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WD Elements vertical hard drive stand

by DrLex Sep 6, 2016
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If you run the hard drive in this vertical position you are going to reduce the lifespan of the hard drive. It was designed to run positioned flat. The dynamic forces generated by the disc in rotation is different when upright versus when placed flat. Highly do not recommend this if one cares about the lifespan of his hard drive.

It is easy to post statements on internet forums without backing them up with references or experimental data. I find nothing that supports your claim and I have run drives in various orientations without any issues. The only significant thing I can find is that for old drives, for performance reasons it used to be important to format them in the orientation in which they were going to be used. For newer drives this is insignificant according to manufacturers.
I find nothing about orientation versus lifespan, and moreover, if you're going to leave an external drive like this spinning for periods long enough that this mythical issue would matter, you should have bought a bigger internal disk in the first place.


Also notice that the drive in this enclosure from WD itself is mounted vertically. But this probably is a conspiracy by the manufacturer to make the disk wear out sooner!

It is even easier to simply do things without putting much thoughts into the fundamentals. It’s basic physics common sense

Explain which parts will suffer more from a vertical than a horizontal orientation and why.

This sounds like an examination question I had years back. Is this for education purpose or is this for me to prove my stance, I wonder. It sounds more like the latter, though I could be wrong. I’m not obliged to educate a stranger off the street, not to mention one with ego and highly sensitive towards constructive feedback. You have lots of beautiful designs and I assume I’m speaking to a resourceful guy who knows how to do a decent research. I shall not insult your intelligence by spoon feeding you too much. However, to help you initiate your research, here we go.. Firstly, let me pose a no brainer question, pardon me if it seems like I am insulting your intelligence, but its better to get the basics right, if you draw a free body diagram of the disc when upright versus in the horizontal position, are the force vectors acting on the disc the same for both situations? If the force vectors acting on the disc are different, then, would you expect the stress on the disc and central pivot to be the same? let us simplify the rotating disc to a simple rotating pendulum to put the case study into perspective, something within the pre-university Cambridge “A”-level syllabus. For a pendulum rotating about the center, at which position during the rotation will the rope most likely break (suffer from the most tensile stress)? This qns is directly extracted from A-level examination. In contrast, for a rotating pendulum in a horizontal plane, will there also be a position whereby the rope have higher tendency to break? Or in this configuration, is the stress eventually distributed regardless of the pendulum position? Alright, enough said, hints are more than sufficient. Time to do your self research and studies based on these tips I gave you. Cheers ^^ (PS: Staying humble and being open to suggestions will never hurt. Try to hide one’s ego and pride, and accept the fact that there is always something out there in this universe that we do not have sufficient knowledge about. Being open minded and open hearted will always invite others to be willing to share interesting things with you and become a valuable class ;)

I could continue playing this game but I’d rather not, so I’ll get straight to the point. Sorry that neither this reply is written in sugar-coated language with a feel-good ending, that’s just not the way I work. I do not believe in the current trend of political correctness and passive aggression.

My only real goal for asking the above question was to probe whether this is yet another case of someone wanting to have the last word in an internet discussion no matter what. There are pretty strong indications for that:

  • The original statement is something that contradicts the general consensus about the topic. It is not trivial to disprove, which makes it an ideal topic for this kind of discussion.
  • Strong hints that the statement is either wrong or insignificant, are silently ignored.
  • Attempts at getting concrete proof, result in vague answers relying on “common sense” and “everyone should know this — especially educated people.” (Wouldn’t it be great if such answers would actually work on exams?)
  • A question specifically aimed at the weakest point in the reasoning and that could expose the fallacy in the statement if it would be answered in detail, results in anger and aggression.
  • Another indication, even though only a weak one, is your mildly controversial nickname.

The same symptoms can be seen for instance in flat earth discussions. My strategy for those is to ignore them, therefore that is what I’ll also be doing with this specific discussion. Of course this gives you a free ticket to indeed have the last word, but I don’t care. It does not seem like I have anything to learn from you. Your understanding of bearings seems lacking, and I do not want a lesson in humility from someone who kicked off with a statement having an undertone of “believe me because I know it all,” and certainly not from someone continuing to reply in an extremely denigrating manner.

I cannot tell whether you are a seasoned troll or this is merely a single case of someone’s ego spiralling out of control due to non-sugarcoated wordings in my first reply. I have done some research all right, I have looked for variations on your nickname in conjunction with words like “vertical hard drive,” but this only yielded some cool references to UFO-like Nazi aircraft, and more reports that nobody has ever seen convincing evidence of vertically mounted hard disks failing earlier, even way back in the year 2000.

Wow this post is still alive. I've only read the first line of your long essay and that's more than sufficient to conclude that this essay has nothing related to science and physics to explain the dynamic forces acting on a rotating body, hence pardon me for skipping the rest of it. I believe the remaining part of it all is about my previous post being "aggressive", while I wonder whose comment started off the tone as "aggressive" in the first place :D Nevertheless coincidentally I had finished conducting my classes on dynamic and static equilibrium in my university. I shall not even repeat the equations governing static and dynamic equilibrium equations here, nor bother explaining how to set up a simple experiment to illustrate dynamic equilibrium to someone who doesn't even want to improve his knowledge. At least my tertiary students knew their purpose in attending classes. I'm not sure about your age, but I'm pretty confident of these: If you are a young punk, then your unwillingness to admit your ignorance is understandable, but if you are in a supposedly mature age, that can only mean you have never had someone pointing out your blindspot in your whole life (kind of sad) and thus becomes jumpy when people start questioning areas of your work that you have minimal exposure to. In my field of research I gladly accept people's criticism of my work as that is where I learn and improve. Without their criticism, I would have become stagnant, thinking that I am always right, sitting at your seat, having a panic attack and nervous breakdown when someone tries to correct something. Looking at your uploaded designs which some of them are great, I believe you are in the second possibility-an adult. Anyway, its not my life to lead, not my kids' attitude towards learning for me to be anxious about, and not my loved ones for me to correct, so i wish you a happy belated new year.

This printed beautifully on my A6 in just 2 hrs and fits like a glove.