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Fidget Cube

by CThig Oct 23, 2016
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Why is there a hole that goes from the bottom of the design to the side? What's its purpose?

Just something to mess around with your finger. Nothing specific but I found it fun to use.

Comments deleted.

Why is it so tiny 0.0

Scale it 1000x or 100x. Something screws up with some slicers.

Anyone seen this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2228438? Seems to be using pics from this one and model from the other with no changes or accreditation...

That's my thing...

Sorry, wrong URL, corrected post.

That's a link to this thing.

I'm not sure how this got verified, maybe your printer is different than mine, but on mine, none of the pieces except the moving switch actually work.

Sounds like you need to calibrate and tune your extruder steps and flow rate for your filament.

20x10x15mm Dimensional Calibration Test Plug Set

This is one of the only models I've seen that doesn't work.

Its a great design but it just needs to be sized better on xyzware I cant size it right and I made the three one of the extra parts so can you please size the .stl better!

Something's up with the scale, loaded up in repetier and the cube is less than 5mm square, the pieces are minute, sliced to three .2 layers..

Import and scale 1000%

yup, figured that out lol

The circle will not spin

it does say in the description: Not required to spin. Maybe try tinkering with the settings?

Was very tiny so i scaled to 800 and is perfect size

love fidget cube I'm making one for people with cp in my class right now!

The reason for the scaling issues is those using Cura it just reads the number (3) and interprets it as 3mm, this is obviously tiny. If you are using Cura, just scale it up 1000% it will be exactly 3cm on all sides.

How small is it? Is it like the size of the ones on amazon?

It is supposed to be 3 cm on all sides. And yes it is basically the same size.

This is a great idea, but it has no tolerances, you have to try real hard to get the pieces together, and they don't really articulate. Applause if you can fix that.

Do the parts snap together or do you have t do some kind of glueing?

They all snap together except for the maze/wall section. You will need to dab some superglue on that one.

What is the best way to attach/adhere the puzzle face onto the cube?

I personally use any type of superglue. It has worked for me very well.

Is there anyway you can upload just the puzzle piece? It didn't print right and I don't want to have to print the cube again just to get it.

Sure! I'll let you know when I do!

Anyone having issues printing this, and if not...what has your process been? I typically print cryptexts and puzzles for game room experiences (I own an Escape Room Company)...and have no problems. This print however gives me a lot of issues. The base of the print consistently has extremely sloppy layers. Once its up past the first 1/4 inch every squares out nicely, but otherwise...regardless of filament or extruder, I the base is consistently sloppy. OF COURSE...I AM NOT BLAMING THE DESIGNER, I KNOW IT MUST BE ME.

Downloading file from here.
Loading the file into Flashforge's latest app (rarely have issues with other thingeverse prints)
I then export(print) from that app and store the file on an SD CARD. I enable RAFTS and print it SLOWLY.
I am using ABS

Mine printed very clean and I'm on a VERY basic 3D printer.
Downloaded the file from here and then uploaded the stl. file into my app.
Scaled up 1000
Printed with NO rafts, no support, resolution .1, & infill 100%
I'm printing with PLA.

Had to lightly sand (ran the dremel around the outer edge) the circumference of the circle, a drop of speed cream on the base, and then the circle popped right in and can be twirled nicely.

Mine printed great! I am just learning how to use the 3d printer so I'm not sure I can explain what I did, and Im sure I didn't do anything special. I did scale it up 1000 and it is a great size.

can you please make a worry stone (finger indentation, as I have a very dear friend of mine who asked me for one, and dont know how to make on, and yours is by far the best one that I've used. Thanks you and please comment back if you made it. ;)

I'd love to make one! Any specific word or symbol you would like on it?

Could you please name it "WorryStone3" ?

I published the worry stone! Hope you like it :)

Maybe. I was more wondering if you would like a word or symbol on the worry stone itself.

so do i need supports/rafts?

I would recommend a raft but no supports are needed.

When i opened the stl files in cura, the objects where tiny. I've printed at 800% :) someone else with this issue?

Some people have seemed to have experienced slicer issues. I'm not sure why...

Im using cura, just in case it helps. What do people use to slice?

I personally use mattercontrol. It is a great slicer for beginners.

Any advice on how to make the circle spin? It's seems too but but i'm not really sure.

It seems that a couple others are having the same problem. I will try to fix it ASAP and get back to you.

