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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Self powered Motor/Generator & Arduino speed/voltage controled

by Nelujones Oct 22, 2016
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Hello, what are the dimensions from the machine and what is the thickness of the coil wire?
I work with ultimaker 2.
Here also one good coil with output 512 high voltage.

In Pinshape page you have all the details

this is a great desgin , however i did download the files and i found only 1 file for the generator stand , can you please post the files so i can download them ? thank you

All the files are in Pinshape.com link in description

Look great, what input vs out up you get with this? It is similar to the one made in Australia around 15 years ago?

The input is 12v and the output is 240v

And the watt in vs out, do you have videos of your device while running? Thanks

In the description you have the Pinshape link and there you will have all.

"I DO NOT SAY AND NEVER CLAIM THAT IS OVERUNITY OR FREE ENERGY GENERATOR" - what exactly is it then? Because the title is ultra confusing. World's most useless machine?

He only put that warning after another user and I brought the point of it being unsafe to run as a printed item. We explained that the item would melt under its on heat and/or fail catastrophicly causing a fire or worse.

I assure you all that is not generating heat right now with this configuration. If any of you will put iron core in the generating coils( it will triplicate the generating current ) yes it will melt. But with aire core working temp. Is 30-35ºc

mancano il resto dei file?

Thnks. The rest of the files and description is on pinshape webpage look at description. And thnks again for your support.

davvero bello sono sicuro che funziona continua cosi

The First Law of Thermodynamics, that is all I have to say. Please don't buy this on pinshape, it isn't worth anything.

hahahahahaha Skepticism. yes people do not buy/belive anythink that you won belive in.

Please before you grace us all with your knowledge use proper grammer and spelling. If you were to rewrite that comment it you probably go as follows.
hahahahahaha skepticism. Yes, people do not buy or believe anything that you won't believe in.

Also one doesn't just believe in the first law of thermodynamics, it is a principle that governs the universe. You are just an ignorant fool who thinks he will "change the world" with his new invention that totally dis-proves all scientific theory about the universe. I have seen too many of "you". Please wake up.

I'm a dreamer too, all for dreaming but even I gotta side with weston, 1st law of thermodynamics enough said.

Everyone has the right to opinion. I am not Tesla or Einstein or ..... I am not a fisician or chemist or ...... I am just poor dreamer ho likes to play in his electronic world. What we have learn from this world that we are soo mean that first we have to criticize first and see the negative part from almost all the things. But probably is beacouse is the human part of us.

Not being negative here, but simply a realist with a back ground in robotic engineering and chemistry. This generator would work, but not with using ABS or PLA, or most any 3D printing filament. You see unless this stays at a very low RPM with a very low amperage and voltage, it would produce more than enough heat to destabilize the plastic binder in most all filaments. Theres a big difference between being negative and being safe. Now if you were to redesign this using aluminum, or a metal, or even high temp polymer, it'd work. Alternately you would have to severely cripple its RPM/ Voltage & amperage input/output.

This is just a project and it's not even a 100% finish. This model really works and I do not have to redesign anything because a LATHE or a CNC machine with 4-5 milling axes could reproduce this project in aluminum or metal perfectly. nowbody says that has to be plastic. A car project/design/manufacturing start from clay so....When I will finish I will make it in aluminum.

Dude why are you getting so offended? I'm just stating it isn't safe to use of the printer. I'm giving you constructive criticism. I even stated "This generator would work, but not with using ABS or PLA, or most any 3D printing filament." I never said "This is a piece of crap that won't work." I could understand you being upset if I was simply downing it, but I haven't, and won't. Trust me I know how it feels to be really proud of a design, and then to have someone point out flaws in the prototype. But that is the whole point of criticism, to find the week points and make it better.

"Not being negative here, but simply a realist with a back ground in robotic engineering and chemistry. This generator would work, but not with using ABS or PLA"... lol genius. You're saying that you can get free energy out of thin air, but not by using pla or abs.. yes the real problem is the material choice.. lol. are you for real??

Please read the full comment chain and my full arguement before choosing small portions. Thanks.

Im not saying you can get free unlimited energy. He was saying it was a generator. Then tried saying it was a motor. We were explaining either way it wasnt a wise idea. This kind of design does work as a generator but generates alot of heat.

Thnks for your constructiv criticism. I am not offended I just explain the fact that I have used the printing filament in the first place. Thnks again.

why would you write "self powered" in title? No generator or motor is self powered..

Beacouse with a bypass and a capacitor bank you have a self powered generator.

Comments deleted.