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Adjustable Belt Tensioner/Tightener and Belt Tie (Tevo Tarantula)

by supasorn Sep 20, 2016
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I printed a set of the normal size 2.8 tensioners for my Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus. Appeared to work great and really cleaned up salmon skin and wiggling on the outside of a calibration cube test. Then during the first benchy one of them exploded and shot accross the room. Printing the Thicc 2.8 versions now to see how they hold up. I printed the original ones at 100% infil in Solutech Premium PLA.

thank you bro this is perfect

This little guy has my belts tighter than a violin string.

Made these today for a new kossel delta build after getting fed up with installing the spring clips. Thank you !!

I printed several belt clips and, so far, one tensioner. THE DIFFERENCE IN QUALITY IS NIGHT AND DAY!!! Absolutely flabbergasted how much of a difference these simple addons made. Wonderful job Supasorn!

Edit: I'll get some make photos uploaded with the next batch. I've already added those that I've printed to my y-belt... and that's not the easiest spot to photograph ;-P

can these be printed in PLA and still be strong enough?

I actually printed them in PLA and they're working well so far.
I printed with 4 outer parameters but I forget the infill % I used, but if you're worried about strength of the parts you can print them with a higher infill % or more parameters. Print time will increase but overall strength should as well.

That’s great news thanks, and thanks so much for getting back to me. I think I’m just gonna print them 100% infill to be sure. to get that level of quality it’s worth the wait

Comments deleted.

strange, the clip thing doesnt work on my belt (also a tevo tarantula). Its too wide and the belt just slips right out.
The tension itself works like a charm though! I printed it in the wrong orientation like a dummy so the hole got messed up but i was able to fix that w/o a reprint oddly enough. Now my belt is nice and tight!

works like a sharm, thanks for sharing :)

this thing fucking saved my life. Thanks!!

What length m3 bolt did you use in the picture?

This doesn't fit on my Monoprice Mini. Hits the print head on the way by. Bummer.

I had the same issue until I fiddled with the position of the small movable piece. Works perfectly on my V2.

Does it works for the tevo tornado?

WHere can i find the belt holder?

The 2.7mm version fit the belts on my TEVO Tarantula perfectly. So nice to have the proper belt tension now with ease!

What length bolt are you guys using for this, especially the guys with the Anycubic i3 mega.

Very elegant and works great!

Prints fast, great improvement. But if you print ABS inside an enclosure, it will melt down during printing and the belt will loosen itself.Thanks man! Great thing!

used in on my A8: the best and simple belt-tensioner!

Thanks you ludodg!

How can I tell if the belt on my Monoprice Select Mini is the right tension?

perfect fit for my Wanhao i3. Can't believe that I never got rid of the stupid spring tensioner on the y axis before.

Comments deleted.

This work really good on my Anycubic I3 Mega ultrabase. Printed the standard one but used the shortest screw that would get the job done to clear the extruder shuttle.

Used on both the x-axis and y-axis belts and effectively eliminated my current issue with zits from overshooting in places.

Great simple design.

could you please share a picture how you installed this on the i3 Mega?


Here are the pictures, got caught up playing some rocket league and forgot. I used 8mm hex screws i think M2 or M3.

Plenty of clearance from the end stops and does not hit the shuttle.

Thanks will print and add to my mega shortly.
What way up did you print your clamp at or did you use supports?

I believe they import into the slicer in the correct orientation but just in case they dont they should print with no supports with the arms up (e.g. arms up and screw hole horizontal). basically take the last image up at the top of the page and rotate 90 degrees right.

Huge help! Thanks for sharing!

Thank ypu very much!

I will take some pictures of them when i get home (about 2hr) along with the set screw length I used since I believe I needed to use shorter screws to make the x-axis clear the extruder shuttle.

Fits perfectly for my Anycubic i3 Mega on Y belt. Works great!

Well done. Big 2.8 works well with Flashforge creator pro.


Works fine with the new Anet A6 ?

I tried and not really works good with ANET A6 :/

Love this thing. I was surprised how simple it was to remove the spring tensioner and install this one. Took me less than 10 minutes, keeps the belt nice and tight, and completely fixed my Y axis shifting problems. Thanks for making it!

Will this work for the y belt too?

Yes. Just tilt it when screwing.

this also works perfectly with the Anet A8, just make sure you put it on the lower part of the belt close to the extruder like this:


Thank You. It Works perfectly. Very stable

what is the difference between the sizes? what size does the TT use? It has "big 2.7mm" or "big 2.8mm"

I know the question is year old, but I'll answer here if anyone else wants to know:
2.8mm and 2.7mm are just different screw hole sizes. Because it doesn't use nut, the hole has to be tight but different printers have different tolerances. So 2.7mm is better choise, but use 2.8mm if it is too tight.

I use the 2.7mm "standard" version, and it seems to fit the belt of my TT perfectly!

Where can this be mounted on the Anet A8 belts without crashing into stuff??

mount it close to the extruder assembly on the left lower belt like this:


use one of the shorter screws so it doesn't rub against the metal bar for the X axis

there are many belt tensioners designed specifically for the a8. I would use those, they work perfectly for mine.

Thanks for the file. Worked great on my Anet A8. I initially put the belt on far too loose but this did the job great!

Absolutely love this thing. Super quick no-fuss fix for belt play, prints immediately got better after installing.

This was the first "real" part I made on my tarantula. Perfect. Great simple and effective.

Like the belt tie. Helps to hold the belt in place and if you want, you can add a zip tie for stability. have you ever had these work their way off a belt?

Thanks! They have never come off. So far so good!

Amazing, simple, quick to print design that works just as well as anything more fancy. Thank you!

Worked great. Thank you

Comments deleted.

can you tell me how this actually tensions?

The screw when tightened pushes down the middle block against the belt, tightening the belt that it's on.

Best belt tensioner available!

It works great! Thanks :D

Printed in ABS on a FlashForge Creator Pro. Hole was the perfect size for a M3 screw. Printed two for the Y-Axis (one each side). While my previous prints were great, they are now fantastic.

Hole was a bit too big, but otherwise, fantastic design! I ended up using a couple of nuts since it wouldn't self tap. Thanks a lot for the part

could not deal with that:
perhaps it is impossible to move so far itself, but if i put the x-axis to the right the part would collide to the z-nut-acryl or the screw head of it.
on my printer the belt is very near to the screw.
or would need to mount the nut under the 2040 profile instead on top, than there were no problem.

Really neat design. Works very well with some modification. I downsized the screw hole to 2.50 mm diameter and tapped it post print. The threads would strip out as soon as I tried tightening it with the original setup.

Works perfectly! Thank you for this amazing simple design.

Fantastic! I was thinking about designing this exact thing in Fusion when I said to myself, "Self. Let's see if somebody beat me to it." And there you were. So great of you to upload the Fusion file as well. Thanks so much!

Very nice minimalist design. I didn't use the clip, just put the adjuster inline on both the X and Y belts. Super easy and works great. Thanks for this thing...

Thank you Ronx!