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Dice Tower with Secret Chamber for Dice Storage

by brimstone326 Sep 10, 2016
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This is fantastic work, I love it and so does my daughter (it's her Christmas present). I modded a couple things, it's almost perfect but that doesn't mean it can't be changed to do something it was never designed for. 1) pay attention which files you use. There's a set with a latch for the drawbridge, and I ended up needing to shim with tape to keep it closed because I used the wrong set. 2) The trap door falls a bit when it passes the wall, and there's an issue with getting it closed again. Not a big deal, but super easy fix. I filled about 15mm of the slot it slides in with contour putty. It cannot go pay the wall any more. 3) I designed ä addition to the trap door to attach a magnet to, and glued sheet metal to the wall. Now it stays shut very well. If I figure out how, is be happy to share that stl file.

Would it be possible to get the hollow stairs/no support file without the shield? I want to print that separately.

There is on the Version 2 type: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1866988/
I haven't messed with this in a while. The original files are stored on another PC.

Dice Tower with Secret Chamber for Dice Storage II

Awesome design, I was wondering if the file named " hollow stairs" for the base would be ok without supports. I see the "hollow stairs with supports" so I'm just assuming that the regular "hollow stairs" could be printed without supports but I'm just asking to double check so it doesn't fail. Thanks!

The hollow doesn't need supports. The doorway arch does (or at least for my printer it did). You can print the one without supports to generate your own. It really depends on your printer. I've made this one and the version with the jail gate inside (see the remixes). Good luck.

2 more questions. 1.) What I'd the relative weight of the tower in grams as my public library has 3d printers. 2.) What would charge to sell said dice tower?

Weight would vary based on material and infill. http://gcode.ws/ estimates

250 grams and 18.8hrs print time at 20% infill (40mm/s)
214 grams and 16.1hrs print time at 10% infill (40mm/s)
171 grams and 12.7hrs print time at 05% infill (40mm/s)

I vaguely rememer it taking 10-12 hours to print the main body.

I wouldn't sell one. They take way too long to print to be worth while. I gave one away as a gift and kept the print I made of the remixed tower for myself.

my new 3d printer requires a .gcode file and none of the downloads I have opened have it included. Where would I get it or do I have to go reformat something?

Ok, you need a slicer software. One may be included with your printer, or you can use a free one. I use Slic3r. It's free, but my printer requires special header and footer info to run. You may want to research your printer makers' website for forums or resources for beginners. This is a big project to start with. It took me the better part of a year to work through all my printer's particular issues. You may want to start with a few simple prints just to get the hang of it. Good luck.

Just curious as to how many dice the tower holds. I have 3 sets that I take with me to play. I know all 3 sets womt fit but I was wondering.

The version with the hollow under the stairs might hold three sets. Honestly, I've never checked to see what the limit is.

Hey, first off great dice tower, my brother is going to love it, and after some printing issues (my amateur mistakes) I've got it all out and it looks great.

I printed the dice tower hollow stairs and the kokusho drawbridge (because I arbitrarily thought it looked nicest) in PLA. But they do not want to fit together. Because of the problems I had (I lost the tower 3 times once about 3 hours from completion) I've loathe to brute force them together in case I bork the tower. Is this a regular issue do you know and would the v4 fit better?

Thank you... I've made one of each with no issues (this version and the remix with the jail). The bridge is a snug fit, mostly so it won't fall off. I've not had trouble putting them together that I can recall, but I only use ABS, so not sure about the strength difference... and your infill % could affect things too. I've swiched out bridges without breaking anything so far.

V4 is the best for holding the dice. They do jump more than I anticipated. I think someone commented about putting felt in the drawbridge to slow down the dice and it helped, but I haven't tried it myself. I've been meaning to revisit this for a while, but just haven't gotten around to it.

I decided to just go for it and levered it up with a thin metal tool and it snapped into place. looks great now thanks

Comments deleted.

I got the robo3d r1 for christmas and this is my first real print other than some test prints. It came out great and I'm hooked on 3d printing now. I made this for my wife. We play a lot of board games. The translucent purple looks good.

Great job... looks really nice! However, I would really like to see this in a modular tower variant for smaller 3d printers like my Monoprice Mini, etc. Also, to be able to add more " tower sections" for a longer dice drop.

You're the second person to ask for the modular design. The problem is the stair layout. It's not really practical with the hidden compartment. It would be an entirely new design to do it.

Hey there! I love how this all printed, but unfortunately my turret and trapdoor both have holes that are too small to go with the tower. Even with force, the pegs on the tower are simply too large. I see that nobody else has had this problem so I'm wondering if files were revised since their builds? I looked into resizing the pieces, but when I layout what has already been printed, everything is in the right scaling.

Sorry about the trouble, I drilled mine out with a hand drill I use for miniatures. The tolerance is tight, but it's really just a guide. Once you align it properly and glue it you shoud be good. I snapped two off my first one, but it glued on ok anyway. I oversized the drill on the second one. They probably need sanding too.

Okay not a problem! I'm still new to printing so I just wanted to make sure it wasn't me.

Cool. Good luck and I hope it turns out.

I printed one out and it ends up the talk of the DnD table everytime! Only downsides are the dice pop out a little too often and the drawbridge doesn't have any kind of catch to keep it closed during transportation.