The circle spins freely with just a little bit of edge sanding. The switch is perfect. The maze is proving more difficult. Reaming the opening a bit has helped. Going to try some more, but it's still very tight. If I can get the maze working, this would be awesome. Super easy and quick print. Thanks!

Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to spin at all. Cant help you. Maybe try oiling it/waxing it

This is a great build, but when i put the spinner in, it is impossible to get in and doesn't spin at all. Any tips?

Hmm... that's unusual. I would recommend sanding and lubing it depending on how bad it is.

This thing is awesome! Very little and discrete, I use it in class for my anxiety a lot. Wowed me once again, CThig!

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

what are the two holes fore?

You can use them how you please. I just like spinning my finger in it.

Is it 100% printable?

Is it 100% printable?

Yes! Every piece is 100% printable!

For some reason the switch doesn't want to stay on the cube. Is there a way to fix that like glue or something?

Hmm... That's odd. It seems to work for many of the other people who printed it. I would try to maybe add a rubber band around it so it stays on the rod or something. Also, you can try editing the .ipt file that I provided to your liking. Hope this helped!

Will I be able to print this on the Da Vinci Jr. 1.0? Can someone give me good instructions/tips as I am new to 3D printing?

definitely, I have the Da Vinci mini and it printed just fine.

Would you mind printing a make of your cube? I love seeing the community printing my designs!

Sure thing!

Will I be able to print this on the Da Vinci Jr. 1.0? Can someone give me good instructions/tips as I am new to 3D printing?

yes you will as I have a Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 as well, alls u have to do is download the files, then open them up in your XYZWare, then finally import them, then export them to ur printer and voila, there you go, I hope that you have sucess with your printer, as I personally love that model. Good luck!

Hello, Apparently I had scaled it 16.5 times, and the scale and size was all perfect, but I had messed up my print later on, on the top half of the cube. Can you somehow provide me with only the cube stl file, and not the other required parts?

I scaled it up to 1000% and at 0.01 resolution, it takes 23 hours. Will it work at 0.06?

Are you sure it is only 3 cm tall? And if it is I would recommend putting it on the highest quality possible.

Yeah, that was it, it was about 6,5 cm tall. I fixed it and it is about 3.4 hours at 0.01.

3.4 hours? how slow are you printing? at 26/mms mine is at 1 hour 14 minutes.

No problem! Glad to help :)

how big is this thing supposed to be? trying to scale it up in simplify 3D

It is supposed to have 3cm side lengths.

Ok that will work. In S3D you have to scale it to 1000%

Ok that will work. In S3D you have to scale it to 1000%

Are you sure? Thats pretty big!

Comments deleted.

Hey. I've just printed the cube, I found that the scaling was way off, at its original state, it was 6mm wide. I had to scale it up by 1000% before it became usable. Also the switch doesn't stick at all, but apart from all that, I love it!

I got the idea from that.

You should credit them in your design's description - it's only fair!

Are the Auto desk files available to download because I have a system that will let me lock the slider piece on to the cube after printing. It would help a lot.

Did you modify it? Want to share your modification? for mine I heated up the button with a hair dryer until it became pliable and I molded it a little to make it stay on the bar

Sorry for the late reply. I can put them on here later tonight most likely.

I printed this, None of the buttons fit....

I fixed the buttons. Please try printing it again and tell me if they work now. Thanks!

sure thing, thank you!

Hmm, I'll see what I can do. Also, are the buttons too big or too small? I've had some problems with the spinning circle not fitting correctly so I will fix that soon and re-upload.

Uh. when I opened the STL file into my M3D program. it just made it wayy to tiny could you tell me the size of it?

Scale it by 10

I love this, it's so nice and calming. Especially the worrystone, it is so smooth... However, I printed the not fixed version and it was massive (I scaled it down before printing though). A quick suggestion though: the switch and spinner are both a bit stiff and should be sanded down as they rub against the sides. Looking forward to more improvements!

I scaled down the .stl file to the correct size and fixed many of the buttons. Have fun printing! :)

It does involve a little sanding, one tip, if you have a variable quality printer, print it on the highest quality for the best results. if you would like create one and post in on here to show how you did it.

I love this and I can't wait to see more attachments!

Thanks! I have many ideas and improvements I want to make to my design. So stay tuned! :)

I just added a new piece! I would love for you to check it out!

Awesome I can't wait to print! I'll let you know how it works when I am done.

Awesome design! It is so much fun to mess around with and I'm looking forward to improvements/a new fidget cube.

Thanks! I do plan on making improvements and most likely a new cube.