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Filigree double wall tealight holder

by graph Sep 3, 2016
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Did a test today with a real tea light, the PLA part with most heat did not exceeded 25 celcius.

What Software did you use to design this?

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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This would be so nice for a wedding.. have like a couple dozen of them all over the place :P

Yes, that would be lovely! Here you can buy them also in larger quantities clean and professionally printed. There you can also see pictures of how several tea lights look together.

Wow its very beautiful home decor things

Great Design! Was quite difficult to print with the 0.6mm nozzle, though. After adding 0.2mm horizontal expansion in cura it comes out very nice. Printed without support in white ABS (0.25mm layer, 4 hours), then finished it with acetone vapor. Looks awesome!

Hey what Shell thickness and retraction setting did u use?

I wanted to love this, but there is a pretty significant design flaw. The entire bottom plate for the candle has almost no support, nothing underneath it, and only 2 points on the edges to try and anchor to.

The printer literally tries to draw a circle and then fill it in mid-air! I watched this layer print. And unfortunately it takes about an hour to get this far and fail. To be clear, this is not a bridging issue, as that is about spanning a gap between two points. The problem here is, there isn't even an edge point to anchor to!

Why not use supports? Because that would be utterly insane (literally impossible) to have to clean all of that up. The entire frame is pretty cool, doesn't need support at all. I suppose if one uses Simplify3d (pricey), one could force supports only under that plate. But why? Why not design support right in under there? It would not affect the overall aesthetics.

Printed on a high quality printer, Prusa i3 MK2S, all the right settings. No settings can make up for printing and anchoring in mid air.

Hey, i have the same issue... Wonder how the other ppl printed this?

Were you guys using an outside-to-inside tool path or inside-to-outside? The overhang is there either way, but if you print from in to out you don't get a circle in mid-air.

Haven't printed this yet, and not 100% I understand the description of the problem.

EDIT: Yeah, printed fine inside to out

i managed to print one with PLA , however when tries with PLA but glow in Dark filament , it didnt work out, PLA worked fine, also managed to print without support

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Cool design - reminds me of a bra

Is so beautiful!

Want to make this LAMP look even cooler ?!? Check out this sweet remote controlled LED light for this 3D print!


Thanks for sharing! Looks very nice! Great work! I made it without problem. I printed with my Anet A8 3D printer. It take around 8-9 hours to print at low speed. I use PLA on 200c no support and no heat on bed just brim option on.This is very unique and hard model to print. Try to keep low speed and Brim option on. Most importantly thing to do is to open this model in Windows 3D builder which will auto fix all errors on model. Then save model in STL file and open it in CURA.

Beautiful, however near impossible to print.

Thanks. I know. Therefore I let them currently print from Shapeways only. They have a different printing technique. And the quality is great! Here are pictures of Shapeways-prints in black and white: http://shpws.me/MEhj.
(Photos with the burning candles showing the own prints. These pictures will be updated later.)

And currently there's a 20% discount for all orders in Strong & Flexible Plastics by the end of the year 2016. With Code: FAREWELL2016

Does anyone know the diameter of the bottom? That is, how big candles does it fit? I really love this design, can't wait to make a couple! :)


Diameter inside is ca. 41.7 mm.

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I printed this without support. It had a few minor bridging problems.To be honest it is not visible when a candle is burning. This is beautiful, wonderfull work. Thank you

Tried printing but the support structure is near impossible to remove. do you think i can print this without the structure?

Without support it has various errors.

Very cool tea light holder, whats the print time?

I don't know at the moment. I order them now only over https://www.shapeways.com/product/U277G5CFR/filigree-double-wall-tealight-holder. The quality is much better and it is worth it.

Could this handle the temperature of the candle after it burns for hours and heat up its metal holder?

I had so far no problems that something has melted. And from other people I have not heard anything else.

Alternatively, as described, LED candles can also be used.

I could watch this print all day long. This is beautiful. All I have to decide is how many I want!

This is the most wonderful feedback! Thank you.

What did you use to design this? I would like to make my own variations of this type of organic candle holder.

I think these are beautiful. Great work.