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Origami Carabiner by ddf3d.com

by Charlie1982 Oct 11, 2016
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Love it, perfect for fixing my camera case. Printed in PLA at 50% - it's plenty strong enough.

What a great design! Printed it just for fun on standard PLA, but it looks amazing! Probably later giving it a try to raise the standard a bit, by upping the infill to 100%


don't print at 100% infill. you can check a lot of youtube videos, and 100% infill is not the strongest (well, it is, but it's not stronger than less than 100%, and it wastes plastic.

Try with 4-6 outer layers instead, and no more than 50% infill. that seems to be pretty much as solid as 100% infill.

About 50-60 kilogram with dasfilament Petg. The spring mechanism broke, the rest is still ok.
printed with variable layer height. Bottom 0.25 and the upper half in 0.15

Amazing desing, with 100% infill I have lifted up to 60 kg without breaking it!!

Wow. Great design. Prints came out perfect!

awesome carabiner! i used petg, 50% infill, 5 perimeters, 0.2 mm layer height on my prusa i3. really good result.

My first 3D print, ever. Design is a good size and strong enough. I used PLA, 80% infill, 0.15 layer height on the ultimaker 2+.

Can I put my own logo on here, print it myself and use it as a free giveaway?

Great thing! Worked great on our Creality Ender 3

Specs Blue:
Size scaled down to 60 mm
layer height 0.2 mm
50% triangle infill
wall width 1.2 mm
upper/lower thickness 0.6 mm
printed with a brim (which was a pain to remove)
Material: DAS FILAMENT PLA "Toms3D Infinity Blue" at 215/60 ° C

Thoughts: this is tiny, yes. But there were no issues while printing because of well thought out details. Issues with the brim were purely my fault. There's just no need for one. For the sake of details i should reduce the layer height, though.

Specs Grey/Orange:
Size scaled down to 70 mm
layer height 0.2 mm
99% concentric infill
wall width 0.8 mm
upper/lower thickness 0.4 mm
printed with a skirt (which was a pain to remove)
Materials: DAS FILAMENT PLA "Anthrazit" at 215/60 ° C and DAS FILAMENT PETG "Leuchtorange" at 250/75° C

Thoughts: While PLA printed perfectly, the PETG parts had some slight issues which may be due to a too high temperature. In both cases, the snapper tends to open for the first degrees at near to no pressure. Maybe turn the eyelet 3-5 degrees counterclockwise?

First of all, very nice Thing. But after a few pull tests the door jumps out of the hook and it starts failing at nearly no weight/force. It seems like a design fault. Maybe the hook needs to be a bit deeper? Can see others have the same problem.

Also a non-branded one would be nice.

Don't believe it's a design issue as my print of it is completely solid - the hook doesn't pop out when strained or otherwise.
I used ABS at full scale and 80% infill, 0.3 layer height.

Edit: Great work, thank you Enerdesign.

Comments deleted.

Really cool design. Great work! I am printing one for each friend right now. I would love a version with a lock mechanism.
Thank you very much for sharing this design with us!

there are versions of carabiners that they make that lock, they do cost money tho iof you private message me i can give you a code for 50% off the price and it comes with unlimited prints look on ddf3d.com for more info

I have a problem where the "legs" of the door keep breaking off as I'm trying to attach them to the carabiners frame. I've tried printing with cpe and pla, with infill from 50-90%. I've had two success, one at 50, the other at 90, but my twelve other attempts have failed.

just made one awesome i love it and will be tipping $5 or more can't wait to see the locking one

Wow, printed very well and the mechanics works surprisingly good.
I'll print more of them in mixed colors :-)

Fill: 80%, Layer height 0.2mm

Printed this the other day and it seems like there's a design flaw with the tension point above the door opening. putting weight on the system, the body flexes open and doesn't even lock into the door. Could I be doing something wrong? I printed the Strong Flex carabiner and it works great.

Hi lifesoccult, grateful for your asking we’re glad you like the design , it’s a good question, we would like say it’s the build in safety design, for people to know the carabiner is getting to overload, consider of people may use different set to print, please understand and still enjoy the print :D

First, Awesome design!
Just add a point that When I use Nylon to print the small part, the fork part stick together forever.

I am glad to show you my beauty. It's printed with Craftunique "PLA Glow in the dark" and turned out just perfectly. Now you can easily locate your keys in the dark.

How much weight can they hold?

Would you put a custom name and logo on the design for $?

yes they do look on dd3d.com for more info

Comments deleted.

Basic settings, I think it's 20-% filled but strong and nice.. I m amazed by the result.. Great work !!

Printed mine at 90% infill. Super strong. No issues!

Fantastic design, but my hook keeps slipping out, releasing the carabiner. The print is 75% ABS, looks perfect, except for the slipping of the hook. Anything I'm obviously doing wrong?

ive had that issue and it has to do with the door warping if you pull it off a heated printer bed as soon as it finishes

Hi heinduplessis

Would like to clarify your issue by pictures or video, could you please upload to “made” or send to us by mail ?

Thank you

he is saying that if you use a heated bed and dont wait for the heated bed to cool down it will warp the piece beyond a usable state

Comments deleted.

I’m so printing this

I made a few. Tested them up to 64 kg. It amazed me how much can it can hold. Printed with Simplify3D in PLA on FlashForge Creator Pro.

