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Sphere for Ethan's Alien Pawns

by 1sPiRe Sep 10, 2016
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Did you print this on your modded Print-Rite?

Yes at that time I was still using it

Alien Life Chess Set
by 1sPiRe

I've been wanting to mod my Print-Rite but I don't know where to start or how much it would cost. My print bed seems to be suffering from some curling issues on the very corners and doesn't seem to be properly leveled. For the nozzle, I'm thinking about changing the hot end assembly, it's been a couple of months that the printer hasn't produced a clean print. Straight out the box my Print-Rite was producing great results by now struggle to complete an acceptable benchy,

I've posted every upgrades I've done.

To me, the first thing to change is the feeder, I never get a proper calibration with the original one -never-
Then add a cooling fan, a leveled bed and finally the Y ends blocks that you claimed was not working :/
I've seen a lot of people running straight for a heating bed while it is absolutly not necessary to print PLA. If you got issues with your bed, simply use 4-5mm acrylic plate and scrach it with sand paper to make first layer stick. (I was using 60 grain wood sand paper, it works a treat)

Are you still using the hot end set up that it came with? If so is there anyway to get replacement parts for it? Is the motherboard swap a must mode?

I'm not using the PrintRite anymore.
At the end I changed the whole extruder block with E3D extruder, and a leveling sensor.

Before that, I change the nozzle to a MK8 which was working great

For the heater block:

And the throat:

Btw did you check the inner throat PTFE tube. If it is damaged you won't get a good flow and so no good prints. It is typically the first thing to check when prints goes wrong. I had to change it a lot of times...until i change for an E3D.
If I'm right you'll only have to change the PTFE tube

Also do you know the type of thermostate the printer uses? I've replaced it with another one put the temperature is never accurate. Thanks

Idk what is the original eyelet (shit) thermistor. You should change it to a 100KOhm one.

Thank you so much for the links to the parts. Yes I've replaced the teflon tubing inside. I've ordered all the parts you linked. Is the Z-Stabilizers that have been model enough to eliminate the z wobble? Thanks again.

sure it works, I never changed them

About how much filament did it use

Are you going to replace the STL files for download? I only see the marbles available.

the chess set is not from me! watch the thing i remixed it from, from Ethan

Hi 1sPiRe i just wanted to know, are these scaled so if the marble is 100% scale it fits into 75% pawn scale or are they to the same scaling 100% Marble to 100% pawn?

This is an appropriate question, sorry for haven't been more clear. (gonna edit thing)
This sphere is at the original Ethan's pawn scale. 100%sphere for 100%pawn, 75%sphere for 75%pawn....

I absolutely love this idea. It really does add a lot to the chess piece. Nice one!
As far as printing them though, I've had some issues with them. They seem to print fine, but on one side it seems to distort in a line between two of the indents. They've been consistent on both of my prints so far and I'm not sure whether it's a printer issue or a user issue. What do you recommend for settings/supports?

sry mate i don't understand...are you talking about the marbles or the pawns?
For the marbles a high infill will help...
For the paws i didn't use any support, just need to slow speed enough and have a good cooling fan speed...