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"Parasite" airsoft shotgun

by Mk2Custom Aug 21, 2016
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For the people in Europe: don't print this unless you already have the right shells. I didn't! Gas powered shells are a pain in the ass in two regards:
a) they are pricey (40-60€ for 4 shells)
b) they are f***in hard to get!
All my usuall airsoft stores are either out of stock since 2016, or never had the shells.

But if you are in a better situation than me: smart shells from the smart shot mini shotgun should work. Same goes for all CAM870 shells.

Hello, I am printing these for myself and i was wondering which shells you use for this so i can buy the same ones and i know they will work

great design.
could i scale the mecanism up for it to fit 40 mm grenades? would it work?
love your work!

Decided to Print this for fun. Love the Innovation and Design.

But i think its a little too over complicated and fragile.

  • the swing pin
  • and the swivel point at the front is just too fragile.

But overall the design is pretty smooth and the parts fit pretty decently with minor cleaning up.

Ive tried to use my Madbull Shells with Green Gas and the Shell Tube doesnt want to stay in place nicely....
PPS Shells ive had the same problem, but its a minor thing.
Main thing it shoots lol.

Great design and keep up the good work!

At first awesome design! But.. ot does not fit my needs.. is there any chance to get the design files? Any price? So i can edit them for my replicas?

Kind regards

It has free movement I think it might be the shells firing pin. They are shells for the dominator 870 shotgun.

Not at all. It is very easy to compress and even with the spring removed it is still just as difficult to do

Assuming all the support material has been removed from the area where the firing pin button goes, the firing pin hole on your print might be a bit constricted. Try to use a small file to bore it out a bit and make sure the firing pin button has free movement in the mount.

Hi there,
I printed this and once it was assembled I could barely press the button hard enough to fire the shotgun shell. I am wondering if that is normal or if anyone else has experienced this and could help me out. Thanks!

Is it a very strong spring you are using?

if you are in the u.s. you do not need to print this in orange. it is only required by law if this is being sold as a product or being shipped to another person.

Hi the little Pin is to weak between Body and Barrel it Broke while assembling

Can i use goblin shells?

They're too big, sorry.


Really like this but finding the mount and the body coming apart, the end that the shell goes in starts to droop down and needs some sort of rail at the top to stop it so it is locked into position when the shell is in. The shell is quite heavy and at the moment the only thing that holds the body from drooping is the rotating pivot at the front.

Also not sure of the function of the two matching 6mm diameter circular recesses on the mount and body.

I have solidworks, any chance of posting the design files so that I can help develop your idea?

The purpose of the recesses is to hold a pair of neodymium magnets. Having them would help in solving the problem you describe.

yep. I have two in there now but it still comes apart when I press the button :(. Unfortunately it only has to do that once or twice before the swivel underneath starts to break.

I was thinking about putting a slot in the back of the body and mount so that it is held fast and clicks back into position, rather like the keyway you have underneath, but on the back as well so the swivel takes less weight/stress.

Maybe my PLA isn't as strong as yours but I've now built your design twice and have broken both during subsequent games. I'm probably a bit ham fisted :). Anyway I have another problem of the Chinese cartridge I bought for a knock down price is a bit of a sloppy fit which isn't helping either.

Its a bit unfair I guess to ask for your design files as a branch to your design, So I should probably bite the bullet and start a design from scratch. Thanks anyway for your help.

What kind of shells do u use with this?

"It is made to use PPS gas shells, so similar sized shells such as Madbull and Dytac should work as well."