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Star Lord

by youngs66 Nov 30, 2016
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So measure a straight line through your head from ear to ear. Does that make sense?

Can you be more specific on how you came up with 160mm, is it from ear and goes above the head to the other ear or from one ear goes behind the head and to the other ear? does that make sense?

how are the pieces kept together? Glue?

If you use ABS filament use ABS clear glue. If you use PLA filament use super glue.

I used a front view and measured straight across my face from the outside ear tip to ear to tip.

with calipers or tape measure?

What type of measurements did you use: Number 3 or 4 ??

Thank you,

Any update? I would also like to know what type of measurements.

I am also having issues scaling this I do not want to try to print this 4 times to get the size just right and when I measure ear to ear going across my forehead with a tape measure a get a value that is much bigger than what you say you have and I am a small guy at 5'7.

If I could have a little clarification to be able to scale this just right before attempting to print that would be great.


Comments deleted.

Has anyone had to scale the mask? I'm having a hard time fitting it on, and I know my head isn't thaaat big lol.

So my ear-to-ear is about 160mm, per the original design, but I wanted to print with at least a little buffer. I've printed almost all the pieces (the last small ones are on my printer right now) at 1.01 scale, so 1% scale. Seems to have worked no problem. Testing the fit with some tape, I think I'm still going to have to leave the back un-glued and hinge it in some way to give myself a little leeway. I printed in PLA, so I won't have much flex.

Am I misunderstanding where you're measuring, or are you a small child? When I measure from ear to ear, using a wall and ruler to ensure straightness, I am 280mm.

For me the points I used for the measurement was the outside top of my ear to the outside top of my other ear. Hope that helps

I'll post a make here in a week or two once I have all the accent pieces painted. But I used red LED strip lights for the eyes. As a result, there's quite a bit of light shining into my eyes. I created some rings to go on the inside of the helmet/backside of the eyes to shield you from the light. I made a little cut out to fish any wires through. Attaching for anyone who wants to use LED strip lights.

They are about 1mm bigger than necessary to give you some room to play/get wires in the notch.

Comments deleted.

a print list of parts which need be printed 2 or more times would be great :D

How long would you say, to print all of the parts?

Absolutely incredible work. Way to keep the printing and post processing in mind. Very impressed!


I hope this isn't a dumb questions, but is this scaled for a "medium" sized head?

Hey, where did you buy your lights for the eyes. Could you please post the link

I actually haven't added lights to my mask yet. If you find a good source please post it.

Hey where did you buy your lights

on ebay. I cant add a link cause ebay suspended my account cause they're asshats

Ok thanks anyway. Hope you get your account back from the asshats soon. Plus when you get the account back please send me the link.

I really enjoyed watching the video. Totally made my day. Thanks for sharing!!!

Is anyone finding that the canisters are too large? Any way we can get an update on this?

Awesome work by the way. I echo what others have said about how great the separated pieces are

what slicer did you use, trying to figure out how you did supports from blog, cant seem to find same way in cura

How well would this work with black PLA?

Should work just fine. Do you have problems printing with black PLA?

I was wondering if the black would make it hard to paint the right colors.

Use smooth-on XTC-3D and Rust-oleum primer paint and you should be good to use your paints. Does not really matter the filiment color.

Can I also ask what settings you are using to print these? In your picture of the back left piece, it says a build time of something like 3h47m. With my settings at .1 layer height, I think I'm closer to around 12 hours for that piece.

I used 0.2mm layer height. Basically the standard medium grade printing within the makerbot desktop.
To smooth the final print i use Smooth-On XTC-3D.

tl:dr - try rotating the eye mask model forward 19º so it's more level, and print it that way. It's easier.

I tried printing the eye mask, and it failed the first 2 times I was trying to print it. I don't necessarily think it's a problem with the model, but I wanted to share my info in case it can help other people working on this.
I rotated the mask forward by 19 degrees to make it more level, and then generated my supports and printed it that way.
There were fewer supports auto-generated, and everything was much easier to print. I'm currently about 60% of the way through the print and it is already doing MUCH better than my previous attempts.

This is my first attempt 3D printing. Did you have create the supports when you rotated the mask or are they automatically generated?

If you generated them, how would one do that?

I used the Makerbot Desktop software and there is an option for rafts and supports which creates them automatically. What software are you using to do your prints? For the models with a small printer bed foot print rafts were very important for the prints to finish correctly

I was using the MakerBot App. The printer is a MakerBot Replicator. My print bed is about 250 x 215

Would it be possible for you (or anyone else) to upload a version of the eye rings that has an inner diameter of 45mm? I bought some neopixel rings from adafruit to light them up that have an outer diameter of 44.5mm. I can size the whole thing up, but that messes with the fit in the eye mask part. I'm not good enough with sketchup to be able to figure out how to change ID without changing OD

I will see what I can do. Send me the link to the part you are using from adafruit.

So, according to my digital calipers, the ring itself is 44.5mm with a depth of ~3mm, just like it says on adafruit. The modified eyes I made have an ID of ~47.5mm to a depth of 5mm, then unmodified (ID of ~42mm).

