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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Jack Skellington articulated hand extender

by supinemonkey Oct 6, 2016
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I love this! I am working on a Jack Skellington peeking up from behind a tombstone and these hands are perfect.
Thank you for sharing these.

You mentioned that these are based on your modular hand design. I would love to see that if it is available.
(do you have a patreon or other site with more of your work?)

Also, like so many others, I would absolutely love to see a human skeleton hand version of this!

First, congratulate yourself on the design
The manual articulation system, I think it's great
I understand that hand and articulation, are printed at one time.
At the moment, I am working on a fully functional robotic hand project, activated by servos and an intelligent management system ...
I hope soon I will be able to upload the STL files to share with all the users
Thanks for sharing your models

Im trying to make this for my 4 year old so I really need to get the size down. I load it on my Matter software but says its to big. Try to change the size but it times out saying to much memory. I'm still new at this. Any ideas or can you send me a smaller version? I printed the normal size and it was amazing but need it smaller for him

This is absolutely awesome! Has anyone made or could anyone make a 5 fingered version?

Very, very nice! I'm going to try to use with with one of my Halloween props.

A few questions...

  • Any chance you might be able to post the source files (OpenSCAD, whatever)?

  • How hard would it be to add a fourth finger (i.e., have four fingers and a thumb)?

  • From your video, it looks like you have a right hand and a left hand, however the full STL file seems to only be the left hand. Any chance you could post an STL for the right hand?

Thank you for your time, and thanks for posting this really cool hand.

Ok, I've successfully printed one hand. A few tricks I used (on our Makerbot Replicator 2X) :

  • Had to scale it to 90% in order to get it to fit on the print bed.

  • Resolution was 0.3mm.

  • Printed without a raft.

  • Printed without support.

  • Reduced infill to 10%.

  • Reduced number of shells to 2.

  • The filament I'm using is 1.75mm (it really is 1.75mm thick), so I told the slicer (Makerbot software) that it was really 1.80mm. This means that less than the normal amount of filament will be extruded over any given distance.

  • FYI, I'm using Hatchbox filament, which I've discovered prints really well with an extruder temp of 250C and a bed temperature of 110C.

Even with the above changes, a few of the knuckle joints were still stuck, but I was able to free them up by gently using an Xacto knife to free the knuckles. Since I need two hands for my project, I think I'm going to set the filament thickness to 1.85mm so even less filament is extruded.

I clicked the "I Made One" button and uploaded a short video I made showing the first test.

After playing around with this, I see that the hand can be used for either a right hand or a left hand, once all the extra parts are attached. Very cool.

How long are the fingers on this??? I need long fingers for a Slenderman costume

I printed these at 150% on my CR-10 to use with my Silence cosplay.
Worked a charm. Great design, a little tricky getting the tensions right but all in all, brilliant. Cant wait for your future remixes of it you mentioned!

Comments deleted.

Are there any picture or video guides on how to put together the parts?
I'm not too great at this.

I printed these and they are awesome! I am having assembly problems too. This is fairly complex. I get all of it except feed the stretchy string through the holes in the palm and secure in the upper corners with a small screw and washer. Also I do not get what makes the hands spring back open. I was hoping for the assembly video too.

I'm having problems printing this. my printer is calibrated perfect for size, but I cant seem to print things that fit inside of other things (i.e. if i print this, the parts that are supposed to move will be stuck together) is there any way to fix this?
The extrusion and calibration of the x, y and z axis are perfect.

Hard to say, but maybe it's a bridging problem. Is it the pulleys or the finger joints that aren't working, or both?

everything. I think its something to do with the slicer not set up right for negative

I find using a .25 nozzle helps a lot. Also you might try a different slicer.

I have managed get one printed so that the parts move by reducing the filament extrusion to 50%
The hand looks great however the thumb doesn't move properly, I could reduce it a little more.
The problem I am having now is that the pulleys in the palm are way too weak and the top breaks off as soon as I try to move them.

Just had to print and take out the pulleys in the palm, they were just too fragile.
Hopefully I can figure a way out to rig it without them

I'm hoping to get this printed, they look awesome, doing the first hand now.

I printed most parts of the hand, and it seems that there are missings holes in the hand to match those in "thumb baker" part... Is it ok to glue it?

BTW, how did you design it? What software did you use?

Hi - thanks for bringing this up. I did a fix on the hand model to add back those pin holes. Yes, you can glue the backer on if you are using the previous version. I used 3dsmax for the modelling. Please post your make!

Thanks. Is there a specific part to put over the 'hand_plam_cover', so the surface is not so flat (mirror side)?

Love this. Really fantastic work. Totally going to try and print before Halloween. Thanks for sharing!

Cool, let me know how it goes. Thanks!