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Modular carriage for 40x20 rails (using 3 solid V wheels)

by _MSA_ Oct 21, 2016
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Ok so i made this and i want to ask this question : if i make it out of pla and then fasten the nozzle to the upper layers so ill be only losing 10 mm instead of 50 ,am i going to have a risk of having the bottom layers melting due to heat or will be far enough to be unaffected?

Could this be easily adapted for 60x60mm rails?


Immediately deploy the deli was not correct?

Is there a hotend mount for the stock chimera dual extruder?

Why are there not 2 wheels at the top and 1 at the bottom for better weight distribution and stability?

How to mount an inductive probe and part cooling fan?

Have you got sg90 mount to this carriage

Nice but I think the hotend/nozzle sticks out what too far. I might try remix this later one day and make it mount much closer for stability

is there a dragchain mount?

Hello the best design ever for X but is there any upgrade to make it work with E3D V6 please

Just check my second design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2155251 this has e3d mount for the same carriages (carriages for original V-slot, but mount holes are the same)
Take mbot_e3d_m2.stl, mbot_e3d_m1v2.stl

Modular carriages for 4020 v-slot (for d3m-bot, d-bot, c-bot)
by _MSA_

hey, tevo tarantula's bed side is 200mm, but it looks little big. i think this model can't use 200mm, .... so it can use 200mm long???

Yes with original Z mounts it will be less long. I had modified it, but not finished. Sorry. Currently using my D-Bot based design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2155251

Modular carriages for 4020 v-slot (for d3m-bot, d-bot, c-bot)
by _MSA_

Is there any update to this? I've just printed the model and noticed that my 200mm bed is a bit too big. I can't use about 10cm on each side of the x axis.

2040 V-Slot? or only for T-slot like picture?

This model is for T-slot like. For V-slot check remix https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2155251

Modular carriages for 4020 v-slot (for d3m-bot, d-bot, c-bot)
by _MSA_

Hijacking to ask a technical question: The difference between the two designs (v-slot x-car vs t-slot x-car) seems to be the wheel mount hole position is about 1mm lower for v-slot. Is that correct?

can you remix it not to lose 5cm of z movement?

BLTouch addon to the back?

Do you lose any x movement with this carriage ?

Also interested in a 2020 version...

Where it says "8 M4 12/15mm and 6 M4 10mm (or in total 14 M4 10mm)", does this mean we can use 8 M4 10mm screws in place of the M4 12/15mm screws? Do they need the extra length?

Да это терминатор)))

Just wanted to say thank you for this terrific design. I've printed the main parts in PLA and the fit is fantastic. Very little filing and fitting required. The holes for the M4 screws are perfectly sized for great holding of threads. Although being PLA I would not want to take this apart too many times.

I am building a highly modded Tarantula and totally hate the stock carriage. I'll post pics of my make once I get to the hardware store and pick up some locknuts.

Rock solid. Is there a cable chain mount for it ?

Have you found a cable chain mount?
I'm thinking about designing a connection for it on the back holes.

Can e3d titan extruder be mount with pancake stepper (or even dual configuration) or there's no room for that?

Look at some of the remixes. There's a couple different Titan mounts that people have already made.

Any bltouch support with fang fanduct?

Is it possible to remix this for 2020 x axis ?

Are the m5 nylock nuts a mandatory or can I replace them with standard m5 nuts?

On a girar sight you could use regular nuts, because they dont define the space between plates, but for this kind oficial application nylocks are a lot better as they you not get loose with time os stress. With nylock nuts this design is rock solid.

Will it also work with an e3d v6 hotend?

Thanks for this amazing design. I just wondering, can i print it with PLA, since that's all i have and I only print PLA.

All those parts was printed in PLA and still in use.

Is your printer enclosed? I'm planning to enclose mine so I hope it can survive it
Edit: I'm printing inPLA

btw, what infill % should i use for this?

Awesome! gonna start printing tonight. Thanks.

Uploaded a mount for the BLTouch http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2305731

BlTouch Mount For Modular Carriage

is there any way i can mount bltouch on this?

I'm working on at the moment, doing some testing first I'll let you know.

This thing is wicked solid.

This is an amazing design. Thank you so much for posting these models. I was just about to draw up a similar design, but now I don't have to.

Awesome design, I'm trying it after two failed attempts on the stock X carriage.

Why some parts like
xc_p5.stl have 3.5mm holes while it require M4 screw?

Maybe so you can tap them?

if unkown i could measure (or design a model of) the dual E3D,
so it could be possible to switch left and right hotmount to widen the distance and put in a larger hotmount stock. difference is not so much to the single hotend.

to avoid loose of work area in height it should liftet upwards.
I reckon, there are 4cm wasted, by the lower mounted hotend.

Would also prefer to get a design by the original designer before remaking everythingby someone else ...

I like the 3 wheel idea but wouldn't it be better to have the two wheel side on top?
As gravity pulls down there will be more weight on the top wheel(s)

I'm thinking the same, just building my tarantula now and this may be one of my first prints, flipped upside down.

I like the design, but it's too wide to allow a full 200mm of travel for the X axis.

It's 85mm wide. The stock piece is 70mm. The X carriage is 280mm wide, so if you let it hit both sides you can get 195mm, but in reality you can really only get about 193mm of travel with this design.

it looks same width like stock one. It will more likely limit Z travel

is their an YOU TUBE video for this

Source files for modification that isn't like pulling teeth?

Added carriage_source_set_v1.zip with step files