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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Medieval Shoulder Armor

by Stonedge Aug 29, 2016
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There's something wrong with this piece. I've tried to print this 3 times (using Simplify 3D) and at several points on all three pieces there are skips in the layers that (obviously) won't print. Looking at the four "makes", I can see it on one of those as well. The breaks are subtle but pretty clear when you know where to look in the print preview window for S3D. Does anyone know why this might be? I'd love to print these but I've already blown about 80 hours of print time on this. I did this on two different printers with layer heights between .15 and .25 with 20% infill.

I never used s3d slicer with this design... did you try it with cura or slic3r just to see if you see same kind of defect in preview?... honestly I've printed multiple of them using both of those slicer without any issue... ( more than 10 )...

I seems to be related to the slicer but you could try some mesh fixing utility to see if this fix your issue... (s3d have some/ meshmixer/etc.)


No, I exclusively use Simplify3D. The file itself seems to be corrupt. I see the same lines in OGarcia08's make. I tried a couple of different programs to try and repair this and finally Netfabb's online tool did it. I'm about 30 minutes from the end of the print and it looks PERFECT. I'll post pics and a remix of the fixed file.

If there an issue with the original file I will fix them and update them... you're the first who give me those feedback, thanks for that! S3d is pretty popular so you're probably not the only one that encounter those issue...


I would really like to print this for a costume, but I notice it will take a long time. I'm borrowing a printer, and the max time I can print is around 4 hours. I was wondering if there was a way to make a model with separate, smaller pieces so that I can print them one at a time and then assemble them at the end. I really love your design, and I'll try to see if I can do it, but I'm a novice and I'd really appreciate suggestions. Thanks!

Some slicer have ability to split combined stl ( cura: right click split object, simplify 3d, etc)

But doing that would enable you to print the three Armor plate separately... But the pivot would not be usable since it been designed to be printed and locked in place... But if you split it in half, with little work you could probably glue it together in place....

Hi, great design. This is so very similar to my print in place piece of armour design in 2013, did my piece inspire yours? If so, its time to add that remix from flag.

Btw thanks for your contribution to the community! You've done some impressive design!

Hi Gyrobot, thanks! effectively your part have influenced the design :).
If you look at my design you would see I've already have a remix of your part :). I was in the mind that calling that a remix was little too much... but no issue, I will fix that.

Thanks for the props. I didn't notice it was a remix of a remix of mine, no worries, you can drop mine off this one because the history is already there.

By memory(sorry I'm over my phone), I've design it using large bed max print area, so it's approximately 300mm wide, 200mm height... but honestly after printing it at 85% (about 26h of print... ) and try it over myself(~6ft, 230lbs) it looks a little oversize following warcraft style... will post some pics... and I will also add a scale legend(% vs mm) so it would be easier for other to print it correctly...

What are the print area dimensions when printed at 100%?

How did you print it? It is all messed up in simplify3d like all the parts are all separated... Great design I am printing this for the Ren Fest :)

Hi Lucas, I've print all of them using cura or slic3r, no raft no support at 0.2 , 80mm/s... the support required for the pivot is already included in the cad/stl. I never try it over simplify3d... did you work from the stl or from the freecad file? the stl provided is the one that I used for printing the 5 armor in the picture.... my process was: loading them in cura, scale them to the required size (in my case between 60 and 85%), set it to no support, slice and print :)