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Mockup of the Zesty Nimble V1: Lightweight direct drive extruder

by ZestyTech Oct 22, 2016
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What parts are do you need from your store for this to be operational?

When you buy the Nimble you get everything to run it. From stepper bracket all the way to the nuts and bolts needed to mount the Nimble.
What you then still need is a mount to attach it to your particular printer and hot end combination.
Most of the mounts we have or that I know of are here on Thingiverse, so searching for Nimble plus your printer should be the first step.
If there is no mount available, you can design your own, using this mock-up and using the other mounts as examples. If you don't want to do that, we will design one for you. Just ask.

Can we get a stl. of the 1.75 breech please?

sorry, no. we will not be releasing an STL of the breech at this time. You can buy a spare breech form our store at https://zesty.tech/products/breech-block-1-75-mm

sorry, I thought this was open sourced....It took me over a month to get the kit from you not trying to blame you for the wait but im not trying to wait that long again. i should of ordered two when i got the kit. BTW Im loving the Zesty Nimble on my Tevo Delta. My only complaint would be about the Breech but i cant think of any other design that would work better so i cant say its a justified complaint. Great Work People!

The breech normally lasts a year, depending on the use and frequency of opening and closing.
I have an experimental one here, I will send you one of those. By normal post, should be there in a week or so.

That is amazing! Thank you very much, I would be more than happy to be a tester for your experimental breech. How do we proceed from here, where would you like me to provide feedback on the breech. Do you have an email address that I should send my address to, again thank you for giving me the opportunity to test this!

Will this be open sourced, following the lead of other big names like E3D and Duet?

That was in the plan, yes. But it has been a while since we talked about it.
So, not in the short term.

I encourage you to have that chat and open source this!

Hi Zesty, are you folks ever going to sell this extruder? Count me in for 1 when you start production.

https://zesty.tech been for sale for over a year now :)

I should have been more concise. They only have the side-mount version in stock. I need the standard version.

Have you guys ever considered an option to attach a compression fitting to the bottom so that a Bowden tube could be attached? I would like to mount this a few inches away from the hot end so I will build the threads into the carriage but it would be cool if there was a way to attach it straight to the nimble.

Yeah, we did look at that. But we simply do not have the space to do it. It would increase the height of the unit by 12 mm at least.
The easiest way to do it is to make a little adapter from the Basic adapter and add the thread in the bottom.

You need to change the title and the image on your post. It is misleading. I did not read anywhere on the headline or the image that you are just posting a mockup.

Good point.
I changed it.


What does the mount for a Mossel Delta look like?

That depends on what effector you are using. There are various ways we have to mount the Nimble.

Do you have a model of the effector? Then I can design an adapter for you.
The Basic adapter should fit a standard effector, and if it doesn't, the circle is easy to adapt.

Let me know if you want any more detail?


Nimble V1 Basic Adapter

i use this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1546124

i'd like to continue using a similar version if possible.

Magnetic Effector with 3 Fans and LED Light Ring for Kossel Plus
by huntley

Yes, I saw that I had not yet uploaded the modified effector.
I have one so now.

This is basically a re-work of Huntley's excellent work, simple changed the way the hot end is gripped. The whole effector is reworked to make it happen, but the dimensions are the same and the fan holders will fit without modifications.

Magnetic Kossel Effector to mount a Nimble V1

Very cool. Finally, a fresh idea for a better extruder!

Any idea when these will be going on sale? I'm looking to buy one for a new printer build I'm putting together

We've been held up due to the company setup taking much longer than we expected, also it's likely we'll be held up further by the Spring Festival in China for some of the components. So I'd expect sometime in March.

We will be launching web store as soon as the company setup is complete, and will update the listing here with a link as soon as that is done.

Did you just take down some of the files? I am sitting sketching how to mount the nimble on my CoreXY and suddenly the files are gone!
Confused Per!

Sorry Per,
Yes we did.The Nimble is slightly smaller and more Nimble than ever now and I updated the shape and the groove mount adapter. Those are the most important files.

If you need any specific files, let me know and I will upload them if I can.


you haven't published the source files, should see to respect the minimum license CC-BY-NC. Thingiverse is not good for to advertise you have to be honest a bit.

but it's a good design my friend ;)

What's the intérêts to post it on thing if we don't have file to make it???
Pretty good design.

