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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Wanhao Duplicator I3 Bowden Extruder for E3D V6 / Clone

by chanders Sep 18, 2016
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I know this is a little old but what are you using to manage your cables? It looks like a much better system than the cable chain since my cable chains are starting to crack apart

Does anyone happen to know if this mount would be compatible with the e3d v6 volcano?
The volcano heater block is mounted vertically and as such is a few mm's taller, so I figure that it would require modifying the z-stop at the least.

Thank you very much to the creator. This is a fantastic design!

so what about the bearings/?

Do this fit on tronxy p802ma?

Hi, can you upload X carriage that you use to slide on axis with bearings?

can you print flexbile filaments well with bowden set ups?

You can but you have to go real slow

Is there anything I should note if I wanted to do this mod with a 3mm E3D v6 hotend?

I dont have a 3mm hotend so I cant say for sure but if the aluminum is the same size where it mounts on the bracket you shouldnt have any problems.

This is awesome, thanks! My one question is: is it possible to keep the existing hotend from the Wanhao i3? Or do bowden set ups require a JHead hot end

Bolt-On Bowden Mount For a Stock Monoprice Maker Select V2.1, Wanhao Duplicator i3

You will have a lot of modification that needs to be done if you use the direct drive hot end the printer came with. Best bet is to spend $18 for a JHead clone like the one I used.

Hi, this looks great. The only thing I'm not sure about is removing the drag chain and using the black tubing instead. Is it possible to keep using the drag chain with this design? Why did you remove it?

I have an extra stepper motor cable which I want to use and let the existing one inside the drag chain. It couldn't really hurt if it stays there.

You can leave the drag chain. I removed it because I found it looked better without.

How much if any z height is lost? Thanks.

the fan sticks out a couple of mm too much and hits the frame of my Monoprice V2. That's loosing me 40mm at the top at the moment ...

Are you saying 40mm out of 180mm?So you can only get it to go up to 140mm high right?

correct. I made my own brackets https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2222537

Monoprice Maker Select V2 (Wanhao i3) - e3d clone bowden mount
by uwe999

Great work with this. I've been contemplating moving to a bowden on my i3 Plus, and I think this design just tipped me over the edge. Anything you would change about the conversion now that you've been using it for a while? Did you need to change anything with the firmware other than PID tuning?

YOu will lose a little Z-height. If you print tall items this may bean issue. For me, I have not had any issues at all.

Just got mine up and running. Great Work!!!

What kind of settings are you using for Retraction Distance and Speed?

My settings:
Retraction Distance 6mm
Retraction Speed 60

Comments deleted.

Did you use E3D V6 12V or 24V?

This uses a 24V heater

Okay, I just spent hours fitting this, and it's done now. Currently printing various calibration objects. Many thanks for designing this.

A few things to note to anyone that wants to print this.

  • Fan duct can be printed with no support if cooling is good.

  • There's 8 holes & M4 screws to mount the assembly to the bearing blocks, but 4 of them cannot be used with the original screws - must be cap head rather than button head (~16mm M4 cap head screws).

  • The drag chain can be mounted using the 2 screw holes for the X endstop holder. Those 2 holes should have been M3, but the holes are only 2.5mm, so use an allen key to rim them out.

  • If the pins are removed from the extruder motor connector, the wires can be easily threaded through. Best using a blade to remove the pins.

  • The Y endstop mount replaces the original bracket, and the endstop is fitted sideways. I used the 2nd to last set of holes, and I lost about 5mm of build are, YMMV. Thread the holes before trying to fit it, because it's really fiddly and took me a while. I had to cut the cable tie so that the endstop will reach.

  • The fan duct does not seem to cool as well as the Thorped.

  • I used 500mm PTFE tube. It seems to be alright.

  • Mounting the belt on a printed bearing block with integrated tensioner seems to be way stronger. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1206926

That's all for now.

X Axis Belt Tensioner for Wanhao i3, Monoprice Maker Select, Cocoon Create etc.

What did you use to mount the drag chain? I see it in the pictures but no files for it.

There is a new y axis mount to use for adjustment but there is no mention of where or how it's installed. Could you post a pic?


Can you re-use the stock drag chain? It LOOKS like you could, if the 4 extruder stepper wires can be pulled out. Not sure if it'll make the heater wires soldering more difficult though?

You most definitely can. If you are careful the connectors can be threaded through but it's a pain to do.

Hi Chanders,

thanks for the awesome remix. I've printed out both of these e3d mounts separately and this one fits the bill perfectly for my maker select 2.1 i3. anyhow, what bowden did you end up going with? i saw the bowden mount you have but was just curious which extruder setup you went with. thanks again!

nevermind... the mount IS the extruder. it repurposes the original direct drive and relocates it. awesome!

Which extruder did you use?

The stock extruder was used

Great design and documentation. An aside question. What belt tensioner is shown on the first pic? Also what control box fan mod is shown in that same picture? Cheers

Adjustable GT2 Belt Tensioner
Wanhao i3 Backplate w/ 80mm fan
by shaiss

Can you add a video show all printer? how spool set? do you add engine to the PTFE ?

Beautiful design and an excellent write up. Thank you so much for sharing. Question, did you print the example in ABS?

Thanks. Its all in PLA and works wonderfully.

Fantastic! Thanks again.