Pleasant3D. I'll take a look at it in Makerware. Thanks

It could be a bug in makerware. I haven't downloaded the last one that was released this week, but i know they didn't work for me.

It's possible. I downloaded the new Makerware yesterday and sliced the single rotor file for my T-O-M. everything worked smoothly w/out any errors.

I can confirm that there is something odd going on with the rotor and housing when using Makerware The interior of the rotor is solid for a few layers, and there are some strings of plastic there as well. Same with the rotor housing. It's printing out now and I'll post a follow up.

The rotor housing looks OK, but the rotor ends up with a lot of plastic inside where it should be open. It required some cleanup with an xacto knife to make it fit. When I import the rotor STL file into Makerware I can see some artifacts, but the post-slicing preview really shows the problem. I'll see if I can post a picture.

You might want to try slicing the gcode with ReplicatorG - Sailfish if you have it. That's what I used on my T-O-M to print the models in the photos. They came out that way with out any clean up. Here's a Sailfish gcode previewed with Pleasant 3D.

Here's the Makerware artifacts you're talking about http://www.flickr.com/photos/84448743@N08/12292467384/http://www.flickr.com/photos/8...

Here's Makerware artifacts from the previous derivative Remix model

Nice work. Do you plan to do that from aluminum to give it a real run ?

Thanks! This model still requires a lot of parts to actually run. Maybe the next step is to connect a continuous servo to the knob in the back to keep this thing spinning. :D

That's a great idea! Do you have a 13B/20B eccentric shaft that would mate to an RC servo splined shaft? It would make a fantastic slow moving display. Thanks for making this beautifully accurate Mazda rotary engine model!