I think these mockups are for those of us who want to buy the product and make an adapter for our hotend/mount combination. (For example, I have a 713maker.com mount and E3D v6, so I'll probably have to design a mounting adapter for the Nimble if the Kickstarter succeeds.) The files posted here make that possible!

Have you really need to succeed your kickstarter for an opensource project? The but of an open source project is to use the community resources to make different adapter and more improvement at your extrudeur.
Now if your but is to make money with an open source project who can be make with a 3dprinter like you do, what the interest to put it open source if you releases the files if you succeed your kickstarter?
I think you would like crow funding to to manufacture molded parts and as you have the paternity of your files to commercialise it , you do this, am i wrong?
If not what's the but of the kickstarter? you wan't just to pay you'r creativity?

Correct. Or you can ask us to help.
We have a list of adapters we are working on.
Here it is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sCZyBtqvkuTKGZ64TgFPY66ksKT77gaR2Dhs6itk6zg/edit?usp=sharing


Thanks! 713Maker makes gorgeous aluminum hotend mounts for Rostock printers. I was expecting the adapter to be pretty simple.


Thanks, we agree, it is a neat design. But oh man did it take a lot of hours to make it look simple.

How does it compare? It is lighter and smaller yes. But that is only half the story.
The biggest advantage is that it is easier to use and much more adaptable.
The unique breech loading system makes loading filament dead easy.
(Oh that reminds me, I need to update the photo's here, we announced the new and improved version a day or so ago.)
The adapter system allows the small Nimble to fit on almost any 3d printer. It also makes it easy to upgrade. Want to start using a Chimera? Simply add a Nimble, no need to buy a whole new dual extruder.
And finally, my buddy in Australia insisted that we made it so that you can use it upside down. We call it being ambidextrous. Again, this helps you to position it to perfection on your printer.

There are a lot more little details, like a garbage chute for the filament grindings. Add-ons that are coming, like a filament sensor, etc etc.
All in all, you buy a system that will allow you to grow.

Does that answer your question? :-)

Lykle and Brian

Quite a neat design ! I have considered this approach too; flexible cable like used in speedometer, grinders ... plus worm gear ... to get a lightweight extruder. I don't like the Bowden BTW !
How does it compare to the Flexidrive which looks a bit bulkier.
Hope your design won't be stolen by our Chinese friends, produced for a dime and ripping you from all benefits.

How are retractions with all the backlash introduced by the drive cable. There will be backlash in the rotational force applied to the cable.

Well, there is a little rotational backlash sure, but the nice thing is, it is compensated by the gear system.
We use a 30:1 gear system and that reduces the backlash to the filament to next to nothing.
I use 1.2 mm retraction on my big Delta and it works fine.

I did the math once and if the cable had an extra twist of 90 degrees (which it doesn't) the total filament movement was 0.2 mm. The cable is a lot stiffer in torque than that, so the actual movement is even less.


i love the idea and the engineering seems sound. good job, however the price on the kickstarter is way way WAY to high to make it worth buying, for me anyways! however I do see companies like ultimaker wanting this type of extruder. please if you decide to drop the price to a more reasonable price range message me I would be interested on a set for my chimera

Given the price of the only other similar type of system, the pricing seems right in line with it. The €20 shipping cost does seem a bit high, but not enough to prevent me from funding the project.

Thank you ElmoC

We did a lot of development to get the cost as low as we can. I continue to push in that area.
In regards to the shipping, yes that was a big shock to us as well.
We are trying to find a solution that will lower the cost of the shipping.


I once would have also thought the same with regard to the parts costing, but after designing and delivering kits for backers of the same Delta that Lykle and I have that convert to belt and zero lash (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:883347) it became quite clear that the component cost alone doesn't actually entail all of the costs involved in developing and delivering a product to a user/market. Also as stated in the campaign video and description injection molds are expensive (in the range of $20K).

The cost of a product is only partly defined by the cost of the individual parts, if you read the book "Product Design for Manufacturing". You will find that all the other aspects of a product generate 60% of the cost of a product. A lot of money went into the prototypes. Over 1700 euro's was spent just to get all the features, wall thicknesses and tolerances right. In total, this was a big investment for us. And we have to be sustainable on costing so that we can continue with our future product ideas.

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