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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

E3D Titan extruder

by mihatomi Aug 19, 2016
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This is a bad extruder.
Lever is pivoted on the shaft of the motor.
When you apply tension to the spring, you are applying brakes to the shaft.
With that said, E3D motor that is part of this extruder (sorta) will never perform as expected.

Need to offset the lever pivot to the left of the shaft. There is PLENTY of room to do that.

Feel free to do so. As I've mentioned before, this is not finished and You have all open files to download. Good luck

Has anyone used the idler arm as a drop-in replacement?

The cover part have issues. The center hole should be a cilinder that pushes the bearing to the correct place. i ve printed your cover and after a few hours i find out that the bearing moves to the outside (like 3mm) generating a missalignment with the gear. Due to this fact, the extruder doesnt extrudes correctly and eats the filament.

The part should be like this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2044625

Note: i am using 3mm filament with all the titan extruder original parts except for the cover

E3D Titan extruder cover

That's why I left the open files for someone to finish them. I'm sorry for the inconvenience

I did not draw it. When I get the free time I draw it. You have Open Solidworks files.

cant find any 3mm guide, have you made one?

Thanks for this upload !
I was searching for the "filament guide 1.75mm", I want to modify it to make it more compatible with flexible filament.

I printed a new top cover for my Titan, and it worked like a charm. However, despite that, I have 2 remarks:

1) the original cover has a notch on the bottom where the hotend is locked into the titan. This notch is missing on the reproduction, for no apparent reason. It does function without it, as the filament guide will keep the hotend in place as well, however, it would be nice to have the notch too.

2) I would forgo the bearing on the hobbed bolt, in the cover. The bearing E3D puts in there is total crap, I have 3 titans and on all three this bearing failed. I would just make a hole big enough for the axle to fit, with some slight play.

In general, the hobbed bolt contraption is a huge design flaw on the titan, as one cannot tighten that screw. Tightening it leads to locking up the bolt.

Anyone know what type of bearing the idler arm uses?

I tried to fit the printed small gear on the Nema 17 but it is way to small. Could you check the dimensions ?

Comments deleted.

I have made a mirrored version and was about to post my remix complete with remixed x-carriage, mounts, and bltouch bracket but just discovered the license on this doesn't permit derivatives .

If you have two titans you've purchased here is what you need to do with this as the model (I used tinker-cad but whatever CAD you are comfortable with should work:
1: Import the back and front of the titan model
2: Mirror them
3: There is a lip on both parts that fit together - you'll need to shave them a bit or you will have a lot of filing to get them to fit together
4: The front upper right (near tension screw) has an extended screw piece that fits into a hole on the back - you need to increase the diameter on the hole on the back
5: the holes on the front and back where the large gear slips into need to be increased a bit
6: On your second purchased titan (the one you are replacing) there is a very smal bearing on both the front and the back - carefully pry them out and put them in you enlarged holes on printed part

Thats it - it works and you can put your printed part face to face with one of your purchased titan's to get dual extruders without weird offsets.

Thanks! My cover broke on my original Titan. Printed this one out and works just as well as the original!

have you tried to print this models and make an all printed titan extruder?

I am going to make this

Did you do it yet? :P
Was wondering if someone already done it before i go try it myself.

There is a group on Facebook for the ones who has 3D Printer. And nearly everyone want titan. So I am going to manufacture gear of titan, then print its plastik case

I bet you could make a semi-printed one. You could definitely print the housing/lever and maybe even the plastic gear. All the screws could be locally sourced from a hardware store. E3D even supplies a parts list here http://wiki.e3d-online.com/wiki/Titan_Assembly

The only issue would be the metal bearings / gears. I wonder if they have spares you can buy on their site.

I think the stepper motor would have some trouble working ;)

No the stepper works fine, the only issue is that you have to remember to set it as reversed in firmware

The printed stepper works fine? Miracle!

Muito bom.

Ahhh I misunderstood...I thought you meant the extruder.