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Soldier 76 gun (Overwatch)

by carloemil Sep 17, 2016
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Just a heads up, the Left Part Cylinder Barrel and the Right Part Cylinder Barrel are named wrong. The Left part is actually the right and the right is actually the left.

so if i print at 150% would it be about life size or close enough? great design. Thanks for sharing.

The stand on this is for the tiny one, how muhc should i scale it up to fit the big one? Are the scales in the other pieces already fixed? tHanks!

Hey, I was wondering how you went about modeling this. I am working on Soldiers summer rifle and having issues. Mainly with areas I can't see because the in game model doesn't really rotate to allow you to get all the angles.

Hey, I used some pictures from I found of the gun right from the side and then traised the lines... And the a lot of guessing cuz it is difficult to make perfect


Trying to print this out and Ive been having massive issues (mostly my fault) but the scaling on this is odd. To get it the right size I had to scale up the trigger part 200% and the rest by 150%. But to do that I've had to divide the pieces to make them printable. One piece had to split into 4 smaller ones for me.

Other than that so far so good!

So I have started my print with the default parts, I didnt think about scaling it up. I am worried now that I am creating something small...
what do you think?

Hey thanks so much for this. Your a great molder and I dont even know how you do it.

I have a customer who wants this printed full scale. I want to use the broken up pieces, do I print one of each file that begins with a number?

Hey could someone tell me what the total length of the rifle is once printed is? And I mean the full scale one that's been broken into multiple pieces.

675 mm ~ 26.5"

That scale isn't correct when you look at Blizzard's reference files. I ended up scaling mine up to 1250%, which puts it right at around 33". 33" is much closer to 1:1 for my height. When looking at the reference photos from Blizz, Soldier 76 is 6'1" and the Pulse Rifle is a little shy of 36". I'm 5'10", so 33" will be just fine. The only gripe that I have with the files is that the trigger scale is off and I haven't found a happy medium yet. Otherwise, this thing is spot on. I've printed the whole thing using a Monoprice Select Mini.

Oh great, thanks man! I'm actually 6'1" myself so I guess I'd be doing about 36" for scale. Excited to get started on this now, I've got a ROBO 3D R1+ so that's what I'll be using.

What scale does this need printing at to get to the right size

1000 percent i think try putting into a slicer and scale it up and se if its about right...

Hey man, awesome work. Seriously awesome. Me and the kid have been having a blast on this. One quick thing. The scale of Trigger Part 1 is off. I am playing with it now and seeing how it prints when I scale it

The scale factor for the trigger part (1) is 1.346. So you have to multiply all dimensions for 2_Trigger_Part_1.stl with 1.346 in your slicer. 2_Trigger_Part_2.stl seems to be correct though!

yeah i think i noticed that when i looked at the model myself. if you find the right scale i would be happy if you would write to me. then i can fix it and upload it in the right scale. :D

I looked at the other side and just took the scale factor. It looked right but I ran out of filament at 80% of the print. Going to try just taking the other side and mirroring it. Should be the safest way.

Again, seriously awesome project. I got my printer for Christmas and this is a good print for me and my son to get used to it.

hey there did you get the scale factor down?

I'm not sure I know what you mean

for the trigger part. Because its smaller than all the other pieces. Do either of you get the exact scalar to fix?

I used Tinkercad to mirror it then had a big jam and had to disassemble everything.
Anyway I have the file if you want it. If you guys send me your email I'll send the file.

Cant wait to get this finished up. My son asked me to get a head start on his halloween costume and is a big overwatch fan. Should be a fun print, thank you!

I'm trying to print this full-scale but the thing is I have to chop it into pieces, is it possible if you can upload one with the side barrels separated and that tube at front, so I can slice it into pieces better? I tried doing it but it came out bad haha .Thanks in advance.

One guy already have done this and he send me the files, if you will give me a minute I will upload them.

Hope it will go well :)

Dude you are a fucking legend for this. I'm getting a print of this started now!!

Thank you dude, hope your print will go well :D

wicked! thanks!

Love it!! Just printed it at FULL SCALE! I'll post a pic tomorrow

Hey there I found your print and was psyched because I've been wanting to make Soldier 76's weapon. But I noticed when I opened the STL file in netfabb(slicer program) the tip of the gun next to the barrel a portion of the gun that's supposed to be kinda squarish suddenly cuts insharp. What I mean is that the two sides of the tip of the gun aren't the same. I know that isn't a big deal but I'm just having a hard time trying to figure out how to edit that. If it's too much to ask to fix it, do you think you can send me the original file so I could possibly do it?

im dont really get what you mean, but i can send you the original file, but i made the gun in fusion 360. i will gladly fix the file if you send me a picture with like a red ring around the part you want me to fix, and i will look into it.

Thank you for letting me know.