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Anet A8 Prusa i3 Simple filament guide (Horizontal)

by papinist Sep 10, 2016
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привет всем нужна помощь помогите

This filament guide printed nicely, however, the filament slips out through the split on my Prusa i3 MK3. I don’t see the purpose of the split, it’s just as easy to pull up the filament from the top.

printed, works nicely. Thanks!

0.2 mm too big for my anet clone. Check size before print, ;D

Printed correctly, does the job. Thanks!

Printed the last week it in green PLA, first experiments, works great. For smoother operations i just slightly sanded the inside to have less resistance between the filament and the guide, works perfectly and fits great on the Anet structure.

Model printed great but is about 1.8 mm too big for a Prusa i3 MK3.

same problem X_x

Too big for mk2s aswell. Stupid me.

I just fit some folded paper between the guide and the MK3's frame. Seems to work well.

You're probably right but when it was created, prusa i3 mk3 didn't exist :)

wow looks very very nice and its exactly that thing what i need and want- but it does not fit on my anet a8 cause i have an extra frame behind the LCD frame... could you make one with 1,5cm frame size (so i mean 1,5cm between the legs)?

thanks for all your work !

Nice little print, does what it says on the tin :-) I did drill a small hole in my frame and screw this down

Thank you for the filament guide. It fits perfict

It fits very good! Thank you!

Nice to hear that, thank you!

Thank you for sharing. It fits perfectly.

I'm glad you find it useful. Thank you for your comment!

Fits perfect, thanks. That's my first upgrade for my A8 :)

Thank you for leaving a comment :)

Thank you for this post. It really helps having the filament secured and not all over the place. This fits really well for A8 printer.

Thank you for your comment :)

hi, thanks does the job great

If anyone has the newer model of Anet A8 , i remixed this filament holder (v2) for it. top frame of 7mm width.
You can find it here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2503273

Anet A8 Simple filament guide
by mphxths

I have a new A8. I actually printed this non-remodded one and found out it was too large. Just put a piece of paper folded in 3 in between, and it fits (and the paper actually protects the frame against the aggressive plastic from the print). I actually plan to add some rubber foot inside for it to stay in place, otherwise it tends to move away as the acrylic frame is very slippery (and you risk harming it with a raw print directly on it). But I guess if I had seen and printed the remod, I would have used it as is. :)

Hey , it's never late :) Enjoy your printer mate.

Thank you for stopping to say Thanks :)

very useful, thank you for sharing your design

Thanks, I'm glad this remix is useful to others :)

Fits perfectly--thanks!

thank you to take the time to thank me :)

Hey Guys,
this is one of my first prints and i have to say, i dont really know how to set the printer correctly. I use Cura.

  • There is no such thing as "Rafts".
  • When it talks about "Infill", the corresponding setting in Cura is "Infill Density"
  • What is the corresponding value for "Resolution" in Cura?

Sorry for the stupid questions :).
thank you in adavance

  1. There is. Basic > Support > Platform Adhesion Type > Rafts

  2. Yes. Or rather Fill Density.

  3. Layer height. Basic > Quality> Layer Height (mm)

Thank you for clarification!

printed with Prusa 3i by AnyCube w/o modification and 0.1 layer. Very good and fit perfectly on my printer frame.
Tks a lot for sharing the object.

printed it but found the design left the final item weak along the struts and snaps easily the looseness easily cured with tape but wasn't to happy with final product either to be honest but maybe I'm at fault somewhere as I'm still very very new to 3d printing its a great design shape though

@subscot we found out that some printers have a thinner frame compared to the original Anet A8 so you need a bit of tape to fix that.

Fit was a bit loose but followed the advice of other users and added two layers of blue tape and now it is very snug. Thank you!

hi, the files cannot be downloaded

I can download all files without issues.

sorry, I still can't. I get redirected to https://cdn.thingiverse.com/zipfiles/81/a6/12/ad/54/Anet_A8_Prusa_i3_Simple_filament_guide_Horizontal.zip but nothing comes in

maybe thingiverse has an issue with it's CDN.

I tried the single files, but I can download the entire zip archive from the link you posted.

Looks great, chunky and functional, printed without any problem, works perfectly.

Great design. The print came out perfect. Quick question. Do you just set it on top or do you glue/fasten it to the frame somehow. My extruder keeps pulling it to the curve on the right.

Update: I added a layer or two of blue tape to the inside to help grip and it is now an unmovable object. lol.

The tape trick works great! Thanks!

Mine simply fit on top. Newer A8 probably has a thinner acrilyc frame so maybe you could place a bit of tape on the inner side to make it fit.

this is really cool ,works absolutley perfect

I can attest to the Newer ANET A8 being off ever so slightly in thickness. (Were talking about a few mm here). So this doesn't fit perfectly on the top of the Printer. But you can add a little bit of tape to the back side and get a really good grip. It doesn't all in all this is a very good addition to my printer. Thank You!

"None of the 27 made before yours complaint about this" HAHA :D

Thanks for this information: so the newer Anet A8 has thinner frames.
Using some tape is a good tip, or if you haven't printed it yet, you can scale it down some % to get a perfect fit.

My issue I had a raft on I have not had a chance to clean it off. I may try again to clean it up some.

Thank you! Great job!

You can see my setup here : http://www.coloradopast.com/holder.jpg

As you can see, it tends to pull the filament to the outside (forward position) of the circle - right where the gap is.

I have been using this, and I enjoy it. However, the filament actually gets stuck during prints in the opening. Do you have a version without the opening at all?

Hey mate,
I don't have a different version, but I've uploaded just now the .step files for both version. Feel free to edit and remix at your taste :)

Thanks. I'm new to all this but should be able to make basic shapes heh. I use 123d, I assume it can import .step

Yes it can! I used Tinkercad to remix the original thing, but then converted to .step to allow others to modify them!

Comments deleted.

There should be less distance between "legs", it doesnt fixes straight

Just put a piece of paper folded in 3 between the guide and the frame. That way you won't scratch your frame. I did it and it works pretty well. Another idea is to put some small rubber foot/bumper inside so that it will stick.

Well, if you are the only one to complain, probably the distance is correct and you are using it in the wrong way, or your printer is not set properly.
Seeing your make, you use it on the top horizontal frame that is thinner than the vertical frame.

The distance is correct, but it doesnot fixes enough! Can you move it sides easily or it needs some force? My dont needs. The top plates are of the same thickness

The original Anet A8 has different thickness between vertical and horizontal top frame. The top frame is thinner so and the filament guide won't stay on that.
Your printer is probably a different version, or a newer A8 with different parts!

Ok, lets check. What is the desired distance in your model? I have 7.7 mm thickness for horizontal plate and 7.6 mm for vertical. I doubt whether they can be different due to the fact they were made from the single acrylic piece. The thicker acrylic is used for Z-motors side supports.
And what are yours dimensions?

As you can see, I only remixed this thing from an existing one. I moved the ring from vertical to horizontal without doing any measuring. Mine fits tightly on vertical frame and will slip and come off on the top horizontal frame. I don't have my printer at hand now so I can't take the thickness.

None of the 27 "made" before yours complaint about this, so my idea is that your printer is different or your print comes out with different size. However you can simply print it scaling down a bit, like 95\90\85%, and voilà it will fit.