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Jango Fett Style Mandalorian Helmet - Printable

by AprilStorm Sep 23, 2016
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The helmet looks gorgeous! I will start the print soon but was wondering what the little triangle shaped pieces at the bottom of the front dome are supposed to be? They seem to block the connection with the back dome or am i missing something? Any help would be appreciated!

I love the slots and tabs on this helmet, it makes assembly a lot easier than most multi-part prints.

This helmet was made from these files. I would have liked it better if the dome was in one piece.

One question, with the last update would not have to rescale anything from the helmet, right?

There where a couple of parts on the rear of the helmet that where set at the incorrect scale that where replaced with new files

Then I just have to print it with the new files? And it would be the correct scale

Yes it should work. But I would always check everything I print anyway. I made these files over 3 years ago so its been a while since I printed using this version

Thank you very much for everything, the design is impressive

Awesome file. I have tried other models but this is by far the best I have tried. And for anyone concerned about the size, from what I gather the regular size helmet should be about 26cm wide and I find scaling this model to 113% gets it pretty close.

Could we get an assembled version of this? Mostly for figuring out what size to print things at.

are supports needed for this print? if so just on the domes??

Honestly depending on your printer about the only part that would need supports would be the keyhole section, even then if your printer is good at bridging then it should be fine

Is the rangefinder design to move?

Looks like it, yea

I find the rear keyholes segment to be printing at a different scale than the rest bucket. Any recommendations to match it? I am hoping to get a working bucket for my merc application.

I'm nearly done printing this and noticed in a trial assembly that the scaling for the front pieces on my print (S_FrontTop & S_FrontBottom_B) are sized differently from the rear piece (S_EarBase_Right). It seems that scaling may be off on one axis only, as the other two appear to match fine. Any suggestions/help?

hi brill model but just want to ask a question .....how does the part S_FrontTop_v2 fit together plz mine dosent slot into place its really off thanks

Hey AprilStorm! Any chance you could post the file of the helmet in one piece, except for the removable earcap for the range finder? My printer is capable of printing the entire helmet in a single piece when scaled for an adult.

Comments deleted.

Hi! AprilStorm, i think there is a problem with scale in some parts. The back part is not compatible with the others. Could you check it for us please? If you don`t have time, what is the original filetype ? Are you interested on sell it? Maybe we can export the STL parts by myselves. Thanks!

I had this problem as well, just that one piece: S_RearKeyHoles, it was longer than the rest. Was that the same problem you encountered, Iury? Otherwise, It printed very well, definitely the best Mando helmet I've found for printing!

Hi! Exactly this one! How you solved this problem? Have you scaled the part to the same height from the others? Thanks!

I haven't attempted to scale it my self yet, hoping for a correction from the designer. It's odd that the piece only seems off in one dimension, but that could mean it's an easy fix in rhino.

for some reason that i don't know, when i open the files at tinkercad online, all the parts fits perfectly. i tried to upload, then download S_RearKeyHoles and i will do a test when be at home. So curious..

Ops! Another problem. The tree botton rear pieces are perfectly fitted themselves, but are different from the others...
I'm not very good with STL files. I normally use solidworks files. I think it's just a question of scale.

I brought these into Blender to have a look. It's a great design, as usual, but there are some problems with duplicates, scaling and perhaps a slightly confusing filename. There are two duplicate files with larger scaling than the rest, except for the rear holes section which actually matches this larger scaling. This scaling only appears to be larger on two axes, X and Z, not Y. The naming of one file (LeftEar) is confusing, it's actually a 'base' piece.

I'm going to try printing the following:

Ignore (duplicates)...



S_RearKeyHoles.stl: X 0.985, Y 0.953

It still isn't a perfect match but it looks a lot closer on screen.

Comments deleted.

do any parts need support?

After printing, every part, it looks as this helmet is scaled for a child. This helmet is just so fantastic, what should each part be scaled by to fit an adult?

Great Helmet, just wondering if some of the pieces are sized different printed all the pieces and some of them don't seem to fit together, printed straight of the files.
Do I have to rescale some pieces ?

they all should fit together. Which parts are not scaling properly?

for the ear base there is two different files, the first one I printed was smaller and sis not line up with the back piece and the front piece did not fit in the slot that was in the piece, the second one I printed lines up with the back piece and the front piece fits into the slot, but the front piece is about 6mm to short to line up with the ear piece and the front top piece

thanks for pointing that out, I might have got the files mixed up. you should be able to resize it easy enough using something like netfabb basic. but i will upload newer versions when I get a chance

This is amazing AprilStorm. I took a look at the files and was curious if there are duplicates or what the S_ stands for in the file names. I was looking to print and didn't know what LeftBase or RightBase to print.

Thanks again for posting these and looking forward to hearing back.

the S_ is for small, I made a few different sizes before I standardized on what small is.

Nice work you did. Do you have the measurement of the helmet. I am building a helmet at the moment with the templates from wizard of flight, i am already sanding :)

Awesooome buy'ce !!!

What do you use for the visor if may ask?

there is a shop called http://www.t-visor.com/ but i don't have any expirience with it, seems good so far

Thank you for uploading this! Best 3d printable mando helmet I've seen. Is there a possibility to get a single piece (at least the main helmet) file uploaded for those with large format printers?

No, this was specifically designed to print in ABS, not PLA, so printing something this large in ABS as one part is problematic at best because of shrinkage. There are other models out there that are done as a whole. This was modeled in parts with allowances for shrinkage in plastic.

No, this was specifically designed to print in ABS, not PLA, so printing something this large in ABS as one part is problematic at best because of shrinkage. There are other models out there that are done as a whole. This was modeled in parts with allowances for shrinkage in plastic.

does this mean that PLA wont work? cause that's all i have access to at the moment.

PLA should work, the finished result should not be as impact resistant as ABS but it will be much easier to print without it warping. Also, you can simply glue it using 2 part epoxy or super Glue.