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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Robotic arm: arm (part 3/3)

by WonderTiger Oct 20, 2016
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you show the right hand side. It looks like I am missing some parts to connect the arm. Is there another view of parts for the left side of the assembly?

Is about to print this robot arm, how do I control it? I have Arduino Unos (MEGA328P for Arduino UNO) , an old 3D printer board, some ESP8266 ESP-12E for arduino CP2102 and at last some CH340 NodeMcu V3 Lua WIFI. Is there any way I can get the control over the arm with some of my things or do I have to buy something else? Can anyone point me at the right direction? Any links to some software/hardware I can use?

Unfortunately, I've never had the time finishing the hardware and software for the arm. I think you're hardware should be plenty, but of course it depends on what you want to do :). Please refer to the makes of this project, some people finished the arm (stock, but also with some modifications).

Hey! Sorry to bring you back. How many degrees of freedom is this arm? 5 or 6 and why?

Hi, it should be 6DOF, please refer to the image on the wikipedia page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_degrees_of_freedom) :). The translations for X, Y, Z axis speaks for themselves. Yaw is achieved by the rotation table, pitch is achieved by the last servo where the gripper assembly is mounted on, roll is achieved by the small arm where the gripper is mounted on.

How much payload does it support?

Hi Dear Friend.,. I just try to print your design,, I'm not a beginner on printing and cnc machining(for this moment everything its fine...Thanks...)

Software ? Ros its fine but new hardware to buy (Ubunto Linux I presume..)

Zoltan, Auckland/nz

Hi, great design and I have enjoyed the build. I have completed all the printing and about to start the assembly. There are a couple of issues which I need help with please. Where does Gear12T go, And what is the lug for on the Rotating Plate between the gearing and main shaft. Many thanks.

Hola para poder hacerlo no entra en la cama de 20x20 no?

i have a bunch of nema 17 stepper motors laying around. anyway you can make a version that uses steppers and some sort of gear setup. i think doing that you can make it alot stronger. I was thinking 2 steppers on the base and elbow joint and single stepper on the rest.


You should mention how many circular servo horns would be used Thing Detail. As I think it's 5.

What is the length and diameter of the 2 spacer rod for the lower arms. I am using aluminum rod for added strength so I need it to order the correct size.

Personally I wouldn't make this aluminium as it isn't neccesary. One thing that is important though, is that the rods should fit in the arm tightly. This way the force is distributed on the outside of the spacer rod itself instead of the bolt that is going through the rod. Once the whole arm is assembled and the rods are fitting in tightly the whole assembly has almost no play and/or flex

47 mm long.
10 mm in diameter.

Comments deleted.

I think in the lower right arm, the servo mount is in the opposite direction. The servo in the join with the center arm. I cannot assemble with the current position. I think the servo should go from the outside in.
Very nice design BTW!

never mind with my comment. I figured it out :-). Need to mount it from inside. Thanks

this might be a dumb question, but how do you attach the servos to the center arm ?
thank you

Hi, you attach a circular servo horn (for example: http://i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v1/1805921024_1/Free-shipping-10pcs-lot-10x-Aluminum-Metal-25T-Servo-Arm-Round-type-Disc-Matal-Horns-For.jpg) to the servo and then attach the servo horn to the center arm. Same goes for the lower arms.