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Another Fidget Cube

by mistertech Sep 4, 2016
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@mistertech - I'm using BIQU Thunder and my slicer is Cura. The tolerance on my printer is between 0.4 and 0.5mm. This print comes out as one block, everything get stuck together. So, after reading your notes I design a test print using S3D slicer, I can get this print at 0.3mm tolerance compared to 0.4mm from Cura. Will try test print at 0.2 and 0.1mm later. Your fidget cube comes out perfectly using S3D without any problem. I really like it, wow. Print it at 205C, 65C (bed), 0.2mm height, 30% infill, purple PLA (unknown brand name). Thanks for a fun fidget cube.

Thanks for the awesome design! Printed one out with PETG @ 0.2mm res and it turned out great!

I've tried printing 3 of these now, they always break at the hinges when I try to carefully break them in after printing. I don't know if it's my PLA or what, but I'm pretty disappointing I can't get these cubes to work, they look so awesome!

I've printed a few of these now. But only by increasing the gaps between surfaces. Both simplify3d and flash print offer this.
Printed one succesfully at 75% size. Going to try it at 50% next. Without adding 0.2mm to the gaps it prints as a solid block - no idea what the original gap between the blocks is but having tried it with 3 printers and 2 slicers I have to say, it's just too small. Other than that, once you adjust the gaps it's a brilliant design. Works well and they are quite addictive - good job :-)

How do you do that in flashprint? I can't find that setting. Thanks!

IT's a new feature in the latest version. Lets you adjust the outside and inside gaps. I've found that adding 0.1mm gap outside and inside works really nicely. That said I am printing these at 50% (so 8 times smaller) on my monoprice mini delta with a 0.25mm nozzle. I did print a full size one on my larger delta with a 0.5mm nozzle - that was with a 0.2mm added all round. If you go to the flashprint download page I'm pretty sure it actually mentions the new settings for adjusting internal and external gaps: http://www.flashforge.com/flashprint/ about halfway down the poage it tells you about the external and internal compensation :-)

I am thinking about printing this. Would it still be ok if I printed it a little smaller then it is right now?

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This is the 6th print I do on my print. I'm not an expert and have problems to print neatly the 1st range.
But that's allright. I can move and am happy for this work, I think I have found the good temperature for my PLA (or very close).
That's good, the time to print is short and like it ('cause I'm new and the 3D print world, and like to have fast print for the moment)
Fill 33%, Bed 58°C (and spray to fix it)
Thank you

Thanks I just made one and works perfect without trouble at all.

The trick with bed temperature seems working.
In slic3r, I set the bed temp 55 for 1st layer and 35 for other layers (for PLA).

Yesterday I printed a ABS version but the hinges near the bottom were fused together so no good.
I will try this setting as well for ABS.

This is great feedback! Thanks!

This is the worst thing i have ever seen in my life. It didn't move, it broke immediately, and took 62347916 hours to print. I demand a refund of my time, or you will be eternally punished. :)

sounds like you just have horrible settings

Spent 4 hours printing one this morning. Couldn't get it to move after removing brim. Put it in a vice to gently persuade it, broke into pieces. Oh well. Monoprice mini v2, pla, 210/40 degrees, 50% infill, brim, no supports/rafts

Can you try a lower extruder temp? I have the first layer at 205, second at 195 and everything else at 190. Bed temp I start at 60, second layer 40, then off for the rest of the print.

Can I ask what settings you used?

I tried this, it failed a couple times, not because of a bad file or anything, but because my filament roll was getting stuck on itself. But, when I started the print, it came out at about 1 cm x 1cm, each cube. Is it meant to be this small? Did I scale it and I just don't remember it?

Hi. I'm sorry that you're having trouble.

No, the size should be 16mm per cube. I think 10mm would cause all sorts of printing issues (fused parts). Please give 16mm a try.

I could not get the file to load to tinkercad has anyone tried it

can someone tell me where to break it?

bang the hinges with a thin flathead screwdriver

No way that'd actually work, unless they're so soft.

it took me a while to

That's great! Thanks for the feedback!

I finally got this to work, and for anyone who can't figure it out: You have to get both sides of each hinge loose, or it just moves on three sides and not even fully. Get the joints loose on both sides!

With my printer calibrated it did not work

Can you explain your results? Was it fused? If so, try an extrusion multiplier of 0.9x

That's some fantastic feedback! Thank you

To get it to work with that other filament, here are a few things that I've used which have helped that exact issue on some filaments (curled edges impacting the extruder).

Slow the print speed.
Use a cooler temp. Try 190c or so.
Try an extrusion multiplier of 0.95 or 0.90.

Try one thing at a time and in a couple of test prints, you'll have the config that works for you for that filament.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Great design and many successful prints. This clever cube is a favorite with family and friends and we keep giving them away and have to print more. Here is what we learned.

Using a Prusa i3 MK2 with Hatchbox PLA filament, the object prints perfectly every time. Simply downloaded the .STL files here, brought the design into Slic3r MK2 version (has Prusa printer default settings), rotated the design 90 degrees so that it prints flat, export .gcode (150 microns resolution) and print. The hinge design is quite remarkable. After removing the completed cube from the print bed, the hinges need a little force to break the internal supports, but then they work great.

Of interest, we tried three times to print this object using the Prusa silver filament (came with the printer), and the beveled edges at the bottom of the cube curl up and hit the hot-end nozzle causing a failed print. We have tried a number of colors of Hatchbox PLA filament and had no problems. We suspect that the temperature may need some slight adjustment with the Prusa filament in order to print the rounded corners on this design. The silver Prusa has worked great for other prints that lie flat on the bed.

We just received this printer (our first) for Christmas, so we have almost no experience with 3D printing. This design was the third thing that we printed. If we can do it, so can you.

Our 12 year old just set up a layout in Slic3r so we can print four of these at once. I am sure we will be printing many more.

Thanks, MisterTech, for the fun design!

... now I just have to learn how to print hinges like these for my future designs ... :^)

does this work with makerbot

This print does not work. Do not do it, the hinges get all stuck, the part does NOT "break" after some force, it is all one solid piece, i have tried 3 times with all correct setting and this garbage doesnt work.

The tolerances are useless its like 0.05mm from touching and the slicer wont recognize that

Zink_, you need to calibrate your printer, particularly your extruder.... With proper calibration this works just fine.

Are you using Cura? I've had problems with Cura recognizing the tolerances. Slic3r and Simplify3D work well though.

I've been able to print one with Cura no problem. Using version 3.1.0, though also printed fine with 3.0

Then state that in the description?!??

So the designer is supposed to tell you everything that can be wrong with every Slicer? If you want to print advanced models, then I suggest you get familiar with various slicers and how all of the settings affect the printing on your printer.

I'm sorry that you had trouble. I didn't know at the time. I only recently was able to try Cura. I updated the description on 28OCT2016.

Jammed up my whole printer and had a big blob all over the extruder

I've found that something like that happened to me when I was over extruding. I changed my extrusion multiplier to .9 it that fixed it. Make sure you have good bed adhesion as well. Extruding too hot will cause the edges to curl and your extruder might impact the print.