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The Hammerhead - Handheld Kinect Grip

by tbuser Feb 25, 2012
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Hello, i can translate screws nut dimension etc in french, we don't have 1/2", or 1/4 or 0.75".
Someone have in french.translation please like O8mm, 20mm long

25.4 times (1/4) is 6.35 mm -- close to the diameter of M6.
25.4 times 0.75 makes 19.05 mm -- almost 20mm.

So a 1/4"x.75" bolt can be substituted by a 20mm M6 bolt, probably. The heads are a little smaller but that shouldn't matter.

Hi I have made the handle but was wounded in how did you connect the handle to the kinect? There are no screw holes to screw in. Can I see how the handle screws in?

There are holes that I just dug the screws into and it bites into the plastic.

I will definitely use this one once my Kinect AC adapter arrives, sick design.

Useful and a really fine desgin.
Thank you!

What color of pla filament did you use? or is it abs? where I could get that filament? thanks nice design...

Thank you for making this. So useful. Be cool if the cord traveled through the body and came out the bottom or near the bottom. Just saying. :-)

Hello im new to this and runing on Mac buildt my self a power adaptor usb konvertera for my xbox 360 kinect. what software do you guys advise me to use to get it working when scanning :)

Is there a reason that the grip and the second piece were printed as two separate parts and then bolted together? Couldn't you just make a single piece and not need the extra bolt? Or all 3 pieces for that matter, and just use the 4 screws.

Hey, I made a derivative with just one part: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:242208http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Kinect handle

Mainly to keep it modular and make the parts re-usable for other things too.

Is there a chance somebody could remix the ar15griptripod and put the captive hex for the nut on the inside of the handle instead of the outside, thanks in advance

Force the threads into the holes? You are DIY folks! Use a 10-32 thread tap! =D

haha yeah that too :)

Please excuse my stupidity... how does the kinect attach to the bracket? The 4 holes on the bottom of the Kinect are not threaded and I do not see how the base comes apart. Please explain.

Yeah, you basically force the screw threads into the holes. It's not great, but it works well enough if you're careful.

Got it. It was a struggle, but it came together, My hands hurt!

Absolutely great design. Just printed the mount, needed one for a stand. Fit perfectly with the nuts and screws. In one word: EXCELLENT!

Great this is going to very handy

Did you print the AR15 Grip-rotated file oriented as shown in the image or could one lay it on its side and print without support material?

I printed it as it is oriented in the this stl file.  It prints fine without support that way.

You have made my week. Great thing!

Im sooo new at this 3d printing. My mind is still tryin to recover from all the things you can make. I have a question. I have the kinect and I was wondering if the KinectFusion software is free?


Very cool. I am a little confused on the internal screw part. You say to use a 1/4" bolt and nut, but I do not see how to connect the ar15griptripod to the ar15grip...

hmmm.. I could just abs cement them, the tripod bolt is still accessible from the bottom..

To join them, you use a screw inside the handle (need a long screw driver). That internal screw just digs into the adapter - the hole is undersized.

But it is a bolt, right? The other 1/4" -.75 So you would use a socket wrench. Or did you use another screw not in the build instructions?

Does this AR style grip also work with actual AR receivers?

It was originally posted during the whole "weapons on Thingiverse" fiasco, and people were throwing their hands in the air complaining that the handle will kill a lot of people... so, yes

Good to know! :)

LOL very cool. I'd deleted the AR grip files recently and was surprised to see your derivative. It's cool to see it used constructively!

I hadn't heard of ReConstructMe before. Thanks so much for the post. If the NC version of the software works as advertised, I may be printing this object. Otherwise, my Kinect sensor will sit right where it is. :) Affordable 3D scanning would make my business goals jump through the roof. I'm willing to pay for this software, but love the idea that they're willing to give it to people for non-commercial use. People are finally figuring it out... give it away first, then sell it. Makes sense. If I love it, I'll buy it. Otherwise, I'll move on to the next best thing. But don't ever knock on my door, trying to sell anything. If I wanted it, I'd already own it. I like the style that the guys at "ReConstructMe" are using. It's a powerful style... not much media hype, but they're offering some amazing things for free. At least for now... until they reach enough downloads and positive results that they realize they can be multi-millionaires. Unfortunately, that's also the point where the software will go to hell. History repeats itself, I'm sad to say. Everyone puts money first. That's the downfall of our social world. If we learned to provide services to others, and put that first, the money would come in hand over fist.

Take your negative rant and sit on it. Just because they are successful and start selling something does not mean they will fail and become like"everyone else". If they make money, the quality will go UP not down because they will want to keep making money. You sir, are a hater.

You are a genius. Thanks, I'm printing this right away to get ready for moday when I get to play with this dealio. :)