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The GO Case: A Pokedex Aimer Phone Case!

by 3DCentralVA Aug 20, 2016
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Would you guys consider adding 2 additional parameters:

  1. opening orientation: My phone has buttons on the right, not the left, so I had to mirror all my objects so the side whole was on the correct side (also had to change my numbers for the back camera position to account for this)
  2. opening width and start position: depending on the layout of side buttons, a design may need a wider opening so a user can access them, and the positioning of these buttons will vary from phone to phone

Hello , I'm the original maker of the Pokedex , you've use the awesome remix of my creation for make your awesome object , but can you credite me too ?

any chance for a iphone 7 and 7+ versions?

I am currently printing the 6 version for my friend for Christmas! Super excited!!

made in customizer with errors. No magnet holes, the lid is "closed" and does not allow for the aimer to be placed in it. The lid also loses all buttons and details

Hey -- Sorry about that! Your phone must be outside of the original dimensional test boundaries when I started in on this, I'm working on a new version now! If you could direct message me with the dimensions and what phone type, I'll make sure it works for your phone too. Thanks!!

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What is the right position for the LockPin?

Thank you

will you made Sony Z3 and Sony XA ? thank

Is it compatible with iPhone 4S?

Not that I'm aware of. It would most likely be super cluttered and not work very well.

Just gives me an error when creating :(

Trying again : does anyone know how to split the part with hinges ? When printing them, I don't succeed to make them move/rotate ?
Thanks !

Mine printed just fine first time, 4 of them... but i printed on a raft that has 6 layers of 85% infil. Use 0.18 seperation between part and raft. Printing at 200c on 80c heatbed at 0.15 layer height with a .30 nozzle. 50% infill. 3 shells. Slow speeds.

Dropping this comment here in case it is of use to someone later. The scad file posted on 8/22/16 doesn't actually print the connector pins. As indicated in another thread, you also need the pin modules. There are two - pins_v3.scad and pins/pins.scad

I grabbed pins.scad from github (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tbuser/pin_connectors/master/pins.scad). place the file in a directory called pins and a filename called pins.scad. The pins directory should be in the directory where the main scad is.

I grabbed pins_v3.scad from here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33790/#files. Download the file listed there as 'pins.scad', save it to pins_v3.scad in the same directory that the main scad is in.

Pin Connectors V3
by emmett
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Since Customizer isn't working on my computer, I tried using OpenScad.
When doing so, it works almost as I expected it. But there is no clip on the hinge, and no holes in the case.
Am I doing it wrong ?

Thanks !

Trying to figure out why customizer will not work for most! I'll be posting an updated SCAD soon. In the meantime, the reason why it won't compile all the way on your computer is, you need to have "pins" SCAD in the same directory. Customizer has a copy of the pinpegs, but because of how Thingiverse works we can't include it as another SCAD file.

If you'd like, I can email you the file that you need -- and they just need to be in the same folder.

Sorry about that!

Hey dude, the upload you made didn't seem to fix anything, actually the jobs fail a lot quicker now

Hi Carry ! Thanks a lot,I figured it out when looking at the file.
But, when printing (with pla) I can't manage to make hinge slide correctly.
Is it possible to split the part that containe hinge (hinge and aimer) ?
By the way, Amazing job you've done. It fits perfectly with my phone and I was looking for a pokedex with aimer for a long time.

Still glitching out, could you guys upload a 5c version for me the measurements are as follows phone L 125, phone W 59.4, phone D 8.1, camera X 6.9, camera Y 5, camera W 14, camera L 6, aimer W 15, cusome text iPhone 5c

mine is the same no matter if i choose full case or if i choose any other rendering. all is good no worries ill wait till bug is fixed. great project my little girl will love this

This is great! Unfortunately when I input my parameters and click create I get an error after around 5 minutes. I'm trying to make this for an iPhone 5C. Does anyone else get these errors?

Huh. That's weird! Thanks for the bug report, we'll take a look at that ASAP!

Hello. Same issue. Error after ~5mins Me it's for a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro

I even tried one piece at a time but still takes around five minutes followed by the error.