I originally made it so that it would be ID of 48, I assume the .5mm is caliper or printer error, but regardless, this seems to work nicely. There's an album of images here https://imgur.com/a/wwiqS

I'm thinking I'm going to use electrical tape or glue paper or something to hold the ring in, since it's a little bit "wobbly" in place. My idea was to have something I could remove if I ever wanted to take the electronics out to use somewhere else.

I can upload the STL if you want, though it's very rudimentary. I'm sure that anything you come up with will be much more elegant.

Awesome! https://www.adafruit.com/product/1463 This is the part.

So far I've got something that I think is workable. I just made a ~48mm cylinder (for a bit of extra space), shoved it into the eye model, and subtracted it. I just printed it today, I'll see if it fits tonight and let you know the actual dimensions of the printed part and the ring itself. https://i.imgur.com/Zwpr5Ea.png Here's a picture of it sitting on the build plate at home.

Post some pictures of the completed mask would love to see it. Sounds like the eye replacements you made are working.

Will do. I'm still working on getting it all put together. I have it glued, and I though "Hey why don't I use a 3d print pen to go over all the seams"...so now I'm re-sanding all the seams because the 3d print pen looks like crap and I regret my decisions XD

The eye replacements are fantastic, I'm going to use the 3d print pen to put a few lines around the edge once the LED rings are in that will hold it in place, as it's a little loose, but they should work out great. I'm holding off on doing the wiring until painting is done, as it'll be easier to put the stuff in once it's already painted, instead of trying to paint around electronics.

I have a button as part of the eye leds that will change programs for the lights, I need to figure out where I'm putting that as well and drill that out. I'm thinking I'll probably put it on one of the canisters, or maybe behind one of the ears where it'll be a little hidden, but I need to be careful as horizontal space is kindof limited. It's hard to get on and off lol

Hey! Your modification looks awesome! I would like to make it too. I have the neopixel rings, but I want to ask you if you could please share the link of the stl files of the pla rings you printed for the leds... and did you have to modify the original holes of the mask??? Thank you!!!!

No problem! I think this was the one. In typical me fashion, I have about 8 different STLs of the thing titled helpful things like "eye_test_3.stl" and "eye_45_test.stl". I think this is the one, this is the last one I modified timestamp-wise. If it doesn't work let me know and I can throw the rest of them to you.

You'll have to rotate it 180 degrees because the orientation is wrong, but other than that it should print just fine. I don't believe I used anything other than a brim for mine. No modifications to the original holes in the mask, but the eyes fit in there really weird anyway.

I have a pretty small printer (150mm x 150 x 150) , what is the biggest part size?

There are several parts that will not fit in that volume. Unfortunately I don't have the time to cut the bigger parts up to fit the volume of your printer. But I will put it on my list of things to do.

What do you mean when you say The distance for the ears is 160mm, can you post a diagram showing the line of measurement?

There is an image attached that shows where the measurement was taken. Its the inside distance at the tightest point for the ears. Let me know if that is not clear enough.

how do you measure that ??

Can I get the file for the accent ring for the leds

The accent ring for the lads has been uploaded.

is the eye disk part is missing?

Yes I am working on installing the LED into the missing eye disk part. I can add the part as is if you want.

when your working on the new model can you just adjust the canisters it so that it would only affect some of some of the parts like the jaw and its side so that the whole model wouldnt be affected. i already started printing the model so i gonna hold off on printing the jaw and its side until the adjustments are released

I'm not sure when I'm going to be making the modifications for the next version. It might not be until later next year. So you might want to go with what is available now.

ok yeh thanks i was about to ask you about that

Chin pipes are WAY too big on this. I love that each part is separate. Would love a more screen accurate model though!

I'm making a list of things to work on for the next version and I will add modifying the chin pipes. Thanks for the feed back.

SUHWEET! I REALLY love your method of breaking out the model. This is how most models should be done! Can't wait for the next version!

Thanks for creating this helmet, as a noob to printing I am never show how best to slice things for printing. This makes it really easy to print. So far I have done the back section and I am printing the canisters and gadgets now. Will post shots when completed.

Can wait to see the completed mask.

Thank you very much. This helmet is great

I'm glad you like the helmet. If you print it post an image.

It seems like some of these things are offset from the build plate a bit. For example, the jaw front seems to be slightly above the build surface, and the eye pieces have a weird configuration as well: http://i.imgur.com/icyl77E.png Layer 1 appears to only be part of the eyes. Is this so that they sit flush, or is this some kind of issue with my configuration?

EDIT: Cura with 0.2mm layer height and 0.18mm first layer. The eyes work properly if I select them and click the "lay flat" setting in the rotate menu. The jaw front doesn't seem to cooperate with that: http://i.imgur.com/8LbFAfG.png

I've printed all of the parts using a raft and did not notice this issue. If I have time I will try to fix this in a future update. Thanks for pointing this out.

