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3d 100% printed antikythera mechanism

by Kirolab Oct 11, 2016
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I hope this will become available to print through Thingiverse soon! The Antikythera Mechanism is one of the coolest artifacts we've ever dredged up, and I'd love to have one :D

I could really use a instruction on assembling this.

So want to make this! Someone has already posted the Clickspring brass version on YouTube. If you havent already seen it then I would highly recommend it, not only for the precision of the work but to give you an understanding of the mechanism.

I have printed all the parts [due to quality, some several times!] and I am running int a snag!
The gear chain E > F > G > H > I is pretty simple and obvious.
What is weird?
Gear H1 is simply too far from gear G1 for them to engage.
Since the gears and rear panel are marked, I am not putting things in odd places.
Gear I1 is sitting right where H1 could fit, but the support panel says differently.
Has anyone else seen this?
I can get F and G 'talking' to E2 [moon gear system], but there is no way for H1 and G1 to connect.

OK, replying to my own post..I should wash my hands when done...
Gears H and I are definitely swapped on the back and middle plates!
Also have to move the bearing studs for the back-panel; I needs a pass-thru, H doesn't.
I now have the entire 'North End' assembled; F > G > H > I.
SOLB2 gear should be re-cut to a pressure angle of about 35 degrees.
This will make the teeth pointier and engage with C1 and L1 more betterlyfull.

thank you for the info i'll try making it!

its finish now? some instructions to assemble ?
did you continue working on it ?

Do you have instructions on how to assemble? When looking at the files it looks like some of the same pieces are duplicated but with very obvious differences. Such as the front piece has one file with the sides attached and one without the sides attached. I'd love to print this model but really don't want to print unnecessary pieces.
Thank you!

I would love to see more development of this.

Nice!!! I'm glad to see it finished!!

has anyone attempted to print this out ?

I'm in the process of doing so. Going well so far.

Do you mind saying the minimum bed size required? Would love to build this!

So, did the ancient Greeks have PLA, or ABS? :-)
Thank-you for designing and posting this!

We are pretty sure they use ABS, but they had a lot of warping problems with it, since the hot bed was not invented until 1960 ;)

Awesome design. I think the world needs more mechanical calculators. It seems like most if not all of your parts could be laser cut. Have you thought about sharing an svg?


We are in fact working in a laser cut version and in a hibrid version, with both laser and plastic parts.

Do you know when you would finish the design? This looks incredible and I'm really interested in building one!

Hello!, the design is 100% complete, at least the V1.0. Where are working on a better version since there are some building problems, we would like to upload it soon, but we are habing much work lately and can't focus on this project, we are sorry for the delay.

I can't seem to build this.... are there files missing? Or is there and updated version somewhere?

Sorry bmn666, this is a work in progress, there are some files not updated yet, we want to upload them as soon as possible, but we need to make the final check on everything, and lately we are having much work so we cant find time for doing this.

We can tell you that the next update will be a video showing the whole machine, and the moon gears files (the most complex gears and the ones that are delaying everything)

We are sorry for the inconvenient.

Good to hear! I look forward to the update.

Not much of a job then. My compliments.