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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Pocket-Tactics: Core Set 2 (Fourth Edition)

by dutchmogul Oct 17, 2016
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Может кто дать правила игры на русском?

Can someone translate rules to Russian?

Hi everyone, i've printed the Set 1-4 in order to test out with my boardgaming community, do you happen to know if there's any tray out there for this 4th edition?

When i started playing with friends they had to learn the game, which is already a high learning curve. Additionally not everyone is perfectly fluent in english. Therefore I decided to translate all the rules and unit rule cards to german.

I wrote a little React JS App to generate new cards to print out..
All the character and feature data are stored in a json file and I took new transparent screenshots of the units and features.

If anyone is interested I can provide a pdf for the Cards for Core Set 1 and 2 in german.
Sadly Adobe Reader ignores the white font statements, best to open the pdf with chrome for printing.

Additionally I can offer to provide my sourcecode, if you want to translate the cards to your own language.

Cheers from Berlin

I am currently printing this set to start playing this game. while reading the rules i came across "DV 5 DEF test". What does that mean? Thank you in advance and another big thank you for developing this game!!!

anyone know of a good guide for supports for objects this small, i don't like the way the split ones turn out and when i print these with supports i break the model because my supports to to heavy duty for items this small. please help :(

Try the experimental tree support from Cura. Worked good for the glade striker for me.

do these need to be printed with supports??

Only if you print the un-split character models.

Hi dutchmogul! Pocket-Tactics is truly an awesome game! I just printed a set last weekend and had fun play-testing it! I started thinking about playing with 3 players and thought since that would bring an extra feature in the game, it might be good to have 60 points worth of units per player to give the option of anyone attaining the victory condition of controlling all features. So, that was long winded all to ask the question about how to create new units/ custom units (with new stats). I also downloaded your Open-Tactics rule set and was reading the rules for creating new units/stats. Does it make sense to use the same Open-Tactics unit cost creation rules? When I am using this technique, I seem to be coming up with 1 or 2 points more than what you have for units in the Pocket-Tactics. Will this upset the game balance using the Open-Tactics unit creation rules, or is it good enough?

Thank you again so much for your game creation, models, and designs!

I don't have any 3d-scanner yet. Do you think a Matter and Form MFS1V1 3D Scanner would be good enough to scan hand made masters of model towns/castles etc for board games? And maybe for making 12mm versions of 25mm or 28mm miniatures along with a 3D printer? Or would it require a more expensive scanner? P.S It says "Capture details as small as 0.43mm. Capture size within ±0.25mm". That sounds good to me, but i don't know much about this stuff so not sure if it is good or not? Or whether it's more or less than required? Or are there better / better value for money scanners?

Also how do you make these miniatures? Do you model a master by hand and scan it? Or do you use some 3D-modelling programme to make them?

Really like these. How tall are the miniatures? Or what scale are they? (10mm/12mm/15mm/18mm?) Have you considered making these miniatures as whole units in warmaster scale (12mm/ "large 10mm") for playing tabletop wargames?

I'm not sure what the exact scaling specs would be, but its a simple matter of importing them into whatever slicing software you use along with a to-scale model and scale them until they look right (keeping the base height in mind). These are technically 18mm scale. I've never had any demand for the 10mm/12mm scales, but I went ahead and added them to my Scalesby reference model. They're sized for the "mm to the eye-line" industry standard, so just download one and load it with the models you want to scale.Hope this helps!

Sgt. Scalesby, the Miniature Scaling Dummy

Thanks very much!

i would loveeeeee to play this...but i'm a little confuse.
there is many types of the game...is other ways of playing, with another creature. Or we can print all of them and play all together.
Ex: theres is core set 1 and core set 2...should i print both and play with all of them. or for it to work we must play it seperatly?

sry for my bad english.

You can really play however you like. These sets have pre-built sets for two players (the characters are separated by colors in the picture and by the stat card pages) but the rules tell you how to make your own builds with whichever characters you want. You can also just take these pre-built factions and play them against those from the other sets. (So, you could take the Elves from this set and play them against the Legion from core set 1 if you wanted, for example.)

Is it possible to play with more than 2 players? I am currently printing my 5th faction (core set 2, 7 + wizards) and I think there is a lot of potential for big multiplayer battles, but the instructions only specify two players. Can I just play with the same rules and more players (more tiles and figures) or would it be possible to alter the rules slightly (say, giving you a bonus for killing an enemy figure to avoid defensive behaviour until only 2 players are left).

Oh yeah, we play multiplayer games all the time, though we haven't codified the rules yet. Basically, it runs the same except players have to have their features an equal distance apart from one another (or close as you can to that). The most fun we've had is with team games, because you really get some unexpected synergies between builds.

That's cool, I'll See if I can come up with some modifications, otherwise I'll just do that. I think it would be really helpful if this was mentioned in the ruleset somehow, or if it was just not using phrases that points to this being a 2-Player Game.

Yeah, we're always intending to do a special release with some parts that support this and introduce those rules, but so many projects and so little time.

UPDATE: Wording altered on the Starfall Sentinel's ability and 'Noble' tyoe added to the Dwarclan Noble.

Shouldn't this be marked as a remix from Core Set 1? I stumbled over this "by accident" :).

There's a link at the top of the description to a collection that has all the new stuff. It's not really a remix of the first set, you can use any of them independently of the others,

UPDATE: Deployment rules updated to correct errata.

The FOREST wont render correctly in my slicer

Try running it through this and then give it another shot.

Question on the game (looking into it first time):

In the rules, it says for an assault, DEF must "MATCH" OFF. Is this correct or it is "Match or be Greater than"? Ie. if I have a DEF 5 and they have an OFF 3 for highest, do I defend or do they defeat?

That's a great question. It should read "equal or greater," so I'll make that change to the docs later today. But yes, a 5 would mean they were defended against a 3 (if those were the two highest results). Thanks for the heads up!

Now that there are four factions, I can print these two sets out and take them to a game night with my friends!

Yes you can! And multiplayer games are a lot of fun. We're putting official multiplayer rules in the core rules post (coming soon) but basically you just use all the tiles, set up the features in the center and equa-distant from the center and each other, and count your teammate's units as allies.

That is awesome!