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Vintage "Perpetual" Flip Calendar

by otvinta3d Sep 22, 2016
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Rather than scraping the cards, couldn't I just scale the Y axis slightly to make them all a little thinner? Any recommendations on how much, like 2.95mm each?

You can try it but keep in mind that the cards are already very thin, and if you make them even thinner, you may have trouble keeping them in an upright position during printing.

We now have month rings in French and German in addition to English, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Just a suggestion: Would you mind to re-design legs to use round insert nuts, rather than normal nuts. Will look much nicer and even professional.
I mean this Suleve nuts https://www.banggood.com/100pcs-M3x5x5mm-Metric-Threaded-Brass-Knurl-Round-Insert-Nuts-p-1050182.html

Cheers, Dmitriy

What are recommended settings to print this? wall thickness etc? layer height, infill? Thank you

silly question: where do i put the washer?

Secure the month ring with it once you have mounted it onto the base,

oh yeah - der!

Thanks mate

did you print the numbers standing (like a lithophane) or laying flat?

Standing, as they are double-sided.

Great design, but mine is running backwards! I've put the cards in as per the last image, but it is counting down from 31 to 1 rather than counting up!

You may be looking at the calendar from the wrong side then. The window through which the numbers are showing should be at the bottom, not at the top.

Yes, numbers at the bottom and rotating the same as shown in the video! I've opened it back up and checked the layout of the cards too.
I must have done something wrong, I'll check it again!

I’m assuming the calendar is not “smart” enough to know which months have 31 days, 30 days, and 28 days, right?

That's correct.

The model for the calendar base (cal_base.stl) was uploaded upside down. We just fixed it.

That really ingenues. I like it :)
Given your passion for mechanisms i'm supersized u haven't done your own automated remix version with gears and stuff. Although I guess you'ed have to employ a micro-controller to deal with time keeping to reducing the mechanical complexity and power consumption.

Did u come up with the day counting mechanism or was it already a thing?

Back in the 60s and 70s they made those out of metal. Do a Google image search on "metal perpetual flip calendar" to see some pictures.

ah yeah i guess i have seen them around but never really payed them any attention. I used to have one of those flip clocks but that's a slightly different mechanism. There's just something very pleasing about the simplicity of the flip calendar.

I love this! Once I print it, I will post a picture of it. Thank you!

What a fantastic thing.
Thanks very much I've made it as a gift for Valentine's Day.
What a romantic I am. :)

Glad you liked it. If you can, please post a photo of your make here.

I love this toy... Is there some easy way to have the months name in Italian, like GEN FEB MAR APR MAG GIU LUG AGO SET OTT NOV DIC ?
My wife doesn't speak English and gets confused (we're both 70...); I'm struggling to make changes by myself, but with Tinkercad it'd take weeks of work and headache!
P.S. The numbers are OK in Italian too... 8-))

Although it may be a bit late, but I did create an Italian version of the month ring, and also a Spanish and Russian ones. You can download them from http://www.otvinta.com/download04.html.

Thanks a lot! It's a Xmas gift for me...

Please post the photo of your make if you can.

Please email us at h-e-l-p@o-t-v-i-n-t-a DOT com (remove the dashes) to discuss.

Did you print the cards on edge or did you lay them down flat on the print bed?

You have to print them vertically (on edge) since they are double-sided.

i think the box needs a little modification. I have just printed it and there is no enough room for all the numbers.. i had to left two cards outside so the box could work... maybe i can fix that by modifiy the height on cura.... adding 3mm more

No, everything should work the way it is, but you do need to give each side of each number card a good scraping. We used a scissor blade for that.

If you have a digital caliper, measure the whole stack. 17 x 3 = 51, but right off the printer, the stack will probably measure 2 or 3 mm thicker. You need to bring this difference down to 1 mm or less. It may take a good 15 to 20 minutes of scraping.

Where do I scrape? Sorry for stupid quesiton :)

Or in my case, 4mm thicker.. yikes.

definetely wont be fixed by modify height... holes for legs will be affected as well as the hole for the card.... maybe you need to fix the file

I started printing this and noticed that the pictures and description calls for M2 screw and nuts, the STL for the leg doesn't have any mounting holes. Did the design change to use self-tapping screws?

Apologies, and thanks for pointing it out. The fixed leg has just been uploaded. Thanks again.