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Monoprice Select Mini Z-Axis Rod Stabilizers

by USWaterRockets Sep 17, 2016
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Seems to be just a bit too short to fit my V1 printer

I have a recent V2 printer. The Z-axis uprights feel very solid and appear to have a thin spacer or gasket between the rod's metal base plate and the sheet metal of the housing. Is there any reason to believe this mod would benefit the V2 version of the printer?

Installed these on my v1 last weekend. Since I've been having this issue with my prints.


Anyone else see this?

That's not an issue with this modification. It would appear to be sporadic extrusion of the filament. This is caused by a partial jam, or the nozzle or filament setting is not the correct size in your slicer. The extruder itself may be slipping when it pushes filament. Also check the filament is not snagging on the roll or dragging on something making it hard to move.

Confirmed from another thread, that this is no shims - in case anyone comes across this.

Installed this on my V2 which had no shims. Isolates the z-axis from the inherent wobble in the thread coupler enough to remove my z-banding problem. Parts are hard to push on by hand but can be pressed on with pliers. Thank you.

I too am on a v2 that seems to be shimless...what type of z-banding were you getting. I'm getting some periodic wobble where every 4 or 5th layer seems bulged out.

down to try this if it could solve my issue.

How hard is it to take apart to install these?

Yes, your posted image is "shimless". Sounds like my banding problem, periodic in z-axis. The period varied over time. Definitely worth trying this shim fix. Best instructions are in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kKYI7Q0Dso in which both shims and shaft coupler are installed. However, I do not recommend installing the replacement shaft coupler. It didn't help me much and no matter how much I tightened, it eventually loosened up with disastrous result.

Thank you so much! Printing the parts as we speak! Also thanks for the notes on the coupler, was considering it but it seems a little scarier than the stabilizers.

I looked at my V1 and it has 3 metal shims total so I don't think I would need these.

Late model V1s had this feature, and we assumed it was a permanent fix, but it's actually a random thing. Some come with this and some do not.

I was going to print these out as much as I was hating to take the printer apart to install, but looked and seen I didn't need them.

For those with the V2, I found this mod unnecessary on my Mini V2.

The Z rods already had metal spacers at the top & bottom and there was no play in the rods at all.

Not all of the V2s have the shims. You have to look at yours and see if you need them.

Unfortunately, the improved rod mounts are inconsistently applied at the factory. Some later V1's have it and others don't. Some V2's have it, and others don't. You need to check to see if you need them or not. You should be able to see looking inside the opening in the tower, without taking the printer apart.

I'm glad I read these comments. Thank you. I have a V2 purchased in mid July 2017. Without opening the printer, I can see three metal shims on top and bottom of the single rod. Maybe when I take apart the tower next I will check on the double rods, but for now will trust they are there.

Printed this out for my Mini V2 which was rattling something fierce. This completely eliminated the "loose change" noises at certain Z-axis heights.

Fantastic solution, thank you for putting in the time to figure this out! My printer is drastically quieter now.

I printed these and opened up my new M200, but the rods look a bit different and already have got an extra metal stabilizer on them. Maybe I have a new revision. Anyway, this makes my screws too short so i couldn't install both, actually the screws are too short even if i remove the extra metal spacers because the threaded holes are not extruded like the old ones.

Anyone of you got a print "Before and After" installing these?

Made a set of these and the outside holes no longer match up well to the axis rods. I was able to get a snuggle fit in the end, but newer Mini owners should know that the specs might have changed.

Hi, how did you made them fit?

I used a dremel to widen the holes a little bit to they fit. But I have began to notice some banding on taller prints. Probably time to pull them out and find a better solution.

printed these out and seem to have helped. Brackets make it look like there was always supposed to be a spacer. would do an "I made one," but in my haste I already buttoned everything up :p. I think slowing down to say 30mm/s would have helped. I didn't catch that bit and while I think they will work fine, I lost a little of the detail.

Make sure not to overtighten the screws when putting them back in. I made that critical mistake and the top of the nut connected to the bracket flew off. Instead of making my z-axis tighter, I accidentally shortened the lifespan of my printer. :/

Hi, when you say, "Print these nice and slow" just how slow are you talking about?
What should I use for a print speed setting?

I printed a set of these and the outer holes seem to be set too much toward the center by just a little bit. It's even visible in one of the pictures here. Is this on purpose? I was still able to install them, but the metal piece scraped off the impeding plastic. I haven't done a print since, but the rods are definitely more secure now.