Nozzle 0.4mm
Layer 0.18mm
Infil 30%
default Speed = 4800mm/min
internal Infill Pattern = Rectilinear
external Infill Pattern = Concentric

Spring action works surprisingly well especially since it's PLA.

Made one in PLA 15% only. Awesome and relatively strong.
Thanks for the design and sharing.

Printed cleanly in ABS, but when I went to put the snap ring through the carabiner hole, the thing split right up the middle. I do like the design though.

What infill? I did a few at 90% and had no issues.

Never mind - I realized that it's supposed to have a split there- I was just over extruding the heck out of it and it closed up.

Just printed one out PLA, 100%, no support. Popped the parts off the bed and straight to assembly. Works great, no touch-ups at all. Awesome design!

Nice. Love it. I struggle with my first layer to make it pretty, but the rest is awesome. This will make a nice gift for some friends. I also like how clear your brand and text is, even on a fast print. I saw a nice knife on your website, hope it will.also be available to print.

the 3d printed utility knife is still in testing as there is no cover and the blade is fixed so if u put it in your pocket with the blade out u could slash your leg

i'm new in 3d printing, could someone explain me how i change the loops in cura??

In Cura, when choosing the printer setup, click on the "custom" tab. Mouse-over each of the categories, expand them with the down/side arrow, and you can click the setup "gear" to see all the adjustable parameters. You may not be able to adjust a loops parameter directly but turn on "wall line" count) and try changing the wall thickness and the line width. (There's a whole bunch of stuff in there I ignored for my first 10 - 20 prints, but now I'm experimenting with it, such as print speed, etc) Good luck.

Printed this the other day, just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the functionality of the design. Well done.

This is the best thing I ever printed... absolutely perfect design... geniuos... brillant!!!! I printed it with Z-Ultrat on a Zortrax M200 and it looks like injected and feels like chrome steal :)

Is Amazing i print one pair for my Backpack, Thanks

The idea and the design are splendid. Printed one in PLA, not likely to stop on this.
SUGGEST: make the hooks on the lock and loop more "backwards", so that under stretch they grip tight into each other, instead of slipping. Right now the slip line is perpendicular to the direction of the tension.

Found the same:
Tested pulling the 1819242 (origami) and 1008943 (strong flex door) against eachother and the door slips open on the origami :(
The door on the older design 1008943 remains closed and contributes to the overall strength of the carabiner.
Love the look and feel of the origami though :)

Hi teonik
Appreciate your affirm and suggestion, those are good to us.
We choose easy to release not to hook and stuck of these design, and the screw lock for high tension option.
If you're interesting, take a look on our website, https://www.ddf3d.com/goods
Thank you

I saw these, of course they will be more resilient. By the way, have you tried the keylock gripping mechanism, as they do for metal carabiners, like here: https://bigwall.kz/upload/iblock/7be/baad2fc2c985340147ea1e162500826f.jpg ?

Hi teknik
That's a good point, in fact we done some mechanism before, some is for instant way like "keylock", some of those are really interesting but still in progress, will update on our website when we have good result.

Thank you and have a good day :)

The models in the pictures were probably printed at 3mm /sec XD

awesome, printed 2 so far and they are really good, excellent design!

Love the design! I've printed a few myself, is there any reason not to scale it up a little over 200%? lol my friend really wants an 8 inch one.

These worked great scaled down to 40% as a clip for my ID badge at work.

This was my first make, started within 10 mins of randomly stumbling into my university's new maker lab I didn't know existed, chatting with the guy running it for a bit, making my thingiverse account, and picking this as the coolest thing I saw in a few minutes of browsing the site!

I'm not sure the exact settings used, but the makerbot software kinda did everything after just loading the STL files in. It was able to do both pieces in one print on a makerbot mini using bright orange PLA. Took a few minutes of cleaning it up with my pocket knife, and was very happy with the result! It's currently holding my keys onto the shoulder strap of my backpack.

Thanks for the design, Charlie1982!

printing classic lock design now thx for following thru on ure end

Hi bigibomb
Appreciate your understand.
Please feel free to give us comment, and post your print result back.
Thank you :)

i knew you guys took time on it just cause of your previous carabiners none have broke on my so far

uploaded a make of origami carabiner and lock carabiner

Appreciate your feedback so fast!
You also can adjustment print size, Origami can scale from 85% to 200%, and Classic Lock can scale from 75% to 200%.
Thank you again for your support :)

my print bed is just barely to small to pint it at 200%

i dont mind supporting people like you and the company cause your cause is worthy and i agree u need money to keep up the great designs

Do I need a special filament for this?

Hi pndb
Design for general FDM 3D printer print by PLA or ABS material.
When print on scale 1, infill 50%, nozzle 0.4mm, shell loop 3, general can load 15-35kg load.
ABS is better than PLA on tensile load and flexible spring strength.
And we also use Nylon and POM to make really strong result :)

What did you print the POM on? What surface?

For POM to stick, you need a very sticky surface, we use thick glue or tape.

how much u think ABS 80% infill and 5 shells can hold

This will be a strong print!
I think in scale 1, Origami can hold 30kg, and Classic Lock can hold 40kg, and both will break on 1.5X than hold.
If you are going to try, please make yourself safe!
Have a great day :)

both those carabiners in the make are 80% infill 5 shell blue one is ABS white is PLA

How did they do?

i dont recall but they are insanly strong