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Crankbait Fishing Lure

by sthone Aug 21, 2016
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Im going to try to make one of these but how much weight or bbs should I put in as a weight. im using https://www.amazon.com/Daisy-40-BBS/dp/B07GL4L9PF as the weight.

They do not require any weight added if printed at 80% infill. But adding 5-7 BB's will add the rattle effect but will also make the lure sink when the retrieve is stopped.

Thank you very much for this great lure. Just one question, is it suitable for surf fishing from sandy beaches (Depth 4-6 feet) ?

I don't see why not... it dives from 6-8 feet though so I'd definitely slow my roll when it got closer to shore to prevent snagging on anything that might be on the bottom.

I can't seem to get mine to dive

Did you tune it? What is it doing?

It's just spinning in circles, it's not diving

Yup... sounds like you didn't tune it. Just do a YouTube search on "tuning a crankbait" and you'll see how it's done.

Great action, dives down quick, and easy to print! Check out my full review and testing of this lure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5q_5kwd6_U&t=183s

Wow man, you did a great freakin job in this design!I had a big camping trip here in Montana planned and saw these before we left. I made several before and bought an airbrush. I had so much fun making them. I was so excited that they actually worked too. I posted some pictures in the makes link. Thanks again for sharing this awesome design. Would you be willing to share your design file so I could make a couple of tweaks?

Glad you like them but unfortunately I'm not willing to share my design files I've had problems in the past when I've done that so I no longer do. Good luck fishing....

I completely understand. Thanks for uploading your design. This has probably been my favorite print! Great job man

Nice Work. That seems to be a realy usefull and money saving 3d Print i need to do. One Bite like that costs around 10-20 Bucks in a Shop normally.

The lure works really great! It might even work better than some storebought ones. I caught one, almost two northern pikes with it. You do not need any fancy airbrushing, or epoxy seal. I just superglued my halves together, and painted them with some leftover acrylic paint, and I am sure that you do not need to paint it at all if you have bright filament. I did also not use BBs.
Just make sure that your hooks are attached well. I lost a fish because the hook came off as I was lifting it out of the water.

Saw your make ... Nice Fish! I'm glad it's working out for you.

I'm curious though.... how did you lose the hook? Did you attach them some way different then I did?

Yes, I did attach them differently. I used the hooks from old lures and one of them didn't have a ring on it. I thought it would work if I bent some wire around a stick to make my own ring. Back then it seemed good enough, but either the wire broke or it just bent open. Apparently cheap wire can't hold the weight of a big pike...
But I learned my lesson and attached a new hook to the lure properly. Caught two more pikes with it two days ago, as well as a common roach, not much bigger than the lure itself. I threw that one back in the water.

How does the lure hold up?

When you put the two halves together, should the outer seam be flush without any gaps before you glue them? Or can you just fill in any gaps with paint and not worry about it?

I've been using some of mine for a 2 years now... as long as you seal them with epoxy they should last for years.

If you have good bed adhesion they should be pretty flush when assembled ... but you can always fill any gaps in if need be. Some spot glazing putty before painting works well for this. Complete assembly instructions can be found here... https://www.theneverendingprojectslist.com/fishingprojects/crankbait/crankbaitbuildprocess/

Hey I printed this with glow in the dark filament (PLA) and 90% infill. I put plastic BBs and a small press weight inside of it and it just spins around in the water. Any help with this?

Unless you put a crazy amount of weight in it you probably just have to tune it... just do a google search on "tuning a crankbait". There's a lot of videos that explain it better than I could.

What size treble hooks did you use on the standard sized build? Design printed great on my Makeit Pro-M @ 0.1" with glow in the dark petg @ 260/75 btw.

I used #4 hooks with #3 split rings on these. (I'll put the info in the description now.)

These are really awesome! What software did you use?

These were modeled in Solidworks.

where can you by the wire at

You can find wire online at places that sell lure parts (for example http://www.lurepartsonline.com) but I just use some stainless steel safety wire (.032" thickness) that I bought at the local motorcycle shop. I'm not sure if it's rigid as lure wire but works well enough for me.

I've actually started using the .040" Stainless Steel Lure Wire from Lurepartsonline.com for all my lures. It is much stiffer and will help keep the lure tuned better.

I can't wait to try it out. Thank you

Printed with flexible filament, gonna try it out!

How did this work out?

How about the bb's weight how many grams i need

I don't know how much a bb actually weights but I use about 5-6 of them. They are not required they just add rattle on the retrieve and or make it skin when you stop.

These lures print great, just a tip local hardware store will sell cotter pins that are 1/16 by 3/4 and they work perfect for line tie and hook eyelets, about 50 cents for all 3 and are perfectly round without bending wire. Super glue holds them in firmly when glue-ing the two halves. Good luck!

My God, you are a saint sir!!!

Thank you!

And may you be bless with the catch of 1000 fish!

Hi, I would just like to say that this is a good model. I just have one question. What did you use to stick the haves together? Is there a special kind of glue to use or will crazy glue work?

I printed them in PLA so I use a CA (Cyanoacrylate) Glue which is what most Super glues are so.... yes Crazy glue will work fine.

If you printed them in ABS you could just solvent bond them with acetone but Super Glue would probably work for ABS too.

I use PLA so I think that I will use crazy glue. Thanks for the help and keep up the good work!

How did you make the perch stripes for your stencil?


They are just designed as part of the stencil. After designing the basic stencil cover after the lure I can design the cut out to have any pattern I would like the stencil to have.

Hi again, I am trying to make a new stencil cover for a 1.5 crank bait and using onshape. Great recommendation! I have made my stencils for my Blitz Blades and they look great.

How did you make the curve for the lure stencil? Did you use an arc or circle or what magic did you use? :)

Thanks for all your help.

If you mean the curves for the stripes on the stencil... I used the Spline sketch tool.

Nice job on the lures and stencil.

What software are you using? I am using Tinkercad and it I am not able to just drawn a pattern. Any idea on how I can do this would be appreciated.


Thanks Terry,

Yeah Tinkercad is pretty basic, I think there is a why to draw shapes but it looks complicated to me so I didn't look to far into it.

I use mostly $olidworks (there's a student version which you use to be able to get for free if you are a veteran or belong to certain other groups.) but take a look at Onshape (it's just like Solidworks) and basic usage is free (if you don't mind sharing your files that is) it's also web based so you can use it from anywhere without installing anything.

Another good free CAD program is Fusion360, (also free) I've heard great things about it but haven't tried it myself yet.

You can't edit stl files in most CAD programs though (which is the only good thing about Tinkercad) but I will upload a blank version of the stencil in step format (soon) which you can at least cut new shapes out of in most programs.


Thanks Steve for the recommendations. I just signed on to Onshape and it is really cool! Thanks!

Awesome.. I just uploaded a step file of the Blank Stencil for you to play with.

You can import that right into Onshape (use the little plus sign in the lower left corner to do that) and then you can just draw what ever shapes you want on the top plane and extrude it upwards (with the remove feature) and when your done just export it as a stl (right click on the tab name at the bottom, select export, and then stl format) and its ready to print.

Enjoy.. let me know if/how everything works out.

I made my first stencil for my blade bait in Perch outline. Thank you for the recommendation on Onshape!



Super design!
Do you have any other models? I'm experimenting with lures made on a 3D printer, and test your design.

Best regards

I've been busy printing different sizes of this one and testing them but I am also working on a few other designs (a Lipless Crankbait, a Flatsided one, and a Topwater Lure) but they are not done yet. Give me a follow though and you'll be notified as soon as I publish them.

Thank you very much
I will wait for your new baits.

Best regards