I put my pencil under the end of the draw bridge, and it seemed to help the dice stay in. I was thinking, if the draw bridge followed the contour of the tower is may help keep the dice in.

If there was just a little nub on the drawbridge on the inside it could grab the doorway to help keep it closed.

I'm glad you like it. I don't see you on the list of Makes, so I may have revised parts since you printed yours. Did you print rev 4 of the drawbridge? It is as high as I can make it and not change the base tower. It seems to help a lot.

The secret compartment under the stairs is where the dice should be stored. I hope you didn't glue it shut. The door is tight, but the handle should allow it to swing with a twist, but not so easily that it opens on any odd bump.

The nub idea is cool, but if it's painted (like mine) it will scrape the paint off.

Yeah i printed pretty recently, only just registered with thingiverse. I did use the rev 4 version. The dice don't fliy out all the time, just more often then i would prefer. Sometimes the DnD adventure is exciting and the die gets tossed in quicker then normal lol.

I did also round the bottom corner of the trap door slightly so it would close a little bit smoother. I also printed the gate in a transparent filament and it looks awesome in there. I do find that it is usually easier to get the dice out of the top then trying to use the gate from the bottom.

good point with the painting, but that would be an acceptable thing for me.

edit: added my make!

Ok, so I added a kokusho_drawbridge file. It has a lip with a chamfer that has essentially zero clearance at the fully closed position. You are welcome to give it a shot and let me know how it goes. I won't be printing it to test. My towers are painted and I don't want to mess them up. Thanks for adding the make.

Would you be able to add the brick pattern to the turret?

Done. Good idea... file is turret_V2

Wow that was fast, thanks!

Finally got it all printed out.. the dice jump out about 50% of the time.

I just added a rev4 drawbridge. It's as big as it can get and not interfere with anything. I'm going to print one and will test it out. I just hope the weight is distributed enough that it will stay closed when raised. I added a couple images.

ok great lmk how it works out.

Posted pics, it's better, but not perfect. My 20 sided die shot out of it the first time, but I was throwing dice down the shoot and all the others stayed in. To really fix it, I'd have to make the entry way longer so the drawbridge could be uniform height.

Great that you got it printed out!

Are you dropping them or pushing them down the stairs? I push mine. If I drop them, they bounce too much.

I'd make a rev 3 of the drawbridge, but I'd have to make the doorway longer too, which means printing a whole new tower.

i think the stairs need to be sloped at a lesser angle. I tried many ways of putting them in but 50% the time they jump out.. Im sure a heavier die will help but these are generic die from Catan.

I'm not sure. There isn't a slope at all actually, they just drop down in 5mm increments. I use Chessex dice for D&D, and generally don't have issues, but I will admit it isn't perfect. I'll see if I can come up with an alternative to not have to make a new tower.

Can u make inside wall like a cell?

Probably, but I think I saw a version like that already.

They just have bars.. you can do a door w lock etc.. your tower is much better.. you could also put a pedestal w statue,, skeleton, chest etc...

Dice Tower with Secret Chamber for Dice Storage II

Well, I'm an engineer not an artist... I can probably manage a barred gate, but much more than that and I'd have to borrow it from another source. I didn't make the dragon logo, it was a clip art I used Inkscape on and then pulled it into my drawing. I have another project in the works at the moment. You are welcome to make your own remix. I'll see what I can do.

This looks great! maybe a taller version one? you can even make a few center bricks with tounge and groove connections so you can make the tower however big you want it to be.

Made it - it's lovely! But the dice jums off the little drawbridge.

How well does the door slide? Is the clearance enough? Maybe a little sanding/filing?

Your print looks great! Can you post some inside pics?

The door definetly needs sanding, but I'm not going to use ut, So I'll just put it in locked position. One thing though - it's hard to turn the knob. You should make it flatter so it's easier to turn.

Nice model. Looking for Made photos :) anyone already printed?

Thanks. I'm printing one now. I have the drawbridge, turret and trapdoor. It may be tomorrow before I get the main section done. My printer was down for a week or so. I will post a make when it's finished.

Okay, I just finished paint other dice tower today, but looks for another one. I will keep eyes here. Good luck!

I printed a half scale tower just to see if it would turn out ok. I uploaded the pictures.

Looks good, I think I gonna start one this weekend :) thank you.

Great model! instead of just a cylindrical spindle at the top you might like something like a barrel to better fit the look you created. Maybe something like this one:


Delving Decor: Medieval Barrels (28mm/Heroic scale)
Dice Tower with Secret Chamber for Dice Storage II Mods

I really like this... is it solid underneath the staircase? It'd be nice if you could open it up and maybe have a smooth-and-still-printable surface underneath the steps so you can place more things inside the secret area.

Hope your printer is up and running soon... I know how it is.

It is solid. I left it that way because I couldn't think of a good way to cut it on an arc and make it still printable. I don't use loft a lot in solid works.. and it doesn't always come out right. I'll give it a shot and see if I can maximize the space and maintain the integrity. I used slic3r to set up the runs on these and used 3 wall thickness, 0.2 layers, 3 bottom solid layers, and 6 top. At 10% infill, it looked like it would be ok. So you wouldn't necessarily be using a lot of plastic.