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Realacc diversity-module door for Fatshark DOM HD2/V3 (Updated Version)

by DonBowlissimo Aug 23, 2016
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hi, i use the v2 with rx5808 pro for many time with no issues,
yesterday for my second Google i received the rx5808 pro plus and print your beta, their is two mod to do
first you need to enlarge 1mm for the bottom of the window screen because they change it by a bigger one
second you need to drill 1mm the bottom part in the bay because of the screen lenght that is 1mm longer

i do the mod manually i can send you photos if you don't anderstand my words

thanks for your job

Hello dear DonBowlissimo

Crazy door ! :)

can you please make us a version with a buzzer hole for the split version ? (the one in 2 parts antenna up of the right eye and the other left of the left eye).
this vversion of the module please :

please dear Bowlissimo

Hi! Great design, are you thinking to update the design for the rx5808 pro plus?

I tried and find that we need a hole for the IR led, a wider window for the screen and a bit of more space on the bottom part (because the usb port). If you need any measure I can send it to you.

Can try but since I don't own one I can't check the fit. From the fotos it seems like a easy task.
I'll look into it

EDIT: uploaded a first prototype version, just estimated the positions from the fotos I found. Display cutout is still the same but if you tell me the new dimensions I'll change them

Thank you for the beta model.

I just printed and tested it. It fit well, maybe the hole for the ir led one mm to the left would be ideal, the selection wheel keeps caught by the top plastic, I think the wheel is a bit up than previous model. I think it would be great to gain 2 or 3 mm for the screen in the bottom part.

Also I think it needs more plastic in the bottom part. As you can appreciate it was printed in TPU. In the top of the googles the module is almost perfect in the bottom part it needs more plastic I think.

Attached some photos of the final result.

Hi !
I tested today the beta pro model plus in PETG. he is not adapted. In my opinion, the main problem is in the thickness of the bottom too large, the bottom side opposite the USB socket, the screen card does not fit. It should reduce the thickness of the bottom including the opposite side of the USB socket because there is a rim on the screen map.
Another point, I printed it standing, the bottom on the board. It is very difficult to print because the surface on the board is weak, the chances of it being taken off are frequent.

I have done a remix using one of the OEM doors for people wanting to do a power switch mod, can i upload it?

Yes sure you can.

What about extending the outer edges over the Fatshark goggles body, similar to how Furious True-D cover is. might help clean up the lines a bit and help block outside light.

Thought about that but then it will be a bit harder to print and clean up.

Comments deleted.

Top notch. The only cover that actually worked. Well done!

OK i ll give you an idea..
First of all Very Soon Achilles Firmware will be released..
Second excellent job.

Third , can you please make a new design in order to add a buzzer? basically a small buzzer 9x5.5mm or a bigger one dosent matter.
the buzzer will be conected with cables and i have in mind a snag fit maybe under the oled?

What is Achilles Firmware? Maybe I am not quite up to date but I never heard of it.

Buzzerwise, yes great idea, maybe I'll fit in a flat one to not totally screw up the outer line.
(most certainly under the oled)

EDIT: wait a second was Achilles this crap that limits our flying range?

That AchilleΣ
I am telling you , that is gonna be an interesting summer!!!

OK Speed up the desing to put your name and the stl near !! come on man! maybe this week i will release it.
If you make this it will be the icing on the cake, the realacc have nothing to jelous from other high valued modules.....

hope you like it ;-) maybe just secure the buzzer with one little dab of super glue

did you manage to print any? . i printed 3 but i dont like the result .
i think that if i printed with face down it will be better , but that buzzer hole is on the way. can you seperate the buzzer support with the main boddy in order to glue it after the print?
But is possible that my problem is the white PLA i am using its a cheap chinese one.
i will buy today a PETG.

Am I like it?? that's fucki... awesome..

Thanks! Awesome job! Fits perfectly after removing supports! Love it! :)

FatShark Dominator V2 + v2.4 w/ holes

have you changed the scale/size? Because it doesn't fit very well on my V2's :(

Hello again,
will those covers fits also on the Fatshark Attitude V3? Somebody own, maybe?

If I am not mistaking the door of the atti V3 is a bit smaller. Maybe I can borrow them from a friend and modify the door to fit, but I can't make any promises.

Which material do you recommend for printing? Could PLA be enough?

Prints fine in PLA, how do you mean "enough"? PLA is harder than ABS but a bit less flexible/bendable.

I mostly print PLA since I am to lazy to fiddle around with ABS settings. ;-)

Could you please share the native SW file, my oled size is not fit the STL. Thank you!

Like I said I can't just upload the SW-File alone. It is a assembly with more parts than you might think, quite messy to be honest. I can upload the STEP for you so you can just make a bigger cutout. (btw: if you just need a bigger display cutout, doesn't it work with stl?)

This is the moudle that I'm using:

I've tried to cutout but there's always a broken wall. And the oled is bigger than normal, so the bottom and front wall should be more thinner, and some precise modifications are need to fit the screen. Hope you can upload the step file, Thank you!

Here you go, already forgot about it. Saved the STEP file weeks ago but did not upload it. I guess you'll have to make some more modifications than just the window size, watch out for big electronic components so you don't damage them (just a tip I learned the hard way ;-))

Yes! Thank you!


Any idea if this cover being compatible with the Furious True-D ?
I just receiver my True-D and am really disappointed to see that the cover doesn't hold (at all) in my HD2.

no its not, but the guys at furious fpv were so nice to send me the stl of the cover to modify it

is that possible to send me the STL from the Furious? i want to print my cover new in a different color :)

It is not fit for my RX5808, can i have the SW file? Thank you.

I guess it has to be some issue with your printersetup/slicer, there should be enough space to fit.
I can provide the STEP file, SW would be a bit complicated because its a assembly with references between them so I can't just take out the one file.

Not the printer setting problem,it is because my rx5808 the oled is big then your model.

If you have a 3d model of it you can send it to me, maybe its easy to fit

my OLED is 27.8 x 27.3, but you cover only have 26.9 x 28, so it is not fit for my oled.

It's better than the Furious True-D cover and 10x better than the Banggood one! You've nailed it DonBowlissimo. Thank you again.

Fits well and looks great. Thank you very much for doing this. I'm very happy.

Glad that you like it!

Comments deleted.

Today I just started to fiddle around with it a little.
Will most certainly be a curved front to blend into the allover design. But it will be harder to print.

How's the progress on v2 cover?

first testprint yesterday, small correction today and final print is almost ready

EDIT: here you go, should work fine, I can't test it on my own goggles until evening.

Would love to see what v2 is going to look like