No problem. I've been slowly working my way through all the parts, these are the only ones I've noticed that have needed adjustment to be flat. Everything else seems to be working well. When I get it all done I'll be sure to upload a pic of it :D Thanks for this, it's an amazing model and must have been a decent amount of work getting it done!

EDIT: Spoke too soon. Looks like the upper1 and upper2 needed to be dropped down a bit by -0.18mm to hit the first layer as well.

Hey Dude this looks rely sick I am hoping to start printing it in a couple of weeks! Currently I am looking at lighting ideas so I have two questions.
1: When do you think the copy with the led eye slots will be available and how would it work?
2: Do you think this would fit inside the mask given I take it apart and glue it in. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CHEMION-Unique-Bluetooth-LED-Glasses-Display-Messages-Animation-Drawings-/302095397358?epid=1257052456&hash=item465649f1ee:g:9k8AAOSwYIxX8pIF.

Thanks the mask looks cool and I can't wait to print it.

Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. I'm hoping to have the lighted eyes done by early August.

  2. I believe the batteries and controller would fit in the mask. The only concern I would have is fitting the LEDs into the eyes.

Glad you like the mask. Post images of your completed mask.

where is the top of the mask?

If you look at a picture of Star Lord, there is no top. The top is open and his hair sticks out.

What do you mean by the top of the mask?

What did you use for the lenses. They look great in your pictures.

I used a red tinted ski mask and cut out the lenses from it.

i think minor changes need to be down, i thing the tube that goes to the side of the mask needs to be scaled down somehow it looks like its sticking out too far.

I think you are right but at this point I don't have enough free time to make that change.

Hey, awesome job on this helmet, I'm looking forward to printing it. The only thing I have to say is that I think you forgot to upload the "pills" that go on the sides of the helmet in the grooves on the cheeks. Can you please upload those files as well?

Edit: I started printing the pieces here and realized that in addition to those pills or whatever you would prefer to call them, the eye pieces to fit within the holes in the eye mask are not present either. Based on your pictures you obviously designed and printed these pieces, so you must have the files - can you please post these pieces too? I want to actually complete this print and finish the helmet.

Edit: thanks for uploading them!

Ok last question before I start printing. You say in the details that it is at 160mm from ear to ear but in all 3 modeling programs I have it shows ~185mm from ear to ear on the inside of the model. Is the extra space there for a reason? Where did the 160mm measurement come from?

I will attach an image that shows where I took the measurement in 3D Studio Max.

What slicer are you using and how did you get supports to only be on a few parts. When I open in cura it adds a TON of supports to the parts.

Some of the parts require supports. If you print the full helmet it will require a lot of supports. I am using the default Makerbot slicer.
Which parts are you having problems with?

For example the face only part is showing supports on about 80% of the inside of the mask. On your webpage it only shows 3 small columns of supports. I will try to upload a picture to show when I get back home.

this may be a little late but you could try putting the file into meshmixer and generate supports. then put that file back into cura and select to not have supports.

Depending on your build height you may need to tilt the model a little more vertical. Do you have a preview mode with your slicer? Good luck.

I've uploaded all of the images of the model parts on the build plate so others can see the supports they were built with. In case they don't go to my website.

Thank you for uploading this I've been anxious to get started on this project

Come on ... We need The Rest ... Wenn will Print this great Helmet...

All of the parts have been uploaded. Enjoy.

I will upload the other pieces with some basic instructions for sizing by the end of the week.

Yes U are great ... Thanx

Hey, any idea when this will be completed? looks awesome, thanks!

I've printed out my updated version and just need to test the changes I made and to write up instructions for scaling it to fit other head sizes. I'm guessing that I will release it in 3 weeks.

Will all of this fit on a 190x190 print bed?

I believe that most of the parts will fit within that volume. If you have a problem I can create new sliced versions of the part that will fit.

Just FYI I am also super pumped for this. Cant wait. Only like another week or so left!!!

I've been watching this since you first posted it. I can't wait to see the end version. I need this!

Stay tuned!! Hope to have the final changes done to the mask in the next 2-3 weeks. It will include the lights for the eyes. I'm also planning on creating a video series for the build process.

I've started working on version 0.9 with the design fixes I wanted to complete before releasing the model. So stay tuned!!

this is very misleading when the whole helmet has been on here with that pic, but there is only one thing to print. I get it is a work in progress, i suppose im just cranky that i saw the helmet so beautiful; but like a tease its not ready yet.

I'm sorry you are frustrated. I know its been awhile since I posted this project. I just don't have time to work on it right now and don't want to release it with the fit problems it has. If you feel that it is misleading and that I should remove it from Thingiverse I will be happy to do that. I will repost it once I've had the chance to finish it

Comments deleted.

This is a work in progress and I need to make some changes to this design so that it fits better. Currently the helmet is extremely tight around the ears. Also there are some cosmetic changes I would like to make before I release it. In order to post my project I had to include one object that is why there is just the canister.

If you need to print out a Star Lord helmet search for one by Helagak.

Hey, why's only the side canister uploaded? I was really looking forward to printing this!